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 Secret Service - Platform: XBox 360

Secret Service - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Don't Tase Me Bro (10 points): Electrocute 35 enemies using the Stun Gun or 
Cowboy (10 points): Accumulate 30 kills using pistols in any level. 
Soft Spot (30 points): Accumulate 50 headshots throughout the entire game. 
Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets (50 points): Complete the game without dying on 
Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 
POTUS Secured (50 points): Complete the game on any difficulty setting. 
Yeah, I'm Pretty Awesome (100 points): Complete the game on the POTUS Detail 
difficulty setting. 
Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers (10 points): Blow up 10 fire extinguishers. 
No Body Cares (10 points): Destroy 20 busts in Capitol Building levels (Coup 
D'etat and Filibuster). 
Just Like The Real Thing (15 points): Win 30 hacking minigames. 
What Are You, A Cat? (50 points): Complete the entire game without ever using 
nightvision (excluding while gunning in Marine One). 
Like Static With Unconciousness (20 points): Zap 75 enemies with the Stun Gun 
or Taser. 
They Shouldn't Have Bunched Up (20 points): Kill 30 enemies using hand 
grenades and/or the RPG. 
The Memory Of A Goldfish (15 points): Kill 1 enemy using the tripwire laser 
bombs that were set by the Sentavans. 
Turns Out They Don't Hail A Cab (15 points): Initiate the explosion of 5 
tripwire laser bombs by crossing their lasers. 
Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch (15 points): Blow up all tripwire laser bombs in 
the Rogue Agent level. 
Bullet Waltz (20 points): Run for over 3 minutes, crouch 30 times, lean 30 
times, and jump 30 times. 
Awful Surprise (15 points): Shock 1 enemy with the Taser while they aren't 
Some Of Them Still Have Minutes (10 points): Pick up 10 Cell Phones. 
Haven't Found A Color I Like (15 points): Pick up 35 Cell Phones. 
Opening A Local Wireless Store (20 points): Pick up all 50 Cell Phones. 
Countryman (20 points): Beat the game without killing a single Secret Service 
Weapon Tester (10 points): Fire each weapon in the game at least once. 
Merciless Speed (15 points): Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds. 
Bow To No One! (10 points): Complete any level without crouching. 
From The Hip (15 points): Complete any level without using gun sights. 
White House Electrician (20 points): Complete Habeas Corpus using only the 
Stun Gun and Taser on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty. 
The Best Defense... (20 points): Complete Extraction with more than 50% of the 
helicopter armor intact. 
Master Of Spin (15 points): Win 10 hacking minigames in a row. 
Cameraman (15 points): Complete any level without getting hit even once by a 
Playing For Keeps (20 points): Complete any level on POTUS Detail difficulty 
without dying. 
Hopefully No Long Term Effects... (10 points): Receive 15 hits from high 
voltage fences without dying from electric shock. 
In Just 30 Seconds A Day (10 points): Perform 5 crouches, 5 leans and run for 
10 seconds all in under 30 seconds. 
Five Birds With One Boom (20 points): Eliminate 5 or more enemies with a 
single explosion (use grenades, RPG or Trip Wire Bombs). 
Camera Shy (20 points): Destroy 25 turret cameras. 
No Record (30 points): Destroy all turret cameras. 
Inaugural Assault (25 points): Complete Inaugural Assault on Agent or POTUS 
Detail difficulty. 
Coup D'etat (25 points): Complete Coup D'etat on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Filibuster (25 points): Complete Filibuster on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Urban Legend (25 points): Complete Urban Legend on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Collateral Damage (25 points): Complete Collateral Damage on Agent or POTUS 
Detail difficulty. 
Rogue Agent (25 points): Complete Rogue Agent on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Habeas Corpus (25 points): Complete Habeas Corpus on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Last Stand (25 points): Complete Last Stand on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Extraction (25 points): Complete Extraction on Agent or POTUS Detail 
Expatriate (25 points): Complete Expatriate on Agent or POTUS Detail 


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