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 Ratchet And Clank - Size Matters - Platform: Playstation 2

Ratchet And Clank - Size Matters - Platform: Playstation 2

Cheat Codes:
Get the indicated number of Skill Points to unlock the corresponding cheat 

  Big Headed Clank: 3 
  Big Headed Enemies: 14 
  Big Headed Giant Clank: 1 
  Big Headed Ratchet: 5 
  Bolt Confusion: 20 
  Climb The Treehouse: 25 
  Hardcore Mode: 24 
  Mirrored Levels: 10 
  Mooo!: 24 
  More Cowbell: 8 
  Old Timey: 24 
  She's On Fire!: 07 
  Super Bloom: 12 
  Weapon Switching: 16 

Bonus skins:
Collect the indicated number of Titanium Bolts to unlock the corresponding 
skin(s) under the "Specials" option in the pause menu:
  Plundering Pirate Captain skin: 6 
  Ratchetzilla skin: 6 
  Troical Vacation skin: 4 
Play ten online matches without dying to unlock the Dan skin. Note: The matches 
do not need to be done in a row.

Flaming wrench:
Wear all the Wildfire armor to get a flaming wrench.

Freeze wrench:
After defeating Otto Destruct, enter Challenge mode. You will get a piece of the 
Hyperborean armor. Once you have the full set, you will have a freeze wrench 
when you wear it.

Fire-Bomb armor:
Equip the Mega-Bomb helmet, Mega-Bomb Body armor, Wildfire gloves, and Mega-Bomb 
boots to make the Fire-Bomb armor set. The Wildfire gloves and the rest from the 
M9 Sludge armor makes the Fire-Bomb armor set.

Ice 2 armor:
Equip the Crystallix helmet and the Hyperborean body, gloves, and boots to make 
the Ice 2 armor set.

Shock Crystal armor:
Equip the Electroshock helmet and boots with the Crystalix body armor and gloves 
to make the Shock Crystal armor set. Alternately, equip the Electroshock helmet 
and gloves with the Crystalix body armor and boots to make the Shock Crystal 
armor set.

Stalker armor:
Equip the Wildfire helmet, Sludge Mk 9 gloves, and the Chameleon body armor and 
boots to make the Stalker armor set.

Triple Wave armor:
Equip the Wildfire helmet, the Sludge MK 9 gloves, and the Electroshock body 
armor and gloves to make the Triple Wave armor set.

Wildburst armor:
Use the M9 Sludge helmet and the rest of the armor from the Wildfire set to make 
the Wildburst armor set.

After defeating Otto Destruct, you will be able to purchase the RYNO for 

Shoot fireball:
Use the scorcher for a while. When you stop, it should shoot a fireball.

Easy Bolts:
Get as high of a Bolt multiplier as possible, then enter or reenter the Dream 
Realm. You should appear on a small island. Break the boxes and the small shack 
to get about 5,000 to 10,000 Bolts (50,000 Bolts in Challenge mode). Go to the 
second island and kill the birds that fly through the wall, then destroy the two 
shacks and boxes on the island. From that you should get about 30,000 to 40,000 
Bolts (120,000 in Challenge mode). In Normal mode, jump in the water and get 
eaten by a fish and repeat. In Challenge mode, go to the white portal on the 
first island (which should be there after completing the Dream Realm). Exit the 
Dream Realm through it, then reenter and repeat as many times as desired.
Start a Challenge mode game. Once you get your Polarizer Gadget, go back to 
Metalis. Next to your ship is a grid in the wall. Use your Polarizer on it, then 
go through the level to get your Titanium Bolt. Then, use your teleport to get 
back to your ship. Continue until you get to Dayni Moon, but try not to finish 
this level. You will need the boxes at the start. First, try to get your Bolt 
multiplier up as high as possible without getting hit. Try going on the Clank 
platform over from the ship and use the Titan Deadeye Mine weapon to kill 
anything that moves. Then, get in the ship and go back to Metalis. Use the 
teleport to go where your Bolt was and get the boxes. One hyper strike should do 
it. Then, teleport back to your ship and go to Dayni Moon. Get the boxes at the 
start. If you need to do the same thing with the Deadeye Mine weapon to get your 
multiplier up, do it quickly. Then, go back to your ship and travel to Metalis 
to repeat the process.

Skill points:
  Jowai Resort, Pokitaru 
  Do cows get crabby?: Turn 25 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon 
  Veta Jungle, Ryllus 
  Lights, Camera, Action!: Kill 10 floating cameras 
  Ship It: Break all the crates on the level 
  Junkyard LXIV, Metalis 
  Shutout: Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge without letting anyone else score 
  Ultimate Gladiator : Successfully complete all Clank arena challenges 
  Friends Don't hurt Friends: Get through the Giant Clank fight without taking a 
  single hit 
  Technomite City, Challax 
  Take Them Down A Shock: Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying 
  High Tech Weapons Master: Defeat the enemy without using the Lacerator, Acid 
  Bomb Glove, RYNO, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Sniper Mine, Laser Tracer 
  Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon 
  Ultimate Gladiator: Successfully complete all Clank arena challenges 
  Clone Factory, Quodrona 
  Elite Annihilation: Defeat over 70 Elite Clones during the Elite Clone fight


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