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 Robopon 2 - Cross Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Robopon 2 - Cross Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Select three different Robopon at start:
To choose three different Robopon at the beginning of the game 
you first have to get the Secret Cave Key from Nick and the Ion 
Battery from the dog in one of the houses. Then, go to the back 
of the house where you started from. Move left until you see a door. 
It will now open. Go in to get two batteries. The first can be found 
by going up and to the right, then down to find the Moon Battery. 
The other one is hidden. When you enter, go straight up and it will 
be a dead end. Move across the right wall and you will walk through it. 
It may take awhile to find the entrance. When you go through the passage, 
you will find a chest with the Sun Battery. You can now spark the Sun 
and Moon Battery to get Hexbot, Spark Ion, and Moon Batteries to get 
Sun-Zero, or Spark Sun and Ion to get Scooter.

Unlock Playland then talk to a fat man behind the training spot there. 
Then, go to were Ms. Rocket is and pay him lots of money that so he can 
build a spaceship. Note: It takes about ten times to make the ship Fly.

This Robopon packs a powerful punch. He is a legendary little warrior 
who is almost as strong as SunZero. To get him, spark a Cyber Battery 
and an Ultra Battery.

Go back 20 years. At Downtown Delica, go into the castle then to the jail. 
Go to the last door and you should see Draco. Fight him. They all should 
be at level 60 .If you want to win quickly, Virus all of them. Once you 
win, you should get Ice*. 

Once you unlock Marvel Lab, enter it. Make sure you have room for at 
least one more Robopon. You should see a building directly in front of 
you. Go to the left of that building. Once there you should see a dog. 
Talk to it. It will tell you to input a password. Enter "9". The dog 
should give you Negapon. Negapon is very powerful. It turns into NegponX 
and Gatspon.

Get a red mushroom and save the game in front of the mushroom shop. 
Turn in the red mushroom. If he does not give you the red princess, 
turn off the game and try again. Once you get the red princess, go to 
My Tower. You should see a red door. The princess should open it. 
Open the treasure chest and you should get Rock*. 

Jasper's password:
After you earn Marvel Lab, go there but do not enter the building. 
Instead, go to the left side of the building and talk the dog. 
He will ask you for a password. The following passwords are to get 
Robopon. You must have space in your party to place that Robopon.

D: Icarun
H: B-cell
J: Gundarn
L: Under
R: Sherry
P: Fencer
S: Flicker
9: Negapon
Rvnge: Dorapon 

Note: All of these Robopon start at level 1.

Easy experience points:
Unlock the Marvel lab and train there

Easy wins:
This is a fast way to defeat Doctor Zero and Zero at the end of the game. 
Equip Ray 2 Or Ray 3. Your Robopon should know Virus. Virus your opponent. 
If they have a high attack power, they will destroy each other. 
Virus all your opponents' Robopon. This is quick way to complete the game.


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