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 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Platform: Gamecube

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Platform: Gamecube

From: luke

How To Get hero garden and evil garden raise youre 
chao to dark  or hero and u will get the corresponding 

Full pause screen
Pause game play then hold Y + X.

Zoom in tutorial
While in the tutorial subscreen, press Y button to zoom in on the

Sonic Team announcement
Allow the game to idle at the "Press Start" screen. After several
demos, the Sonic Team logo will appear again and Tails will say
"Sonic Team!".

Character comments
Start any mission, and keep your character idle for about twenty
seconds. They will comment about the mission. They will say
something different when you continue to wait until forty seconds.

Boss time attack mode
Successfully complete either side story to see all the scenes from
the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses
that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and
the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game.

Last stage
Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter
story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

Extra Island level
To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems,
including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once
you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the
Green Forest level will have the face of Sonic on it. The new
level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic The
Hedgehog. This level has no missions, is very simple, and has many
varying routes.

Extra costumes
Get A ranks on every mission with the character you wish to get
the costume for in two-player mode.

Duplicating Chao
This trick requires two memory cards (with another Sonic Adventure
2 Battle file on the second card), a link cable, and a Game Boy
Advance. Put the Chao to be duplicated onto the Chao Transporter.
Drop off your Chao to the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to "Move" on
the Chao Transporter and transfer your real Chao (not the one in
the Game Boy Advance) to a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the
second memory card. Next, pick up your Chao copy from the Game Boy
Advance and transfer it to the Gamecube. You can now move back
your real Chao from the other memory card to the first file you
were working with.

This trick requires two memory cards. To get two free normal Chaos
at one time, put two memory cards in the slots. Transfer all your
Chao into one memory card (through the GBA Station). Erase Chao
data on the first memory card, transfer the Chaos back, and then
you will find two Chao eggs. Note: If you have acquired the Dark
and Hero gardens, they will be lost. You have to earn them back
again with babies. Also, If all your Chao do not fit on the memory
card, either get another memory card, or you will lose them.

Use the following trick to copying a Chao with two memory cards
and no Game Boy Advance. Put two memory cards into the Gamecube.
Next, copy your Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file from the first
memory card over to the second memory card. This will delete your
Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file on the second memory card if you had
one. Next, go to the Chao Garden (it does not matter which one, on
which card) and go to the transporter (the big Game Boy Advance),
select "Move Chao", and transfer whichever Chao you want from the
second memory card to the first. If you do not want the file on
the second, delete it. You can do this as many times as needed.

This trick requires two memory cards and a Game Boy Advance with
link cable. Take a Chao to the Chao transporter. Drop off the Chao
in the Game Boy Advance. Then, go back in and pick it up.
Immediately after you select "pick up", disconnect the link cable.
If done correctly, you will have the Chao both in the Game Boy
Advance and the Chao Garden. Move the Chao in the garden to the
other memory card. Then, move the one in the Game Boy Advance to
the first memory card. Note: If you do not move the one in the
first memory card to the second memory card and try to pick up the
Chao on the Game Boy Advance, it will erase the Chao in the
garden, leaving only one Chao.

Hero Garden for Chao
Take a Chao and raise it with a Hero so that it will resemble a
Hero. Wait until it cocoons into an angel-like Chao (it will have
a halo). Then, take the stairs going up at the Chao Lobby to reach
the Hero Garden.

Go to Pumpkin Hill and find the Skeleton Dog. Exit and do it again
until you have maxed the line. Go to the Garden with a Hero
character. The dogs should still be in there. Keep doing this.

Dark Garden for Chao
Take a Chao and raise it with a Dark character. Feed and train it
until it cocoons. After it evolves, stairs will appear at the Chao
Lobby. Follow them to reach the Dark Garden.

Go to Pumpkin Hill and find the Skeleton Dog. Exit and do it again
until you have maxed the line. Go to the Garden with Knuckles and
drop off the Dogs. Exit the garden than go back in with a Dark
character. The dogs should still be in there. Keep doing this.

Chao expressions
Your Chao's expressions depend on how many seconds you shake the
egg before it hatches. About six seconds results in the V face and
ten seconds for no expression face. To get the very wide smile you
may have to experiment.

Preview evolved Chao
Get an already evolved Chao. Next, collect the animal you want to
use (Dragons, Bears, etc.). Then, feed them to your evolved Chao.
This will show you what your Choa will look like when evolved.

