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 Samurai Warriors - Platform: XBox

Samurai Warriors - Platform: XBox

Special names:
Create a general and enter one of the following names to get an increase in one 
or more of his or her stats:
  Shizuna (Jump, Speed, Archery bonus) 
  Zhang Fei (Spear bonus) 
  Oyu (Spear/Horse/Archery bonus) 
  Kabuki (Spear/Naginata bonus) 
  Guan Yu (Sword/Naginata/Horse/Archery bonus) 
  Kojiro (Weapon bonus) 

Special names (Japanese version):
Create a general and enter one of the following names to get an increase in one 
or more of his or her stats:
  damascus (increased stats) 
  Doji (increased stats) 
  Honda (Sword attack power bonus) 
  Kato (Sword and Spear attack power bonus) 
  Kondo (Spear attack and defense bonus) 
  Kotarou (Sword and Horse attack power bonus) 
  Musashi (increased stats) 
  Musashi (Spear and Ranged defense, Horse attack power bonus) 
  Musasibou (Sword, Spear, and Horse attack bonus) 
  Okita (Sword and spear attack bonus) 
  Sakamoto (Sword and spear attack bonus) 
  Sakon (Sword and Spear attack power bonus) 
  Sasaki (Spear attack and Ranged defense power bonus) 

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete Story (Musou) mode with any character, then highlight that 
person at the character selection screen and press B. Note: Press Y in the 
Japanese version of the game.
Get a 100% completion with all fifteen default characters and a created 
character. Then, choose the alternate costume for your character, and all your 
opponents will also wear their alternate costumes.
To unlock four more models for a created character, train a new general and get 
any weapon to an attack rating of 55 by the fourth month. Defeat the Strike 
Ninja that appears to challenges your school, the complete your training. This 
may be done up to three more times to unlock a total of four new models for your 
created character.

Play as Goemon:
Successfully complete Okuni's campaign to unlock Goemon.

Play as Keiji Maeda:
Do Kenshin Uesugi's story mode. When you get to the Siege Of Gifu castle level, 
a mission will appear saying to eliminate Keiji Maeda. Do not do this. After you 
complete the level, you will appear in Gifu Castle. When you reach the fourth 
level, Keiji Maeda and Nobunaga Oda will be waiting for you. Then, kill Nobunaga 
Oda to complete the level. When you finish the Showdown At Kawankajima level and 
the credits end, a screen should appear stating "You have unlocked Keiji Maeda."

Play as Kunoichi:
Successfully complete Hanzo Hattori's and Shingen's campaigns to unlock 

Play as Magoichi:
Successfully complete any character's campaign to unlock Magoichi.


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