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 Rune - Viking Warlord - Platform: Playstation 2

Rune - Viking Warlord - Platform: Playstation 2

God mode
Pause game play and press Square, Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Square. 

Maximum Rune power
Pause game play and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Circle. 

Item combinations:
      Item Use. With. 
      Ancients' Pledge Ral Ort Tal  Shield 
      Armageddon Amn Jo Cham Sol Amn Ith  Axe, Club, Polearm, Hammer 
      Authority Zod Gul Um Helm 
      Beast Zod Tir Um Mal Lum Axe, Club, Hammer 
      Beauty El Ral Eth Helm  
      Black Po Sol Eld Club, Hammer, Mace  
      Blood Jo Ber El Um Spear, Axe, Sword  
      Bone Lum Eld Spear, Wand  
      Bramble Eth Ral Armor  
      Brand El Hel Ral Ith Scepter, Sword 
      Breath of the Dying Jo Tal Ist Lo Ort Lem  Weapon 
      Broken Promise Tal Ohm Dol  Weapon 
      Call to Arms Thul Ith Thul Mal  Weapon 
      Chains of Honor Tir Amn El Ort  Armor 
      Chance Lo Ral Weapon  
      Chaos Sur Ort Eld Shae Armor 
      Crescent Moon Eld Hel Um Axe, Sword, Polearm 
      Darkness Tal Amn Gul Nef Thul  Melee Weapon 
      Daylight Amn Tir Jo Melee Weapon  
      Death Dol Lem Nef Tal Eth  Weapon 
      Deception Ko Dol Eth Dagger 
      Delerium Lem Ort Po Helm  
      Desire Lo Ort Ith Helm  
      Despair Pul Cham Lum Pul Ort  Melee Weapon 
      Destruction Eth Ral Gul Amn  Axe, Club, Hammer 
      Doom Shae Ber Pul Ith Eth Thul  Axe, Club, Hammer 
      Dragon Um Nef Lum Eth Lo Melee Weapon 
      Dread Lem El Ko Hel Melee Weapon  
      Dream Ral Eth Helm  
      Duress Shae Um Thul Armor  
      Edge Ber Ort Axe, Sword, Dagger  
      Elation Nef Vex El Helm  
      Enigma Cham Ber Ith Armor  
      Enlightenment Thul Eld Helm 
      Envy Ko Tir Helm  
      Eternity Pul El Tal Lem Ber  Melee Weapon 
      Exile Tal Nef Tir Thul Shield 
      Faith Fal Cham Um Ral Shield 
      Famine Eld Vex Eld Tir Lem  Axe, Club 
      Flame Pul Eth Tal Sword  
      Fortitude Shae Eth Tir Club, Hammer, Mace, Scepter 
      Fortune Eth Amn Sur Hel Vex  Dagger 
      Friendship Shae Tal Shield  
      Fury Jo Gul Eth Melee Weapon  
      Gloom Gul Ith Shae Axe  
      Glory Mal Fal Tal Eld Melee Weapon 
      Grief Lum Ist Eld Eld Bow and Crossbow 
      Hand of Justice Ko Eld Zod Sur Um Po  Mace, Scepter 
      Harmony Sol Zod Hel Armor  
      Hatred Ral Thul Pul Po Tal  Melee Weapon 
      Heart of the Oak El Nef Eth Hel  Staff, Club 
      Heaven's Will Mal Hel Ko Shae Amn Ko  Scepter 
      Holy Tears Ist Ral Tal Gul  Scepter 
      Holy Thunder Tal El Eld Eth  Scepter 
      Honor Ith Ort Sol Ral Ral  Melee Weapon 
      Revenge Nef Tal Tir Ral Staff 
      Humility Ith Shae El Helm 
      Hunger Ral Hel Sword, Dagger, Axe, Spear  
      Ice Tal Hel Po Nef Sword, Dagger, Axe, Spear  
      Infinity El El Sol Tal Staff 
      Innocence Ith Um Scepter  
      Insight El Nef Fal Helm  
      Jealousy Hel Po Ort Lem Weapon 
      Judgement Lem Ort Tal El Amn  Melee Weapon 
      King's Grace Nef Eld Eth Sword, Scepter 
      Kingslayer Mal Ort Gul Sword, Axe 
      Knight's Vigil Ral Nef Eth Lum El  Melee Weapon 
      Knowledge Ort Lem Helm  
      Last Wish Sol Thul Ral Ith  Shield 
      Law Um Ral Fal El Shield  
      Lawbringer Um Lem Ber Melee Weapon 
      Leaf Eld Ith Staff  
      Lightning Po Hel Sol El Melee Weapon 
      Lionheart Hel Lum Fal Armor 
      Lore Amn Thul Helm  
      Love Gul Fal Gul Sur Shield 
      Loyalty Nef Ral Um Shield  
