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 Ridge Racer 5 - Platform: Playstation 3

Ridge Racer 5 - Platform: Playstation 3

Get Duel Mode
Get 1st place on lap and in the Standard time attack
GP get best overall time

Get McLaren F1 Like Car
Go to the Kamata Angelus Race on duel mode and get 1st place

Get Devil Drift
Go to the Rivelta Crinale Race on duel mode and get 1st place

Get 50's Super Drift Caddy
Go to the Danver Spectra race on duel mode and get 1st place

Get VW Beetle
Go to the Solort Rumeur race on duel mode and get 1st place

Get 99 Lap Mode
Use Time Attack GP in the extra mode and get 1st in all races

50's Super Drift Caddy
Finish in first place in the Danver Spectra race in duel mode
to unlock the 50's Super Drift Caddy car in free run, time
attack, and duel mode.

Pac-Man mode
Exceed 3,000 kilometers in total distance raced to unlock a red
roadster with a Pac-Man driver. Ghosts on scooters will race
against the Pac-Man car.

Third Person View Onscreen Display
During a race play in third person gameplay and hold Select to
view extra information

Control introduction sequence
During the introduction sequence, press L1 and R1 to cycle
through three different effects for the portion that uses the
in-game graphics. Press R1 for black and white graphics.
Press R1 a second time and the graphics will have a yellow tint.
Press R1 a third time to add blur effect, which will eliminate
jagged graphics. Press L1 to cycle back through the various effects.

Big Ben
To get Big Ben the Simi, at the title screen press:

Quick start
When in time attack mode, hold R2 + L2 at the start to get a speed boost
the instant light turns green.

Bonus cars
Successfully complete each of the Grand Prix circuits to unlock new cars.
Breaking the Time Attack high scores also unlocks additional cars.

Alternate saved game icon
Successfully complete the game with all secrets unlocked to change the saved
game icon from a car to a programmer face.

Alternate music
Drive over an accumulated 765 kilometers.

Maximum mode
Finish the game in Grand Prix mode under hard difficulty setting to unlock
Maximum race in Grand Prix.

Ultimate Maximum Grand Prix mode
Win all the standard and extra Grand Prixes under the hard difficulty

Select car number
Complete (you do not have to win) the 99 Endurance Race. The game will
change your car number to
01 and unlocks a new feature that allows you to select your car number.


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