Soon to evolve Chao
Your Chao is close to transforming if it starts to sleep often. If
you have another transformed Chao, bring the sleeping Chao to the
Hero Garden and it will transform.

Different Chao types
You can make your Chao different types (for example, Running,
Power, etc.) by giving your Chao a large amount of the same
colored Chaos Drives. Pet your Chao with the either a Hero or Dark
character. If you give your Chao green Chao Drives, then it will
be a Running type. If yellow, it will be a Swimming type. If red,
it will be a Power type. If purple, it will be a Flying type.

Different Chao head
Go to the Black Market and buy a Red Apple or Cardboard Box. Take
it to your Chao. When it is mature enough, give it the Apple or
Cardboard Box to your Chao. It will be confused at first, then a
"!" will appear above its head. It will put it on its head. If u
do not want it on its head anymore, throw or punch it and it will
pop off.

If you want your Chao to have an item on his head, such as a skull
or a pumpkin, get a Skeleton Dog (small animal) which can be found
on Church Mountain in Pumpkin Hill, as well as some other levels.
Go to the Chao Garden and give a Chao the Skeleton Dog. Then, give
it the item you want placed on his head. Skulls can be found by
digging with Knuckles or Rouge in the Dark Garden; Pumpkins can be
found by digging in the Chao or Hero gardens; and other items such
as a Cardboard Box can be purchased in the Black Market in the
Chao Kindergarten.

Free pumpkins for Chao
Go to any Chao Garden as Knuckles and dig in the ground. You will
find pumpkins if you dig enough. Give them to your Chao, and if it
is powerful enough, it will put it on its head.

Finding items in Chao Gardens
You can find items such as pumpkins (regular and Hero Garden) and
skulls (Dark Garden). As Knuckles or Rouge, go into the Chao
world. When you enter the gardens, there are plants that have big
green leaves that are usually in corners or against the wall. If
you dig in all of them, you should find an item worth 50 coins.
Note: This does not work all the time -- wait or return another
time and they should be there.

Kill yourself in the Hero Garden
Go to the Hero Garden as Tails. Jump into the water and go to the
deepest part. After a short time, you will hear the "danger" music
and then die.

Chao swimming or flying
To get your Chao to swim, give it lots of animals that can swim.
To make them fly, give them some flying type animals and bring
them to the tallest cliff. Set it by the edge and he/she will walk
off and start flying. Note: It may not fly the first time -- keep

Chao band or choir
When one Chao starts to play an instrument or sing, pick up other
Chaos and put them next to the singing/playing Chao. It will also
start playing. Continue doing this and you will have a band/choir.
Note: This works with all activities except for drawing. Some Chao
may just sit down to watch and shake their heads to the beat.

Chaos Chao
In order to acquire the immortal Chaos Chao transform a Chao at
least two times. This means that your Chao must create a tear-
shaped cocoon around it self twice. After this has been
accomplished, give your Chao (hero, neutral, or dark) one of each
animal. On the third transformation, your Chao will become a Chaos
Chao. Note: This will not work if your Chao dislikes you.

Raise your Chao's stamina to about level 7 to 15 to send him
through his first metamorphosis. Leave the Gamecube on overnight
while you are in the garden. It is recommended that the Chao be
alone in the garden. Then, check your game and he should be a baby
which is good. After that, repeat the first metamorphosis process.
Once evolved again, leave it on overnight once more. Now that your
Chao is a baby again (for the third time), give it one of every
animal. Finally give it a Hero Fruit for Hero Chaos Chao, a Dark
Fruit for Dark Chaos Chao, and a Chao Fruit for a Light Chaos
Chao. Wait for awhile for your well earned Chaos Chao.

Start abusing your Chao with the type of storyline you do not want
your Chao to grow up to be. It will transform eventually. Repeat
this until it has transformed three times. As you begin the rest
of the game, give your Chao each small animal you find and that
one Chao. It will turn into a Chaos Chao.

Get a fresh egg (white and blue only). Feed it only Chao Fruits
and train it nicely with both sides, Hero and Dark, until it
evolves once. It will create a cocoon in the shape of the Chao's
head. If done correctly, it will be a baby blue Chao again. Repeat
the last step until it evolves for the second time. After it has
evolved twice (it should still be blue), give it one of every
animal. Then, give it a Chao Fruit for a Neutral Chaos Chao, a
Dark Fruit for an Evil Chaos Chao, or a Hero Fruit for an Angel
Chaos Chao.

