Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - Platform: Playstation 1 - Console Games.

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 Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - Platform: Playstation 1

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - Platform: Playstation 1

Bonus Awards: 
If you get all of the bottles in one level, a movie, special move and some 
backround info will be unlocked. 

The Lair of the beast's vault code:
When its time to enter The Lair of the beast's vault code (in Mz Ruby section), press 444.

Duel by the Dragon's vault code:
When its time to enter the Duel by the Dragon'vault code (Panda King section), press 231.

Hint to Beat Polar-King:
When Polar King (4th Boss) is about to push you back, use the mine technique to 
put a mine in front of him. When he's in the middle of the platform press triangle 
and you'll get pushed up to the next edge and closer to Polar King and you'll not die.

The Bosses:
sir raleigh:hit him when he's little
muggshot:hit the mirror
mz ruby:press the buttons when she shoots him
panda king:hit him but watch his attack
clockwork:shoot him where he can paralise; pass in the rings; go hit him but 
watch the alarm sistem

Moving heads:
You can move Bentley's and Sly's heads when they communicate through the binocucom 
by moving the Analog-stick on their side (Right Analog-stick for Sly and Left 
Analog-stick for Bentley).

Hook Detour:
In the level "A Stealthy Approach" when you get to the hook on the right of the 
screen there is a small boulder (Note: it is slippery). Jump on to the boulder 
and straight ahead there should be a larger boulder covered in ferns kind of 
blending in. Jump onto that boulder then doublejump to the left. Then you 
should either land on the gate to where you just juump off or you jumped over it.

Defeating Clockwerk:
When trying to defeat Clockwerk on the second stage, do not let the rings fool 
you when they flip. They never change their path.

Extra Lives In Prowling Grounds
In Prowling Grounds, there is a policeman walking aroung near the begining point. 
Kill him. Then you will see a life inside a window. Press square to break the 
window, and then get the life. If you want to keep on getting more, go into any 
level,and then just exit right back out into the Prowling Grounds. Then just 
kill the policeman again and the life will be in the same spot. Repeat this so 
you get more and more lives.

Analog Fun:
You can move people around when they're talking on the binocucom. Just move the 
left analog stick to move the guy talking on the left, and move the right analog 
stick to move the guy talking on the right.

Sliding Fun:
Want to have some sliding fun? Well, first ya have to go to Two To Tango. 
After ya get a break from Carmilita's shock missles and your at the two gards, 
beat up the one on the left first. Then jump on the matteress and get on the 
light closest to the guard by the safe. Through a decoy into the light. He'll 
look around for a minute and then he will walk back by the safe. When he gets 
there he'll turn around and slide to the door.

Dodge Bullets:
If you got all of the clues in the toad level, then you can just use the roll 
ability you got and you wont get shot.


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