RTL Winter Sports 2009 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 RTL Winter Sports 2009 - Platform: XBox 360

RTL Winter Sports 2009 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Style Master (1 point): Campaign: Perform a GREAT take off and a PERFECT 
landing on the normal hill. 
Speed Junkie (1 point): Campaign: Go faster than 155 km/h in Downhill. 
Eagle Eye (1 point): Campaign: In Curling, shoot the rear stone out of the 
house without touching the front one. 
Finger Stroboscope (1 point): Campaign: Hit 20 targets at the Biathlon 
shooting (the counter resets every 5 seconds). 
Skeletorious (1 point): Campaign: Go faster than 116 km/h in Skeleton. 
Downhill Boss (10 points): Campaign: Be faster than the favorite in Downhill. 
Mr. and Mrs. Skill (5 points): Campaign: Get the Curling stone onto the 
specified position without touching your other stone. 
Paceman (5 points): Campaign: Reach a top speed of at least 60 km/h at 
AIR G (5 points): Campaign: Jump over 50 meters in Super G. Search the best 
ramp on the track. 
Brainiac (5 points): Campaign: Add up the figures during the run within 135 
seconds and enter the correct result. 
Quick Start (5 points): Campaign: You need to perform an awesome start (better 
than 89%) in Speed Skating. 
Speedskate Boss (20 points): Campaign: Beat the Boss in 500m Speed Skating 
(mind the racing line). 
Ruler (10 points): Campaign: You have 35 seconds to overtake all 7 opponents 
at Biathlon. 
Bob Perfect (10 points): Campaign: Perform a perfect start with the 
four-seater bob. 
MC Fly (10 points): Campaign: Keep cool, watch your style and perform a GREAT 
Golden Moments (10 points): Campaign: Collect 37 gold coins in Downhill. You 
have 150 seconds. 
Clever (10 points): Campaign: Add up the figures during the run within 135 
seconds and enter the correct result. 
Bob Boss (30 points): Campaign: Match with the fast as lightning two-seater 
bob champion and beat him. 
Sniper (15 points): Campaign: Shoot two adversarial stones out of the house 
without touching other stones. 
Rhythm Sticks (15 points): Campaign: Great rhythm (over 90%) in 500m Speed 
Skating (hit GREAT or PERFECT every time). 
Art of Curling (15 points): Campaign: Show your feeling for art and match the 
given pattern with your Curling stones. 
Untouchable (15 points): Campaign: Race through the ice canal without touching 
the boards. 
Skull Skill (15 points): Campaign: Avoid any contact with the skulls in this 
500 m Speed Skating race and win the race. 
Giant Slalom Boss (50 points): Campaign: You compete with Mr. Giant Slalom 
himself (win and you'll be unforgotten). 
Kamikaze ( 20 points): Campaign: Fall as hard as you can after jumping 130 m 
from the large hill. 
Yin and Yang (20 points): Campaign: Collect 42 coins but avoid the skulls. You 
have 112 seconds. 
Art of Shooting (20 points): Campaign: Be the van Gogh of the track and shoot 
the right patterns in Biathlon. 
Skiller (20 points): Campaign: You have two stones to remove three adversarial 
stones from the house. Good luck. 
Calculator (20 points): Campaign: Add up the figures during the run within 100 
seconds and enter the correct result. 
Biathlon Boss (70 points): Campaign: Compete with the best biathlete of all 
times (losing is not an option). 
High Skiller (25 points): Campaign: Push the opponent's stones to the 
specified position without moving your stones. 
Alpha Dog (25 points): Campaign: Keep your position for 60 seconds. No one 
must overtake you. 
Skully (25 points): Campaign: Avoid all skulls within the given time without 
getting disqualified. 
Style Flyer (25 points): Campaign: Get an excellent style score at the Ski 
Jump from the small hill. 


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