Chaos 0 Chaos
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link
cable. Play the first stage on Sonic Advance until you have 14,000
rings. Then, buy an aquamarine egg. Transfer it to the Gamecube.
Do the same as you would for a light chaos Chao. When it evolves,
it will look like Chaos 0 from Sonic.

Black Chao
To make a black Chao, grab it and keep throwing it to the ground
or the walls.

Keep throwing the Chao when it is black and it will turn blue
again. It will then turn white. You can keep throwing and it will
go blue, then black, and can be repeated as many times as desired.

Ultimate Light and Dark Chaos:
Once you have transformed your Hero or Dark Chao into a Chaos
Chao, give it every animal. Wait a long time. Eventually it will
start cocooning. Once it is out of its cocoon, if its an Ultimate
Dark Chao it will have a blue flame above its head, horns, and
huge wings. If its the Ultimate Light Chao, it will have a bright
gold glowing halo over its head, pink glowing legs and arms.

To get the ultamate Light, Angel, and Devil Chao, you must first
make sure you Chao has just rebirthed for its second time. Make
sure you have not given it any animals yet. Then, give it one of
all the twenty one animals to play with in no particular order
(Boar, Cheetah, Bunny, Otter, Seal, Penguin, Gorilla, Tiger, Bear,
Condor, Parrot, Peacock, Sheep, Racoon, Skunk, Half Fish, Skeleton
Dog, Bat, Unicorn, Dragon, Phoenix). For an Angel Chao, use Sonic,
Knuckles, or Tails to give all the animals. For a Devil Chao use
Dr. Eggman, Shadow, or Rouge to give all the animals. For a Light
Chao, use a combination of all the characters to give all the
animals. Remember, if you want your Chao to rebirth you must not
throw him or her. Pet them and feed them frequently. To get the
best color for your Devil, Light, or Angel Chao, use the eggs that
you get when you first entered the Garden. They are white with
blue and yellow spots.

Shiny colorful Chao
Enter the Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance. Press L to buy an egg
to get to the shop. Transfer the egg to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
When the egg comes out, it should be a different color than it was
before the transfer.

Sparkly normal Chao
At the Black Market, buy a white sparkly Egg. Buy two Chao Fruits.
Give the Chao Fruits to the sparkly Chao and any kind of non-
sparkly adult Chao about the same time. As soon as they have an
egg, throw it against the wall to hatch it. Note: This trick will
only work rarely. It should be born white with blue patches. It
looks even better if you evolve it Dark.

Flame head Chao
To get a blue flame Chao, raise a red Chao with Knuckles until it
grows two spikes on it head. Then, go into Chao World and pet that
Chao repeatedly for a long time. It should grow two ears on the
top of its head. After that, pet it again repeatedly. A blue flame
will appear on top of its head.

To get a blue flame Chao, go to the Black Market with a hero
character and buy a lime green egg (requires 125 or more emblems).
Bring the egg into the Hero garden and hatch it by rocking it
(pick it up and hold B). Once hatched, feed it a Sea Monster (from
the Hidden Base maze). Then, go back into the Black Market and buy
a Chao Fruit. Feed it the fruit, then feed it a Hero Chao Nut.
After it finishes, the ball above its head should be a blue and
orange flame.

To get any type of flame head Chao, raise your Chao to be a Hero,
Dark, or Neutral type. When it evolves into one, give it three
Green Lagoon Monsters, which can be found as Tails when you have
to infiltrate Eggman's base.

Give a Chao at least three Half Fish or a sea monster. You can
find them in the Jungle level as Sonic.

Unicorn Chao
Buy a White Egg from the Black Market. Raise it with both Hero and
Dark characters. Pick up the egg and nudge it for a while. Note:
If you throw the egg against the wall to hatch it, this trick will
not work. Once it hatches, feed it coconuts until its stamina
reaches level 4. Then, give it two Unicorns to play with. Keep
petting it with both Hero and Dark characters so the ball above
its head stays the same color, but the Chao gets happier. Soon it
will start cocooning. When it gets out, it will be a unicorn Chao.
If you abuse the chao in any way this will not work.

Chaos with items on their head
Give your Chao a skeleton dog. Then, give your Chao a skull, trash
bag, pumpkin, etc. After a little while, a "!" will appear above
its head and it will put it on. To take it off, attack or jump on
your Chao.

