Project Gotham Racing 3 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Project Gotham Racing 3 - Platform: XBox 360

Project Gotham Racing 3 - Platform: XBox 360

Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games:
Go to view cars, then choose to walk around in your garage. Go in the back and 
you will see two games set up, called Geometry Wars 1 and 2. 

Concept cars:
Cadillac Concept - 90,000K - C - Cadillac Sixteen 
Ford Concept - 10,000K - D - Ford Mustang GT-R Concept 
Ford Concept - 120,000K - A - Ford Supercar Concept Indigo 
Ford Concept - 160,000K - C - Ford Shelby GR-1 
Ford Concept - 300,000K - B - Ford GT90 Concept 
Ford Concept - 390,000K - C - Ford Shelby Cobra 
Nissan Concept - 50,000K - E - Nissan GT-R Proto 
RUF Concept - 475,000K - A - RUF R50
Toyota Concept - 230,000K - A - Toyota GT-One 

Easy Pro Racer badges:
Complete any event on the Hardcore difficulty setting (any Speed event with the 
Ferrari F50 GT is pretty easy). Then, change the transmission to manual and 
complete the same event on the Novice difficulty setting. When done, the game 
will think that you have completed it with a manual transmission on the Hardcore 
difficulty setting, awarding you the badge. 

Leave boundaries in Photo mode:
Complete a race and save the replay. Load the replay, then select the "Restart" 
option at the far right side of the toolbar. Move the pointer over the "Pause" 
icon on the tool bar. Press LB to cycle through the different camera views and 
choose the "Drive Past Cam". This option is the next one after the "TV Cam", and 
functions similarly except you can use your controller to turn the camera in 
that view. The "Drive Past Cam" is often positioned outside of a track's 
boundary, depending on location. Wait until the replay moves the "Drive Past 
Cam" view out of the track boundary, then quickly select the "Pause" icon on the 
toolbar. If necessary, you can select the "Rewind" button for another attempt. 
While the replay is paused, select the "Photo mode" option on the toolbar. You 
should now be able to move your camera freely, outside of the track boundary. If 
you return within the boundaries, you will be stuck in them again. If this 
happens, you can return to the replay and try again. You can move through solid 
objects, see unfinished areas, and car locations; and take pictures of anything 

Smart choice:
When you first start a profile on PGR3 buy the skyline, it is hands down the 
best starting car in the game, you can keep using this car for a long time 
before you need a new car, and for that I suggest the supercar prototype, (i 
think thats what its name is) its a faded blue car that looks somewhat like the 
Saleen S7, after that car you will get enough money to fund a massive 
collection, I already unlocked 6 garages! each with more cars than the last.


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