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 Pure Futbol - Platform: XBox 360

Pure Futbol - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Early Doors (5 points): Score with your 1st shot on net in any mode.
Share the Love (10 points): Score 1 goal with each of your
outfield players in any mode.
Hat Trick Hero (10 points): Score 3 goals in one game with 1
player in any mode.
Last Gasp (10 points): Score in the last 5 seconds of a timed
match in any mode.
Toast the Post (10 points): Score off a shot that hits the post in
any mode.
Full House (10 points): Score 3 goals and record 2 assists with 1
player in any mode.
Velocity Rapture (20 points): Score 10 pure power shots in any mode.
Apocalyp-Toe (20 points): Score 15 volleyed goals in any mode.
On a Bender (30 points): Score 30 skill shot goals across all modes.
Tao of Power (40 points): Score 4 consecutive pure power shot
goals in 1 game in any mode.
Laundry Day (5 points): Record a clean sheet in any mode.
Pitch-Hiker (10 points): Win a match in each venue in any mode.
Serial Thriller (10 points): Win 5 matches via penalty shootout in
any mode.
Braveheart (10 points): Defeat England  with Scotland on Pure
Club Before Country (10 points): Win a game with a team with
immediate chemistry.
Head Case (20 points): Score 50 headed goals across all modes.
Defibrillator  (20 points): Come back from 3 or more goals down
in 5 matches.
Firing Blanks (20 points): Win a game without taking a shot on goal.
A New Millennium (30 points): Score 1,000 goals across all modes.
The Wanderer (30 points): Travel  100 km on the pitch across
all modes.
One Small Step (5 points): Unlock your 1st venue in a campaign.
Captain Fantastic (5 points): Have your captain obtain man of the
match in a campaign match.
Rude Guest (10 points): Win a campaign match while completing all
5 recruitment objectives.
The Guardian (10 points): Complete a campaign with a defender with
a 4+ star rating.
The Emissary (10 points): Complete a campaign with a midfielder
with a 4+ star rating.
The Assassin (10 points): Complete a campaign with a forward with
a 4+ star rating.
29 Days Later (20 points): Win the final tournament.
Lopsided Loyalty (20 points): Unlock all players from a national
All World (40 points): Upload your captain at the end of a campaign.
A League of Your Own (50 points): Unlock all available national
On the Board (5 points): Win a club match in Play Anyone.
Raising Your Game (10 points): Win 3 club matches in a row in Play
RSVP (10 points): Play a match against a friend.
Attested Development (10 points): Advance to division 7 through
online play .
Passion of the Crest (10 points): Unlock all 4 crests from an
online challenge.
Over Easy (20 points): Score 3 goals in the first minute of a club
match in Play Anyone.
Top Flight  (20 points): Advance to division 1 through online
play .


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