Chao with rainbow wings
Keep giving a Chao all different color Chao Drives. Do this for a
while and your Chao should grow either rainbow wings or rainbow
arms. If this does not happen, keep trying.

Fire-breathing Chao
Give a Chao a lot of Dragons. After that, it sometimes will blow
fire out of its mouth. Watch closely, as the Chao will not do it
very often.

Purple diamond Chao
Get a normal baby Chao (from a spotted egg) and give it Warthogs
(can be found in Radical Highway). Pet/love it with Rouge and grow
its fly level to 30 or higher. Wait for it to grow up. Then, give
it Skull Dogs to take off the Warthog and you will have a purple
diamond Chao.

Chao with red and black stripes
Buy a red Chao. When it is an adult, breed it with a normal devil
Chao. It will make a burgundy Chao. Then, give it Red Chao Drives
with a dark character. It will become a Chao with red and black

Gold Chao
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to
the Tiny Chao Garden. Press L and if you are lucky, you will be
able to buy a gold egg for 1000 rings.

Trade a yellow jewel from Sonic Advanced to Sonic Adventure 2:
Battle. Buy a normal brown Chao from the Black Market. Buy two
Heart Fruits. Give it to them. When they lay an egg, hatch it. It
should be a gold Chao.

Sparkly Gold Chao
Buy a sparkly yellow or brown egg from the Black Market. If you
buy a sparkly yellow egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give one to the
sparkly Chao and one to a normal brown Chao. If you buy a sparkly
brown egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give one to the sparkly brown
Chao and one to a normal yellow Chao. When they lay an egg, hatch
it. It should be a sparkly Gold Chao.

Silver Chao
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to
the Tiny Chao Garden. Press L and if you are lucky, you will be
able to buy a gold egg for 500 rings.

Get a white metallic Chao and raise it with a Dark character
(Shadow, Rouge, Eggman) and it will turn silver.

Shadow Chao
Keep giving a Chao Green Chaos Drives. When it evolves, it will
have green stripes on its head just like Shadow. This works best
with the normal Chaos that hatch from the white and blue eggs.

Knuckles Chao
Only feed your Chao Red Fruits, and Red Chaos Drives. Do not give
your Chao any animals. Your Chao must be a Hero Chao for this to
work. Your Chao will have a stem on its head, but when it
transforms its sixth time, its head will look like Knuckles.

Green Sonic Chao
Get a blue egg from the Black Market. Give that Chao at least 15
Green Chaos Drives. As Sonic or Shadow, keep petting the Chao.
Give that Chao the hog at least two times. You can also get a
regular color Chao and give the 15 Green Chaos Drives. Then, when
it evolves, spend a lot of time with the Chao as Sonic and it will
be blue.

Super Sonic Chao
Raise a Gold Chao from Sonic Advanced or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
with Shadow. Do not give anything to the Chao besides fruits
(Hero, Dark, Round, etc.). When your Chao transforms it, will be a
Super Sonic Chao.

Hyper Shadow Chao
Raise a Silver Chao with Shadow. Feed it only fruit and chaos
drives (red recommended). When it transforms, it will be a Hyper
Shadow Chao.

Tails Chao
Note: This trick requires a link cable, a Game Boy Advance, Sonic
Advance, and a memory card with a saved game from Phantasy Star
Online Episode 1 And 2. To get a real Tails Chao, play Phantasy
Star Online Episode 1 And 2. Go to the Hunters guild. Select the
mission "Fake In Yellow". If it is not there the first time, then
play some missions to unlock it. Find the Rappy that used to be a
human. Talk to it, and it will make a Telepipe. Enter the
Telepipe. You will go to the city. Re-enter the Telepipe. You will
see 3 Rappys staring at something. Talk to all three of them and
walk over to place they where staring at. A Chao will appear. It
will talk to you and give you the Key item "Chao Key". Get off
Regol. In the city, by the Hunters guild, you will see a GBA
machine similar to the one in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's Chao
Garden. Step on it and transport the data to the Game Boy Advance.
A Chao will appear in the Game Boy Advance's Tiny Chao Garden. The
Chao's name will be Tails with a ??? under it (its type is
unknown). Transport the Chao to the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Chao
Garden. You will now have a Chao that resembles Tails with two
tails, his ears, and the hair.

Tails-like Chao
Get a Purple Chao and raise it with Eggman until it gets a Dragon
head (pet it frequently). Then, give it nothing except Purple
Chaos Drives and only feed it five Fruits.

