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 Schoolhouse Rock! - Platform: DVD

Schoolhouse Rock! - Platform: DVD

On disc 1's setup menu, highlight the smiling cartoon man doodle, 
which takes you to the "Yohe Doodle Dandy" page. As soon as you 
enter, the audio kicks in explaining when and how Tom Yohe created 
the art for the show. The page includes four sketches and one 
photograph of Tom Yohe. Clicking on each picture takes you to a 
page showing the art doodles on a script or the sketch of the 
segment with music from the song.

On the disc 2 main menu, highlight the water fountain on the 
right wall. Press enter, which will cause the fountain to flood 
the hallway. You'll then see the turtle from the "Unpack Your 
Adjectives" song and the S.S. Ark with Noah from the "Elementary, 
My Dear" song as the water drains.

On disc 2's main menu, on the left side on the hallway, highlight 
the light switch, and press enter. The animation shows the hallway 
in a blackout, followed by children's little white eyes looking 
around, and the skeleton from the "Not So Dry Bones" appears, 
which scares the kids, except one, who turns on the lights. After 
the skeleton sees the little girl he screams and runs away.

On disc 2's main menu, highlight the word "Credit" from the Extra 
Credit banner at the top of the hallway. By clicking enter you are 
taken to credits page for each song, plus 4 or 5 devoted to
consultation credit pages. There are around 59 in total.


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