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 SingStar - Platform: Playstation 3

SingStar - Platform: Playstation 3

Higher score:
To get a higher score, do not read the words at the bottom. Instead, just say 
"la", "du", "da", or hum every note.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  SingStarter (Bronze): Sing your first song. 
  Super Singer Bronze (Bronze): Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Easy 
  (Unlocks a PlayStation Home reward). 
  Keep It Cool (Bronze): Achieve a 'cool' ranking on every line of a 'normal' 
  length song. 
  Your Golden Moment (Bronze): Fill every bonus note in a 'normal' length song. 
  Beginner Singer (Bronze): Sing 50 songs. 
  Medley-Go-Round (Bronze): Play 10 medleys. 
  Window Shopper (Bronze): Visit the SingStore (Unlocks a PlayStation Home 
  Popularity Contest (Bronze): Make 5 SingStar friends. 
  Center Of Attention (Bronze): Have a media upload viewed over 100 times in its 
  first week online. 
  Chatterboxes (Bronze): Post a single comment on another player's profile page 
  (Unlocks a PlayStation Home reward). 
  Gallery Gazer (Bronze): View 100 snapshots, 100 audio playbacks and 100 video 
  Welcoming Party (Bronze): Receive 50 visits to your Profile page. 
  Star Maker (Bronze): Rate 30 different pieces of media. 
  Meet The Locals (Bronze): Visit 50 different Profile pages. 
  Media Mogul (Bronze): Save 200 pieces of media. 
  It’s Good To Share (Bronze): Upload 1 piece of media of any type to SingStar 
  Online (Unlocks a PlayStation Home reward). 
  Interior Decorator (Bronze): Change your wallpaper 5 times. 
  Mirror Image (Bronze): Complete a song using the camera feed option. 
  Super Singer Silver (Silver): Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Medium. 
  Veteran Singer (Silver): Sing 100 songs. 
  In It To Win It (Silver): Play 200 songs in Battle mode. 
  It Takes Two (Silver): Play 200 songs in Duet mode. 
  Go It Alone (Silver): Play 50 songs in Sing Solo mode. 
  All Eyes On You (Silver): Have a media upload viewed over 200 times in its 
  first week online. 
  Pillar Of The Community (Silver): Receive 200 visits to your Profile page. 
  Super Singer Gold (Gold): Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Hard. 
  Beat Bravo! (Gold): Beat our resident SingStar! - score over 9344 on hard mode 
  on any 'normal' length song. 
  Obsessive Singer (Gold): Sing 300 songs. 
  They Really Love Me (Gold): Have a media upload rated 4 stars by at least 1000 


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