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 Shaun White Snowboarding - Platform: XBox 360

Shaun White Snowboarding - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Valedictorian (40 points): Prove your mettle at all of the Park City 
Baron Von Connors (20 points): Earn respect from the riders at Park City. 
Grouchbedoit (20 points): Earn respect from the riders in Europe. 
Terrani (40 points): Prove your mettle at all of the European challenges. 
Itto-Ryu (40 points): Prove your mettle at all of the Japan challenges. 
Musashi (20 points): Earn respect from the riders in Japan. 
All Aska (40 points): Prove your mettle at all of the Alaska challenges. 
Bizzy Bear (20 points): Earn the respect of all the wildlife in Alaska. 
Frequent Flyer (40 points): For this one you will have to prove yourself at 
every challenge and competition. 
Ultimate Ultimate (40 points): How do you become the ultimate of the Ultimate 
OMG! (40 points): You can never have enough respect! 
Slammy McSlammerton (20 points): There is this special event called the Triple 
Slam. I want you to win it! 
Y.T.M.N.D. (40 points): If you want to be the man (or woman), you've got to 
beat the man. 
Supa Bounce (20 points): If you keep impressing Shaun, he'll teach you how to 
go really big. 
Supa Flash (20 points): This is achieved by completing another of Shaun's 
tasks. Don't worry, it's worth it. 
Supa Powa (20 points): Get this one by completing Shaun's first task. 
Dr. Air (15 points): Earn your Ph.D in air tricking. 
Dr. Butter (15 points): Snag your snowploma by scoring huge while grounded. 
Dr. Jib (15 points): You're going to need a pretty big rail for this one. 
High Stakes (10 points): Bet big and win! 
The Gambler (10 points): You're going to need to put up so dough, and come out 
Generation 2.0 (10 points): Did you know that you can share your edited videos 
online? Well now you do! 
Mardi Gras (25 points): If you want this one, you'll have to get competive 
with your friends all over Park City. 
Octoberfest (25 points): Doing challenges with your friends online is the cool 
thing to do in Europe. 
Tanaba (25 points): Up for a lot of friendly competition in Japan? 
Ice Worm (25 points): You'll have to try out all the challenges in Alaska 
online. Come on, it'll be fun! 
New Kid on the Block (10 points): Show you're more than just talk in online 
Mecha Shredzilla (40 points): You can never have enough respect from the 
Dizzy (15 points): Try to make yourself puke while airborne. 
Scenester (10 points): Not everyone can snowboard with style. 
Living on the Edge (15 points): It's a long way down, but you're not afraid of 
heights are you? 
Gravity Allergy (15 points): Is flying just for the birds? 
Trans Flat (15 points): It's like doing a really long wheely... but on snow, 
and without any wheels. 
Touchy Feely (15 points): You'll need to get big air and stay busy to pull 
this off! 
Whitewall (15 points): You'll have to have to risk getting buried for this 
Mathemagician (15 points): Keep that multiplier up for as long as you can! 
Big Run (15 points): Don't bail or stop if you want to score high enough. 
Magnet (15 points): Time to turn an ordinary box or rail into a 
Like a Top (15 points): Stay grounded and spin to win! 
Connoisseur (10 points): Sit down, stay a while. Maybe you'll learn something 
Dropping the Science (15 points): Big and steady wins the race. 
CAPiTA (50 points): Win the CAPiTA SlopeStyle 
Demon Sings (10 points): Do a trick that makes the devil proud. 
It's Only a Game (10 points): Throw yourself off something big and resist the 
urge to land feet down. 
Town Bicycle (10 points): You're going to have to travel online a lot for this 
one. Maybe you'll meet some new friends? 


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