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 Project Gotham Racing - Platform: XBox

Project Gotham Racing - Platform: XBox

Submitted by: nobody

360 Spider and 360 Modena:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 9. 

911 GT2:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 12. 

Aston Marton V12 Vanquish:
Win Arcade Race level four. 

Bonus helmets:
For every hour of game play you will receive a new helmet for your racer.
Information in this section was contributed by Shub Niggurath. 

Bonus time trial tracks:
Accumulate over three and four hours of game play to unlock more tracks in time 
trial mode. 

Boxster S:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 2: 

Cheat mode:
Enter Nosliw as a case -sensitive name to unlock all cars and tracks. 

Camaro SS:
Win all golds in Quick Race level two. 

Carrera GT:
Get 150,000 kudos. 

Corvette ZO6:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 7. 

Delfino Feroce:
Get 75,000 kudos. 

F355 Spider and 355F1:
Win all golds in Quick Race level four. 

Ferrari F50:
Get 200,000 kudos. 

Free roam in time attack mode:
Win a silver or gold medal in all parts of kudos challenge mode for a city. 
Select time attack mode and a "Free Roam" option will be unlocked for that city. 

Focus Cosworth:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 3. 

Lancer Evolution VII:
Win all golds in Quick Race level three. 

Lotus Exige:
Get 50,000 kudos. 

Medal pursuit paint jobs:
Accumulate five hours of game play. 

Opel Speedster:
Win Arcade Race level two. 

Panoz Esperante:
Get 25,000 kudos. 

Win Arcade Race level one. 

Skyline GTR:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 5. 

Subaru WRX:
Win Arcade Race level three. 

TT Roadster and TT Coupe:
Win all golds in Quick Race level one. 

TVR Tuscan Speed Six:
Get 100,000 kudos. 

Viper RT-10:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 11. 

VW Beetle RSi:
Get 1,000 kudos under the easy difficulty setting. 

Z3 Roadster 3.0i:
Win the Kudos Challenge level 1.

Unlock all cars and tracks
Enter Nosliw as a case-sensitive name. 

Faster Mercedes
Enter Reki as a case-sensitive name.

Submitted by: Deep Freeze

This is a cheat to get all cars and tracks. First, go to new game. Second, type in the 
name Nosliw. Then, you should have the stuff. You can choose the other stuff the way 
you like, though.


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