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 Smuggler's Run - Warzones - Platform: Gamecube

Smuggler's Run - Warzones - Platform: Gamecube
Infinite Countermeasures
Pause the game, then press Y, Y, Y, X, X, Z, Z. 

No Gravity
Pause the game, then press X, Z, X, Z, Up, Up, Up. 

Low Gravity
Pause the game, then press Z, R, Z, R, Right, Right, Right. 

Transparent car
Pause the game, then press Left, Right, Left, Right, Z, Z, R. 

Unlock list
Complete the following Smuggler's Missions to ulock more cars, 
tracks and items.

Mission    Unlock 
Mission  2 Super Buggy Boost  
Mission  3 Special Du Monde  
Mission  4 Baja Truck  
Mission  5 Du Monde Oil Slick  
Mission  7 Baja Truck Bombs  
Mission  9 Vietnam  
Mission 10 ATV Monster  
Mission 11 D-5 Hondo  
Mission 14 ATV Boost  
Mission 15 Hondo Oil Slick  
Mission 18 Sahara Special  
Mission 20 Sahara Smoke Screen  
Mission 22 Russian Winter  
Mission 24 Grenadier  
Mission 25 Grenadier Bombs  
Mission 27 Kavostov Halftrack  
Mission 29 Kavostov Smoke Screen  
Mission 36 Dual Career Countermeasures  

Get the Hover Sled
Beat each mission with a GREAT rating to unlock the Hover Sled.

SR News FMV sequence
Finish in first place in all 25 checkpoint races. The bonus SR
News FMV sequence will be unlocked at the "Movie Theater" screen.

Eastern Europe: Secret Token
You can find a secret token on top of the arch in the town. It is
easiest to get it with the Baja truck using the vertical boost.

There is a token in the industrial city in Joyridin' mode . First,
go up one ramp to get on top of a building. From that building,
ramp up the roof to the token.

North America: Secret tokens
You can find a secret token on top of the second waterfall. You
have to drive around to the top and jump off the edge.

You can find a secret token on the tall mountain directly across
from the first waterfall.

There is a secret token under one of the bridges next to the
second waterfall.

There is another token above the nearest waterfall to where you
start in Joyridin' mode. This waterfall is near the central

Russia: Secret tokens
You can find a secret token (a small spinning tile with the
Rockstar Games logo on one side and the Angel Software logo on the
other) at the corner of the level, on a very small island at the
top in joyridin' mode.

You can find a secret token on top of the warehouse, which is in
the top of the map towards the middle in joyridin' mode. Use the
Baja truck with vertical boost and bombs to reach the roof.

You can find a secret token by the river. There is a little dirt
jump leading directly to it. It is easy to do with the Baja truck
or the ATV Monster.

There is a secret token on an island on the far side of the big
lake in Joyridin' mode.

Russian Winter token
You can find a secret token at the burned village in the far
corner in joyridin' mode.

Vietnam: Secret token
You can find a secret token at the side of the volcano that you
can get stuck at if you drive in. It is on the side in joyridin'

Glass Car Mode
While playing any game type, (joyriding, missions, anything) pause 
the game and press left, right, left, right, Z(2), R. 

Achieve a "Great" rank on all Smuggler's levels to unlock the Hoverbike. 

Front Flip
To do a front flip, you need speed, and a good size jump. Once you found 
that, go off the jump and hold the R button and you should do a flip. 

Infinite Countermeasures
Pause the game and press Y(3), X(2), Z(2).


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