Dark Chao
Get every animal two times with a Dark character. It can be either
be Rouge, Shadow, or Dr. Eggman. Give every animal two times to
the Chao, and when his stamina level is at 7, put him on the
flowers. The Chao should be in a Chao head-like cocoon and in a
few seconds it should hatch into a Dark Chao.

Crazy Chao
Have a Dark Chao. When in the Dark Garden give it five Dark
Fruits. After that, your Chao will sleep once you whistle. When he
gets up, he will have a strange smile and start running around. He
will hit other Chaos and knock them down.

Magic Chao
When you enter Chao Karate, if you go to Expert you will see a
Chao named Magic. First, pet a Chao frequently with Sonic, then
get one of each animal and give it to the Chao. Then, get about
eight Skeleton Dogs and give it to the Chao. All the animals
should be gone. If not, keep giving him the Skeleton Dog then give
it lots of Green Chaos Drives. This requires patience -- it should
evolve when its level reaches 32. Note. If you leave the Gamecube
on overnight, the spike on its head will get longer.

Ghost Chao
To make your Chao a ghost, feed it lots of Bats.

Transparent Chao
Breed a Shiny Chao with a Jewel Chao. Jewel chaos are the ones
from Sonic Advanced. The normal egg is not a Jewel Chao, but
silver and gold Chao eggs are. When the egg hatches, it will be
light green and transparent. Try using the egg that costs 5000
rings and the shiny red Chao.

Get a Sapphire Chao from Sonic Advance and mate it with a Shiny
White Chao. When the new Chao hatches, it will be a Clear Normal
Chao. Note: When you change it Dark, it will be a Clear Black
Chao, and Hero, it will be a White Clear Chao.

To get a totally transparent Chao, breed a clear Chao (mate a
Jewel from Sonic Advance and a Shiny) and a Shiny Lime Green. If
you do not get it, reset and try again. You will only be able see
its wings, face, and the ball on its head.

Get higher Chao ranks
Get the required Animal or Chaos Drive for the type of Chao you
want. For example, the Yellow drive or Sea Otter for swim. Then,
give them mostly that color of Drive or Animal. Eventually they
will evolve into an adult. When this happens, if you gave them
mostly yellow for example, the adult Chao will be a swimming type
and if your rank in swim was, for example an "A" rank, it will go
up to "S". To improve the letter rank in Stamina, make the Chao a
normal type.

An ability rank are the letters S, A, B, C, D, or E (from best to
worse) next to your Chao's ability when you see the doctor in the
Health Center in the Chao Kindergarten. To raise the letter up one
rank, have your Chao evolve into the type of ability you would
like to raise. For example, if the ability rank in flying was A,
raise your Chao until it evolves into a Flying Type and the A will
turn into an S.

Get two Chaos to breed easily
Get two heart fruits. Give one to each of the Chaos and flowers
will instantly bloom around them. Grab one and put it right next
to the other. Note: To breed baby Chao, you need five to ten heart

Rock Chao
When you pick up your Chao, immediately hold the Analog-stick in
one direction while still holding B. You can release B when your
Chao starts to rock.

Chao status
If your Chao has already evolved and has another tear shaped
cocoon around it, it is either being reborn or going to die. If
the tear shaped cocoon is gray, the Chao is going to die. If the
cocoon is pink, your Chao will be reborn and all stats will be
divided by 10.

Change Chao color to white or black with normal egg:
After your normal egg hatches, decide if you want the Chao to be
white or black. If you want it to be black, get either Sonic,
Tails, or Knuckles and use that character to abuse your Chao. It
will eventually turn black. If you want it to be white, use Rouge,
Shadow, or Eggman and abuse it. Note: Chao will be extremely sad,
scream, and run.

Get a Chao Garden through abuse
If you want a special Chao Garden but do not want to spend a long
time petting your Chao, just abuse it. For example, if you want
your Chao to be a Hero and get the Hero Garden, use Dr. Eggman,
Shadow, or Rouge in the Chao Garden and abuse your Chao with that
character. If you attack a Chao enough times with a character, the
Chao will become the opposite of what your character is. In the
example, your Chao will turn very white and become a Hero. If you
abuse your Chao with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, it will turn black
and become a dark Chao. Note: It will take awhile for them to
cocoon themselves.

Open Chao egg easily
Throw a Chao egg against a wall.

