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 Romance of The Three Kingdoms 7 - Platform: Playstation 2

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 7 - Platform: Playstation 2

Multi-player mode
Select any scenario and choose a character as usual. Start the scenario 
then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select during your turn. Select the "Add 
Player Officer" on the menu that appears. All playable characters in the 
current scenario will appear.
Select a character for player two, then repeat to use up to eight
controllable characters.

To use created characters in multi-player mode, use the same steps as
described previously except select ''New Officer'' if you want to play 
as a Ronin or ''New Country'' to play as a Liege.
If both players are using created Liege characters, first register both
under ''New Country''.
Then, select them from the ''Ruler'' list and follow the rest of the steps.

Secret characters
Select "New Officer" at the main menu. Choose "Create New Officer" from 
the new officer menu.
Choose the name option and enter one of the following names. For example,
for Sun Tzu, enter Sun as the last name and Tzu as the first name, so the 
name appears as Sun Tzu. A musical note will play, and an officer will 
automatically be created and given type, ability, skills, and gender.
Select a birthdate, and face and everything else is done.

Abe Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Augustus Caesar
Ben Franklin
Benedict Arnold
Betsy Ross
Charles Darwin
Crazy Horse
Daniel Boone
Dynasty Warrior
Genghis Khan
George Patton (Note: Put an extra space after "George".)
Gitaroo Man
Harry Houdini
Jeanne Darc
Julius Caesar
Lady Diana
Mahatma Gandhi
Mark Antony
Mother Teresa
Nikola Tesla
Norma Jean
Robert Lee
Robin Hood
Sitting Bull
Sun Tzu
Thomas Paine
U 1
Ulysses Grant
Wyatt Earp
Sun Tzu has 90 WAR, 100 INT, 74 POL, 82 CHA, is a balanced type officer, and
has 17 skills,
unlike the usual 2 or 3. One of these skills is Oracle. Obviously this
character is derived from the
Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, author of the Art of War. It does not take long
to build his abilities and
other skills up. He can be a tremendous figure in your games.

100% Item and Site completion
Upon reaching 100% Item and Site completion, created characters are able to
cap 100 in all stats and
are able to roll for more skills. In order to view a Site, you should at
least have 100 bound with that Liege
or Prefect that is located at the Base with the site. Out of 55 bases, there
are 30 Sites to be found.
Eventually they will take you, so it may take 1 or 10 visits. Labeled in
order, the following are the Bases:

1: Bei Ping
2: Ji
3: Bei Hai
4: Xiao Pei
5: Luo Yang
6: Chang An
7: Zi Tong
8: Chang Sha
9: Ye
10: Cheng Yang
11: Xia Pi
12: Jian Ye
13: Hong Nong
14: Wu Du
15: Han Zhong
16: Cheng Du
17: Jiang Zhou
18: Yong An
19: Yun Nan
20: Wan
21: Xin Ye
22: Xiang Yang
23: Jiang Xia
24: Jiang Ling
25: Ling Ling
26: Lu Jiang
27: Wu
28: An Ding
29: Hui Ji
30: Chai Sang

If you are unable to contact a Liege or Prefect of any of the Bases you
could always spy, thus allowing you to contact all Officers of that particular 

Next, you need to gain all the items. This can be time consuming. Before all
else, you will need one block free on your memory card. Start a New Game 
starting from the later chapters and select a Liege.
From here, use the "Multi-player mode" cheat and select all the Lieges.
Next, withdraw and buy any missing items then Seize remaining Items from 
your officers. Repeat this with each turn until all the Lieges have finished. 
The game will record any Item or Site from a saved file. This will allow you 
to overwrite and continue on to the other chapters without losing your collection. 
Item number 29 (Book of Illusions) can only be obtained from Zuo Ci in Chapter 7 
or 8 -- start a new game as him then save. The last four items in the game are 
the hardest to obtain. You may consider starting a game with as Crazy Horse due
to his starting skills or any other character with Bless and Duel. They also
must rank on the top ten list.
Whenever you visit an Officer to go hunting, you may encounter a tiger that
will drop one of the following items, 69: Dragon; 70: Kirin; 71: Phoenix; 
72: Roc. Some regions near Jian Ning, Chia Sang, and Pu Yang may have a higher 
chance of tiger attacks; however, for the most part it is random.

Extra experience
When you begin a month, do not touch anything. Allow the game to idle for
about ten minutes and a merchant will ask you a question about the game such 
as "What city can you see the great wall of China in?" (Bei Ping) or "Out of 
these 3 officers, which one was a tiger general for Shu?" (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, 
Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Hwang Zhong.) They give you a little experience and say 
"maybe something good will happen".

Extra money with created officers
If you want to use an officer of your own, make him/her a ruler with no
followers. When the game begins, sell all of your food, then withdraw all the 
money you can. That will give you a boost -- when you have no fame or deeds, 
your wages are very low and the game will allow you to buy The Sword Of Light/Heaven
and any other item that will increase your stats.


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