Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy - Platform: Playstation 2 - Console Games.

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 Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy - Platform: Playstation 2

Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy - Platform: Playstation 2

At the main menu, highlight Extra Content then press R1. Enter the codes 
at the keypad, the nactivate/deactivate at the Extra Content menu on the 
Select Mission screen.
Note! All Powers only unlock the powers you've already unlocked, making 
it possible to use these powers on previous levels.

Result                        Code
Unlimited Ammo                978945  
Use Less PSI power            456456  
Take Less Damage              548975  
All Powers                    537893  
No Head                       987978  
Unlock Arcade Mode            05051979  
Unlock Coop Mode              07041979  
Unlock Survival Mode          7734206  
Unlock Dark Mode              465486  
Unlock Pitfall Mission        05120926  
Unlock Panic Room Mission     76635766  
Unlock Up And Over Mission    020615  
Unlock Stop Lights Mission    945678  
Unlock Gasoline Mission       9442662  
Unlock Bottomless Pit Mission 154897  
Unlock TK Alley Mission       090702  
Unlock Gear Gauntlet Mission  154684  
Unlock Tip The Buddha Mission 428584  
Unlock Psi Pool Mission       565485  
Unlock Aura Pool Mission      659785  
Unlock Bouncy Bouncy Mission  568789  
Unlock Gnomotron Mission      456878  
Unlock Training Nick Skin     564689  
Unlock Urban Nick Skin        484646  
Unlock Wasteland Nick Skin    975466  
Unlock Stealth Nick Skin      456498  
Unlock Suicide Sara Skin      678999  
Unlock Sara Skin              135488  
Unlock Psi Sara Skin          468799  
Unlock Wei Lu Skin            231324  
Unlock Dragon Wei Lu Skin     978789  
Unlock Barrett Skin           497878  
Unlock Training Barret 1 Skin 196001  
Unlock Training Barret 2 Skin 196002  
Unlock Training Barret 3 Skin 196003  
Unlock Training Barret 4 Skin 196004  
Unlock Training Barret 5 Skin 196005  
Unlock Training Barret 6 Skin 196006  
Unlock General Skin           459797  
Unlock Clown General Skin     431644  
Unlock Jack Skin              698798  
Unlock Burned Soldier Skin    454566  
Unlock Soldier Skin           365498  
Unlock Dock Worker Skin       364654  
Unlock Scorpion Skin          546546  
Unlock Labcoat Skin           998789  
Unlock Komiko Skin            978798  
Unlock Tonya Skin             136876  
Unlock Jov Skin               468987  
Unlock Saranae Skin           65496873  
Unlock Fetish Pyro Skin       231644  
Unlock Bikini Pyro Skin       135454  
Unlock Marlena Skin           489788  
Unlock MP1 Skin               321646  
Unlock MP2 Skin               698799  
Unlock MP3 Skin               654659 


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