Chao life cycle
Be nice -> Cocoon (pink) -> Reborn
Child -> Cocoon (blue) -> adult ->
Abuse it always -> Cocoon(gray) -> Dies
If the Chao is an adult and you treat it nicely, it will remember
you, turn into a pink cocoon, and appear as an egg. The Chao
starts off at level 00 again, but still has its stats. However, if
you treat your Chao badly as an adult, it will become a gray
cocoon and disappear forever.

Name Chao yourself
Go to the fortune teller with your Chao. When she offers a name
for your Chao and asks whether you like it, answer "No". She will
make another suggestion. Answer "No" again. She will then ask if
you would like to name the Chao yourself. Answer "Yes".

Delete animal characteristics from Chao
If you have a Chao with strange animal characteristics, simply
give it a few Skeleton Dogs. Your Chao will return to normal. If
you want to give it an animal and you do not like the outcome,
repeat the process again.

Regular teenage Chao
To keep your Chao from becoming a Dark or Hero Chao before it
evolves, alternate between Hero and dark Characters every visit.
If the colors of your chao start to change, simply pet the Chao
with the other side until it returns to normal.

Unlimited Chaos
Use a link cable and connect a Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube.
Get Sonic Advance and enter the Tiny Chao Garden. Keep
transferring Chaos to the big Chao Garden for a free unlimited

Faster Chao growth
Transfer the Chao that you want to level up to the Tiny Chao
Garden in Sonic Advance. Keep giving it fruits until it is at a
good enough level and it will grow faster than in Sonic Adventure
2 Battle. Note: Your Chao will not age in the Tiny Chao Garden.

Avoid Chao race losses
If you are racing your Chao and know you will lose, press Start
and select "Exit" and it will not be recorded as a loss.

Waking Chao up
Sleeping Chao are annoying because you cannot feed them. To wake
them up, stand next to it and whistle. You do not have to anger
them by picking them up during a little nap.

Gliding Chao
In the Chao Garden, pick up your Chao and carry it on top on the
entrance of Chao Karate and Race. Leave your Chao there, then go
in front of the water, facing your Chao that is on top. Whistle,
and it will fall and glide towards you.

Not worrying about Chao aging
Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a
link cable. If you raise your Chao on the Game Boy Advance, you do
not have to worry about it aging. If you are trying to save time,
the Chao does not age at all. This is a good way to level up your
Chao if it is at its third life (two transformations).

Chao sleeping sitting up
Let a Chao run up to get a fruit. As soon as you hear the sound of
it grabbing the fruit, take the fruit away. The Chao should still
be eating and after a while a fruit will appear.

Chao in a cage
In the Dark Garden, keep throwing a Chao at the cage and it will
eventually go in.

Alternately, jump on the tombstone to the left, then jump into the
cage from there. To put a Chao in it, you have to be at the very
edge of the cage.

Alternate view in Chao Lobby
Enter the Hero Garden then go back out. Walk off the side and
control your fall so it looks like you are under the entrance when
you land. You can go to the Kindergarten and Dark Garden, but the
camera will remain on top of the stairs.

Land in cage
As Shadow, enter the Dark Garden and go to the big tree on the
right. A cage is hanging on the side that is facing the pool of
blood. Jump up and you will land inside it.

Eggman in a cage
Go to the Dark Chao Garden with Eggman and stand on the tomb near
the small cage hanging on a tree. From the tomb, jump into the
cage and Eggman will be caged. If you then jump, his head will be
a skull.

Quick Chao transformation
Keep petting your Chao and it will eventually transform.

To do this trick, you must not care if you abuse your Chao. To get
a Hero Chao, abuse your Chao with a Villain. To get a Dark Chao
abuse, your Chao with a Hero. You can tell if your Chao is turning
good if it is mostly white and has a blue ball over its head. You
will know its turning bad when it is black and most likely has a
red collar or a point on its tail. Get the stamina to level 7.
Note: If you are transforming a different color Chao (for example,
blue, red, shiny blue), its body may not change color, so look at
its wings (bat or not), tail (pointed or not), and the ball (red
or blue) on its head.

