R.U.S.E. - Platform: Playstation 3 - Console Games.

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 R.U.S.E. - Platform: Playstation 3

R.U.S.E. - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

First Captain (Bronze): Complete 50% of the secondary objectives
from the Campaign.
Competitor (Bronze): Complete an operation.
Achiever (Bronze): Complete all operations' bonus objectives.
Recruit (Bronze): Defeat an A.I. in battle mode.
Trooper (Bronze): Defeat an A.I. in battle mode on Medium
difficulty and in all time periods (39/42/45).
Parasite (Bronze): Capture 50 buildings.
Ambassador (Bronze): Defeat an A.I. in battle mode while playing
each nation.
Collector (Bronze): Defeat all A.I. profiles in 1v1 battles at
least in Medium difficulty.
Cunning (Bronze): Use all RUSEs.
Destroyer (Bronze): Destroy 5000 enemy units.
Regular (Bronze): Got to level 20.
Veteran (Bronze): Reach the Veteran league..
Elite (Bronze): Reach the Elite league..
Eug-virus (Bronze): Defeat one of Eugen Systems' team of someone
having already unlocked this trophy.
Best Enemies (Bronze): Play a four-player game with your friends
Atlas (Bronze): Play a game on every map in a ranked match.
Got Your Back! (Bronze): Play a game with a friend in the same team.
Occaisional Allies (Bronze): Play a game with a stranger in team
ranked match.
Battle Hardened (Bronze): Achieve a victory in every ranked match
One Hand behind My Back (Bronze): Defeat an opponent without using
the airfield and armor and artillery base camps in a ranked match.
Top Gun (Bronze): Defeat an opponent with air units only in a
ranked match.
Invincible (Bronze): Achieve a 90% or more survival ratio in a
ranked match.
Who's Your Daddy? (Bronze): Achieve a 200% or more kill rate in a
ranked match.
Hard Boiled (Silver): Complete all the secondary objectives from
the Campaign..
Best Friend (Silver): Complete all cooperative operations.
One vs. All (Silver): Complete all 1 vs. all operations.
Nemesis (Silver): Complete all 1 vs. 1 operations.
Staff Officer (Silver): Complete all operations.
Ace (Silver): Defeat an A.I. in battle mode on Hard difficulty
level with Total victory.
Mercenary (Silver): Win 5 games with every nation in ranked matches.
The Terrible (Silver): Achieve a winning streak of 3 in ranked


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