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 Raiden Trad - Platform: Sega

Raiden Trad - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Climb into your supersonic fighter-bomber, destroy all
enemies, and ultimately defeat the Continent, the
enemy fortress at stage 8. Try TRAD Code 5, infinite
lives, and Code 11, which allows you to power up with
maximum firepower. Use TRAD Code 7, and buildings and
tanks will need only one hit to blow instead of three
(more or less). Big yellow ships will need only about
3 hits instead of about 10 when you use Code 8. With
Code 10 you have permanent missiles that you can't
see, and power-ups can make your gunfire look

1 AKWT-AA9J Infinite bombs
2 AE9A-AAF0 Start with 1 bomb
3 A29A-AAF0 Start with 6 bombs
4 BA9A-AAF0 Start with 8 bombs
5 AJFT-AA5C Infinite lives
6 PFCA-BJXG Each bomb power-up item is worth 2
7 AEIT-AAHT Some smaller obstacles easier to explode
8 AHEA-CAGY Some bigger obstacles easier to explode
9 BA9A-AA8E Don't lose missile power when you lose a
10 A69A-BE8E Permanent invisible missiles
11 BBCT-BA5Y First laser power-up item
   gives you maximum power.


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