For your Chao to evolve fairly quickly, you must feed it Coconuts
until its stamina is above level 10. For a Dark Chao or Hero or
Neutral Chao with their head on fire, just give them only Half
Fishes. For a Chao with a drill-like head, give it lots of
Gorillas and Tigers. For a Dark Jester Chao, give it mostly
Peacocks and Condors. For a Shark Chao, give it only Sea Otters,
Half Fishes, and Seals. For a Chao with green streaks such as
Shadow, mostly raise it on Cheetahs and Unicorns. After its head
starts to part differently, feed it until its stamina is at level
11 or higher. Note: If you are looking for a Chao that is good in
races, raise a Dark Running Chao with mostly Cheetahs and
Unicorns. For a Chao that is good in Power Karate, raise a Chao
heavily on Gorillas and Tigers. Robotnik's first level, Iron Gate,
is the best place to raise a Power Chao.

If you have the Dark Chao Garden, throw a newly hatched Chao into
the blood-like water. Watch it for a while and it will transform.
If your Chao comes out, throw it back in.

Hidden Chao transportation
Walk up to the Chao Kindergarten when an item is in your hands and
your Chao is at a classroom. When selecting "Pick-Up Chao", if you
still have the item in your hands, your Chao will not be in your
hands. It will be in the Chao Garden (if your cocoon has hatched -
- go to either the Hero or Dark garden).

Hatching your Chao
If you are having trouble hatching your Chao, hold it for about
ten seconds then whistle. It should pop out.

For a quick hatching Chao, pick up a Chao egg and throw it against
the wall. Note: This may affect your Chao's appearance.

Raise Chao's stamina
To raise your Chao's stamina easily, when you feed your Chao a
fruit, stand behind it. When your Chao throws it, you can pick it
up and bring it back. You can do this repeatedly.

Use the following trick to get a powerful, young Chao. Either use
Chaos Drives, Small Animals, or Chao Fruits. When you raise them,
only go in the Chao Garden when you want to raise the Chao and not
to play with it. If you still want to play with your other Chaos,
put the one you are raising in a separate garden, all by itself.
By following this, it is possible to have a two year old Chao with
all its stats at level 99 (the highest level).

Double Chao petting
In any Chao garden, put two Chaos next to each other. Start
petting one of them and they will both have hearts on their head.

Chaos Drive colors
Yellow: Swim
Green: Run
Red: Power
Purple: Fly
Reuse Chaos Drive or animal:
Get a Chaos Drive or animal and go to your garden. Take either one
and bring it to your Chao, but do not give it to them. Drop it
directly in front of them, very close. They will get the points
but they will leave it there to use over and over. Try giving it
fruit, then do it so its not moving around.

Make a Chao follow you
If a Chao is in its flowers, pick it up and it will follow you for
a while. Also, if you whistle now, it comes to you.

Big The Cat picture
Go to the Chao Garden and take any Chao to school. If they are
learning drawing, leave your Chao there. When the Chao is done,
take it back to the garden and wait until he draws. If he draws
Big, it will not be a very good picture but can be recognized as
Big The Cat.

Blinking statue
Go to the Chao Garden as any character. Enter the Kindergarten and
go into the principal's office. Look at the statue behind the
principal for awhile and you will see it blink.

Extra Chao Karate mode
Note: You either have to complete Hard mode, or all three original
modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard). Doing this will unlock
the fourth difficulty mode, Super. The Super mode is very hard if
your Chao is not strong enough. The order of the Super matches are
as follows:
Round 1: Crunchy, a Light Green child Chao with a watermelon on
its head
Round 2: Wacky, a psycho Light Green child Chao with dragon horns.
Round 3: Crystal, a Gold Hero Chaos Chao
Round 4: Angel, an Aquamarine Dark Chaos Chao
Round 5: Flash, an Onyx Neutral Chaos Chao (very difficult)

Winning in Chao Karate
Your Chao's power has to be higher than 75. It can now punch and
kick harder in Chao Karate. This help can knock Chao(s) off the
edge easier.

Grand Master rank in Chao Karate
The highest rank in Chao Karate is Grand Master. It is only
achieved if a Chao wins 80 consecutive battles without any losses.

Chao Crates
In each stage, the contents of a Chao Crate depends on the number
of Chao Crates you have already broken: The first crate you break
will have a Chao Key. The second will have about three to five
assorted animals. The last crate will have a special animal (for
example, a Unicorn, Dragon, etc.)

Beach balls for your Chao
Go to the Chao Garden and then go to the Chao Race Lobby. If you
want the ball for the Chao Garden, then win the first four
challenges in challenge race. To get the ball for the Hero Garden,
go to the Dark race and win the first two challenges. To get the
ball for the Dark Garden, go to the Hero race and win the first
two challenges. When you get them, you must wait for your Chao to
play with them. When they do, they will run at the ball and kick
it. Note: To get the balls, you must have all three gardens or you
will not have the other races. Also, you cannot take the balls to
other Gardens.

