Scooby Doo - Night of 100 Frights - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Scooby Doo - Night of 100 Frights - Platform: Gamecube

Scooby Doo - Night of 100 Frights - Platform: Gamecube

All power-ups
Pause game play then hold L + R and quickly press X, B, X, B, X,
B(3), X(2), B, X(3).

All FMV sequences
Pause game play then hold L + R and quickly press B(3), X(3), B,
X, B.

View credits
Pause game play then hold L + R and quickly press B, X(2), B, X,

Holiday bonuses
Change the Gamecube system date to one of the following entries to
see special things at the front yard and the mystic playground.

January 1: Fireworks
February 14: Hearts on Scooby Snacks
March 17: Green fountain water and smoke from chimneys
July 4: Red, white, and blue fireworks, fountain water, and smoke
from chimneys
October 31: Giant bats over courtyard door for decoration
December 25: Snow
December 31: Fireworks

Defeating the Black Knight
Ram red switches when Black Knight moves near them.

Defeating the Funland Robot
Ram him, then super slam him.

Defeating the Green Ghost
Daphne will open coffins. When the Green Ghost hovers over an open
coffin, Super Slam the switch.

If Daphne opens a coffin and the ghost is above it, do a Thunder
Smash on the button and the ghost will get sucked down. To get the
ghost to go in all the way, you must do this three times.

Defeating Master Mind
He will send out robots and space kooks. Defeat them and when the
electric field is down, ram the red switches, Keep repeating this
until he falls off his platform. Then, dodge his robots and
supersmash them. When the electric field is down again, ram the
two red switches and repeat two more times.

Defeating Red Beard's Ghost
Red Beard will send out ghosts. Dodge them, then a ghost of
Captain Moody will appear. He will throw his sword. Go to one of
the ropes, stay until the knife cuts it, and keep repeating this

Dark And Stormy Night Part 2: Help from Shaggy
If you die after getting all the keys and having Shaggy up in the
coffins, when you restart the level you can talk to an invisible
Shaggy and still have him help you jump and walk around in his
arms. You can take him all the way through the level to the


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