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 Robotech - Battlecry - Platform: Gamecube

Robotech - Battlecry - Platform: Gamecube

Cheat mode
Enter the "New Game" or "Load Game" screen. Hold L + R + Z and
press Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, Start to display the code entry
screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Enter SUPERMECH as a code.

All models and awards
Enter WHERESMAX as a code.

Level select
Enter WEWILLWIN as a code.

All multi-player levels
Enter MULTIMAYHEM as a code.

Gunpod ammunition refilled faster
Enter SPACEFOLD as a code.

Missiles refilled faster
Enter MARSBASE as a code.

Gunpod and missiles refilled faster
Enter MIRIYA as a code.

One shot kills
Enter BACKSTABBER as a code.

One shot kills in sniper mode
Enter SNIPER as a code.

Alternate paint schemes
Enter MISSMACROSS as a code.

Upside down mode
Enter FLIPSIDE as a code.

Disable active codes
Enter CLEAR as a code.

Select training mode. Enter jet fighter training, destroy only the
first two targets, then exit. Enter story mode and you will be

Bronze Cross medal
Destroy 50 Battle Pods.

Distinguished Service medal
Complete the Enemy Within mission. Note: This also unlocks the
Rick mech colors.

Gold Cross medal
Complete the Silver Cross medal set and destroy 100 Battle Pods.

Gold Nova medal
Complete the Vengeance mission three times.

Jolly Roger medal
Complete the Party Crashers mission three times. This also unlocks
the Skull Leader mech colors.

Master Airman medal
Destroy 100 Fighter Pods.

Meritorious Service medal
Complete the Force of Arms mission. Note: This also unlocks the
Izzy mech colors.

R.D.F. Flying Ace medal
Complete the Master Airman medal set. Note: This also unlocks
Debris Field versus mode level and Max mech colors.

R.D.F. Starburst medal
Complete all Boss missions two times. Note: This also unlocks the
Flood City versus mode level.

R.D.F. Supernova medal
Complete Gold Nova medal set. Note: This also unlocks the City In
Space versus mode level and the Patriot mech colors.

Robotech Marksman medal
Kill 50 Nousjadel-Ger in Sniper Mode. Note: This also unlocks the
Stealth mech colors.

Silver Cross medal
Complete the Bronze Cross medal set and destroy 75 Battle Pods.

Silver Shield medal
Use the VF-1A to complete the Graveyard mission. Note: This also
unlocks the Graveyard versus mode level and Miriya mech colors.

Southern Cross medal
Complete the Gold Cross medal set. Note: This also unlocks the
Factory versus mode level and the Armored Valkerie in versus mode.

Superior Defense medal
Complete the Attrition mission. Note: This also unlocks the
Graystone versus mode level.

Titanium Medal of Valor medal
Complete the Knife's Edge mission. Note: This also unlocks the VF-
1J in story and versus modes.

Tuna Head medal
Kill 50 Del Regults. Note: This also unlocks Queadluun-Rau in
versus mode.

Wolf Leader medal
Complete the To The Death mission. This also unlocks the VF-1R in
story and versus modes and the Wolf mech colors.

Fully charged in sniper mode
Enter sniper mode, then hold Fire to charge. Once fully charged,
exit sniper mode while holding Fire. The next time you want to go
into sniper mode, hold Fire as you change to that view. You will
now have a fully charged weapon the moment you change into sniper

Using missiles on the fly
Most of the time using the battloid mode is useful for counter-
missile efforts. However, with some practice you can learn to
switch to jet or guardian (works either way), immediately fire a
volley of missiles, then switch back to battleoid. This allows you
to launch a strong assault while keeping missiles off your back.

Quicker missile targeting
Missiles do not take that many shots to detonate. A useful trick
is to use short bursts of fire (releasing and pressing Secondary
Fire rapidly and quickly). This gives you more of a chance to
eliminate a lot of missile volleys in a much shorter time.

Use The Super Veritech armor anywhere
It is possible to use the Super Veritech Armor during ground
combat. First, successfully complete any space mission with the
Super Veritech Armor. Then, choose "Continue" when the level is
complete. Since it is not possible to change armors this way, the
armor remains Super Veritech. Note: This can only be used for the
next level that has not yet been completed.

Glitch: Floating Veritech
In the Train Depot versus level, have one player stand on one of
the smoke columns. Then, have the other player shoot it out from
under them in sniper mode. The column will collapse, and the
player standing on it will float in midair. Do not shoot the
player on top.


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