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 Shrek 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Shrek 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Level Select:
Go to the first level, press Start to pause game play, and enter the 'Scrapbook' 
screen. Then, press Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Up(5). The 
phrase 'That's what I call spreading joy' will be spoken to confirm correct 
code entry.

All Bonus Games:
Go to the first level, press Start to pause game play, and enter the 'Scrapbook' 
screen. Then, press Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, X, B, X, B, X, B. 
Exit the 'Scrapbook screen, quit the level, then, select the 'Bonus' option.

Crazy Larry's Leprechaun Shop:
He is first located in the Spooky Forest near some bats and a bridge. He is standing 
on a stump on a tree.

The second time, he is located in the Walking The Path level. He is around the 
bridge where you meet the troll and save the goat. He is on the little piece of 
land when you jump off the bridge. You may need to use a high jumper to get to 
the other side.

The last time you will see him is in the Prison Break level, where there is a troll 
and one of the Pork Chop Brothers is trapped in the cage. Take the ball, roll it up 
the hill, put it on the weigher, then roll the ball back down hill. It will bust 
open the gate. Then, go up the stairs to find him.

Cinderella mission:
When you do the Cinderella mission in Far Far Away, finish Humpty Dumpty's first. 
Get the hourglass, then get the one there where Cinderella is located. Then, only 
use Fiona's slow motion when they get too close to her.

Final mission: Easy win:
In the beginning, use Flona's Slow Motion ability to get past the knights. Then, 
use Donkey to defeat them.

Blackbird Sympathy mission:
When doing the Blackbird Sympathy mission, all the birds do not have to be there. 
However after you miss so many buttons, you will fail.

Saving Magic Beans in Far Far Away:
When you are in the Far Far Away level, you do not need the Magic Beans to finish 
all the tasks. Go to a mission that you have already completed. Go all the way down 
and choose to go to the next level. Note: You do not need all the Magic Beans.

Mission with transformed people into rats:
When you do the mission where the people are turned into three rats, use Lil' Red 
to shoot regular apples at the traps. Also, use her when you have to shoot long 
distances over water.

Unlock Pussinboots:
Defeat Pussinboots in the fourth stage to unlock him.

Defeating Rats:
When fighting rats the characters to use are Fiona with her spin attack, Little 
Red with her spin attack, or with Gingerbread Man with the candy cane that hits 
all the enemies within range.


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