Silent Hill - Shattered Memories - Platform: Sony PSP - Console Games.

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 Silent Hill - Shattered Memories - Platform: Sony PSP

Silent Hill - Shattered Memories - Platform: Sony PSP

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding memento:

A Winter Beacon: Arriving in Silent Hill; in the Good Old Days
Tavern or 52 Diner.
Hidden Fire: Letting out Your Inner Child; inside Cybil's glove compartment.
Frozen Waters: Through the Dark Woods; near the water tower.
A Moveable Feast: Through the Dark Woods; in a cabinet at the hunting lodge.
A Broken Ward: Through the Dark Woods; in a dresser at the hunting lodge.
Pinned Beauty: A Nightmare Hunt; Bryant Overlook, in the trunk of the car.
Suffocator Forever: School Days; in a jewelry box at The Cat House.
My Plastic Perfect Girl: School Days; in the freezer in Wonderland
Heavenly Protection: School Days; in a cabinet above a fire
extinguisher at the school.
A Frigid Jewel: School Days; in the frog at the Biology lab.
An Eternal Rose: School Days; in locker 1037 at the locker room.
Infinite Jest: Lisa's Apartment; in a box at the bathroom.
Synthetic Femur: Exploring Downtown; in a copy machine.
Memories Undeveloped: After Hours Shopping; in the hamster cage at
The Family Pet.
My Flying Lizard: After Hours Shopping; in the safe at Fun And Games. 

Phone numbers:
Dial the indicated number on Harry's cell phone to call the
corresponding person or location:

Alchemilla Hospital: 555-9400
Bedrock Security: 555-0207
Bodkin Insurance: 555-3800
Bridge Control: 555-3411
Brodie Insurance: 555-3900
Brookhaven Hospital: 555-9300
Cine-Fone: 555-3663
Conservation Police: 555-5253
Country Weather Service: 555-7659
Cybil: 555-2925
Dahlia 1: 555-7399
Dahlia 2: 555-8432
Eastway Gas: 555-5612
Emergency Services: 511
Fir Tree Garage: 555-4241
Home: 555-4663
How Am I Driving?: 555-7243
HR Admin: 555-7872
Information: 411
Konami <#> Customer Support: 220-8330
Lakeside Amusement Park: 555-3253
Lakeview Hotel: 555-2502
Lisa: 555-3323
Lost Children: 555-5678
Michelle: 555-3587
Midwich High: 555-5122
Mr. Gordon: 555-5464
Nightingale Apts. Super: 555-4139
Police Department: 555-6358
Riverside Motel: 555-4340
School Magazine: 555-7857
Silent Hill Customer Service: 311
Southside Salvage: 555-2212
State Dept. of Natural Resources: 555-3474
State Forestry Dept.: 555-8733
State Water & Sewer Authority: 555-7669
Tammy: 555-7588
The Cat House: 555-5477
Time: 555-1212
Toluca Mall: 555-6255
Tookie: 555-8665
Towing: 555-0719
Toy Recall: 555-7325
United Fruitcake Outlet: 555-3825
Waitress Want Ad: 555-6649
Water Tours: 555-2628
Wonderland Burger: 555-6328
Woodland Properties: 555-6128 

UFO ending:
Successfully complete the game. Load your cleared game file, then call
"555-3825" to get a quest to photograph thirteen UFOs. Take pictures of
all thirteen UFOs to view the UFO ending.

UFO locations:
Search the following locations to find the thirteen hidden UFOs. Take a
picture of all thirteen UFOs to unlock the UFO ending.

1. In the alley, outside the playground, under a street light.
2. In the boathouse, through a hole in the roof.
3. Outside the Orion Hunting Lodge, on top of barrels.
4. Between the goal post at Midwich High.
5. On top of a roof after you leave the Cat house.
6. On the statue, in the courtyard at Midwich High.
7. In a tree, outside the gym.
8. Below the bridge to the mall entrance.
9. "The Family Pet" in the fish tank.
10. In the "Green Lion Pawn Shop", on a shelf, left of the door.
11. In the storm drain/sewer, right of the exit ladder.
12. After the amusement park, on the jettie.
13. Offshore of the lighthouse.


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