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 River City Ransom EX - Platform: Gameboy Advance

River City Ransom EX - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Maximum Stats:
Change your name to DAMAX (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Change your name to PLAYA (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Deleted Saved Games:
Change your name to ERAZE (case-sensitive) in the status menu

Quick Death on Reihou's Roof:
At the left corner of Reihou's Roof, if you're carrying someone and they jump 
off straight down then they will fall down through an invisible hole and dies. 
(Works even on Slick) 

Easy Reputation Increase. 
To quickly and easily increase your rep, simply run into a wall. Every time you do 
this, the game will give you +1 to your rep. 

Fight Riki/Kunio 
Start the game in 1 player mode only not 2 player mode and go outside the 2nd 
factory and you will fight your ally 

Fight Slick with the Dragon Twins and Onizuka 
Must have 3 allies that are not Mochizuki,Taira,or Kinoshita 

Fight the Dragon Twins with Gouda 
Joining You Without any Enemies in the Beginning When Gouda asks to join you, 
say no and go meet Godai and say yes to his question, then go to Reihou High's 
last floor 

Get Godai 
Have Gouda in your team and a good reputation 

Get Gouda 
Talk to the girl before the spa, then the girl outside the fish store, then 
at the 1st place of the last shopping place 

Get Hayasaka 
Beat Mochizuki 5 times and Hayasaka will appear(requires high reputation for 
him to join you) 

Get Kobayashi on Your Team 
Must have high reputation the 1st time you fight him 

Get Kumada 
Decline Himada's offer to join you and come back and fight everyone and Kumada 
will be there 

Get Maeda 
Play as Riki only in the beginning and go to Sherman Park 

Get Mochizuki 
Have High Reputation 

Get Sonokwa and the Senridai Bombers 
Play as 1 player without Riki and beat the Senridai Bombers anywhere 3 times then 
go to the 2nd place in the game and beat everyone there 

Get Sugata 
Play in 1 player mode as Kunio then he will be either at the beginning place or at 
Sherman Park when Kinoshita appears there 

Get Taira 
Have High Reputation 

Meet Todo 
Must have a reputation of either equal or higher to getting Kobayashi unto your 
team, he is located at the 2nd shopping place in the game 

Meet Todo 
Second Time Must have meet him the first time and this time he appears at Reihou's 
gate after you beat Gouda once 


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