      Lust Sol El Ort El Lo Eld  Melee Weapon 
      Madness Gul Ohm Helm  
      Malice Tir El Nef Melee Weapon  
      Melody Thul Po Eth Bow and Crossbow  
      Memory Jo Ort Nef El Staff 
      Mist Amn Ral Melee Weapon  
      Morning El Vex Tir Shield  
      Mystery Sol Eth Lem Staff  
      Myth El Tir Mask  
      Nadir El Tir Helm  
      Nature's Kingdom Um Eth Um Ral  Club 
      Night Ral Ith Gul Amn Melee Weapon 
      Oath Po El Nef Ort Scepter  
      Obedience Po Lum Armor  
      Oblivion Jo Zod El Po Hel Sur  Axe, Hammer, Mace 
      Obsession El Sol Ith Tal Melee Weapon 
      Passion Mal Tir Po Melee Weapon  
      Patience Amn Sol Helm  
      Patter Tal Ort Tal Tir Eld  Weapon 
      Peace Um Ith Eld Lem Shield 
      Voice of Reason El Ith El Ort Eth El  Melee Weapon 
      Penitence Thul Hel Ith Melee Weapon 
      Peril Fal Tir Weapon  
      Pestilence Tir Ko Tir Sol  Weapon 
      Phoenix Amn Sur Ort Hel Melee Weapon 
      Piety El Ber Eth Scepter  
      Pillar of Faith Pul Lem Ith Tal Ith  Scepter 
      Plague Pul Shae Dagger, Sword, Spear  
      Praise Vex Eth Scepter, Mace  
      Prayer Sol Eth Shae Tir Scepter 
      Pride Dol Fal Eth Melee Weapon  
      Principle Zod Nef Mal Melee Weapon 
      Prowess in Battle Shae Ral  Weapon 
      Prudence Mal Tir Armor  
      Punishment Eld Nef Ral Mal  Melee Weapon 
      Purity Tir Amn Ohm Ort Ko  Melee Weapon 
      Question Sol El Ith Staff  
      Radiance Eth Tir Tal Helm 
      Rain Cham Ith Club  
      Reason Amn Vex Lem Helm  
      Red Shae Ort Po Weapon  
      Rhyme Shae Eth Shield  
      Rift Eld Tir Ort Eld Ko Ith  Axe 
      Sanctuary Ko Tir Ral Thul  Shield 
      Serendipity Ith Fal Club, Mace, Scepter  
      Shadow Lo Ith Ral Thul Claw 
      Shadow of Doubt Tal Amn Helm 
      Silence Lum Ort Fal Lem Po Lem  Weapon 
      Siren's Song Lo Thul Tal Lem  Melee Weapon 
      Smoke Hel Tir Armor  
      Sorrow Tir Nef Shae Gul Nef  Melee Weapon 
      Spirit Mal El El Ber Shae  Weapon 
      Splendor Eth Lum Shield  
      Starlight Lem Nef Tir Staff, Sword 
      Stealth Eth El Scepter  
      Steel Nef Tir Sword, Axe, Mace  
      Still Water El Thul Melee Weapon  
      Sting Nef Amn Lum Sword, Dagger  
      Stone Ral Thul El Mace, Hammer, Club  
      Storm El Tir Hel Nef Tir Axe, Hammer 
      Strength Ort Tal Melee Weapon  
      Tempest Eth Eld Ral Ist Weapon 
      Temptation El Ko Helm  
      Terror Ist Ith Fal El Weapon 
      Thirst Eld Ort Melee Weapon  
      Thought Shae Po Helm  
      Thunder Hel Ist Hammer, Mace, Axe  
      Time Sur Gul Ber Nef Jo Ko  Staff 
      Tradition El Ort Nef Ral Scepter 
      Treachery Sur Ko Vex Melee Weapon 
      Trust Amn Eld Cham Helm  
      Truth Fal Um Ohm Vex Nef Lum  Sword 
      Unbending Will Ort Cham Tal Tal  Armor 
      Valor Nef El Lo Melee Weapon  
      Vengeance Ith Amn El Weapon 
      Venom Ort Sol Mal Weapon  
      Victory Tal Nef Eld El Melee Weapon 
      Voice Tir Ith Helm  
      Void Amn El Jo Ral Pul Melee Weapon 
      War Gul Amn Nef Tir Nef Weapon 
      Water Eth Ohm Zod Po Melee Weapon 
      Wealth Tal Pul El Armor  
      Whisper Dol Tir El Melee Weapon  
      White Lum Ith Eld Wand  
      Wind Sur El Melee Weapon  
      Wings of Hope Thul Tir Lum Tir Ral  Melee Weapon 
      Wisdom Ral Jo Ral Ko El Staff 
      Woe Tir Nef Ith Ort Dol Melee Weapon 
      Wonder Nef Sol Ist Wand  
      Wrath Ral Eth Lo Hel El Melee Weapon 
      Youth Ral Hel Tir Lum Pul  Armor 
      Zephyr Tal Ith Bow and Crossbow  


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