Jewel Chao prices
Silver (gray): 500
Gold (yellow): 1000
Ruby (pink): 5000
Sapphire (dark blue): 7000
Amethyst (purple): 8000
Emerald (dark green): 10000
GARNET (brownish red): 12000
Aquamarine (light green): 14000
Peridot (light green): 16000
Topaz (orange): 18000
Onyx (black): 20000

Rock climbing
When you enter the Neutral Chao Garden, you can climb the
mountains to your left. Jump up there and you can get very high in
the area.

Plant trees
Win all the Beginner Chao races. You will receive a shovel and
water pail for winning the third race in two of them. Go to Chao
Kindergarten and press B on the black locker, opening the Chao
black market. Buy a seed of any kind of tree you wish to grow.
Return to your Chao garden. Once there, give your Chao the seed
and in about 30 seconds or so a "!" will appear above its head. It
will start digging, watering, then dancing. After a couple of
visits to the garden you can give your Chao the kind of fruit that
falls from the tree. You can grow five to six trees in the garden.

Easy rings
Go to any Chao Garden and go near one of the trees. When the
coconut or fruit falls off, you can sell it at the Black Market.
It does not sell for much, but is worth something. You will get 10
rings for the coconuts.

Buy a box, bag, pot, or any other expensive item in the
Kindergarten. Then, save the Chao data, then re-enter Chao World.
Sell the item, and when the "ca-ching" noise ends, reset your
Gamecube. When you enter Chao World. you will have both the item
and the rings. Note: You have to save the Chao data after you buy
the item, but before you sell it. This works best if you sell
expensive items, such as the 50,000 ring gray mask.

Go to the Chao Garden. After your Chao has hatched, take the egg
and go to the Black Market. Sell your egg shell for the following
Normal egg: 50 rings
White egg: 100 rings
Red egg: 120 rings
Get the Light Dash ability and go to Metal Harbor. Whenever the
large rows of rings are ahead of you, use the Light Dash move.
This is a very fast and easy way to get rings.

Get something that sells for a lot of rings. If you do not have
many, get an old pot and use it for this trick. If you have the
time, get a Shiny Egg Shell (recommended). You cannot sell the egg
-- you can only sell the shell. Go to the Black Market with the
egg and you sell it. then. Exit out of the Black Market and while
still in the Kindergarten, hold B + Start + X for about two
seconds to reset your game (without saving the Chao data but
saving the game data). Since the Chao data did not save, the game
believes the egg is still there, while the saved game data records
that you sold the egg for a couple thousand rings. You will get
the egg and the money back. Repeat this (sell the shell, reset
game, then go back to the garden) to end up with lots of rings.

Play Sonic's first level under "Find The Lost Chao". Keep going
through the level without getting the Chao until you get 999
rings, which is the maximum number. Then, get the lost Chao .and
it will add 999 rings to your game. This is helpful if you want to
get a beanie for your Chao later in the game.

On the first level, select the third mission on stage selection
screen. Go through the level until you have 999 rings. Then, after
you run down the building, do not hit the bouncers and go to the
right. Play the Mystic Melody and work your way to the top. Repeat
this to get as many rings as needed.

In City Escape level, you can get more than 425 rings. This will
give you more rings for the Choa Gardens in just one level. You
can also get more than 435 rings if you get all the rings,
including the Light Dash rings after you break the iron box after
the street boarding part at the very beginning of the stage.

Unlock the racing game (just route 101 or 280). If you got a "D"
or "E" rank on the first mission, it would be easier for you to do
mission 2 (get at least 100 rings). If you got "A", "B", or "C"
rank, just do mission 1 (get at least 200 rings and also get 2
extra lives).

For quick and easy rings, just go to the City Escape level and
collect 300 rings every visit.

Use the following trick to get 100 rings in any level, especially
Rouge's and Knuckle's stages. Collect as many rings as you can,
then go to the back ring. You will start the level over with all
of your rings, and will be able to recollect them.

Go to any level as Sonic or Shadow. Choose the third mission (find
the lost Chao) and go through the level collecting rings. Do not
get the Chao. Go to the end of the level. When you hit the goal
ring, you will be taken back to the beginning of the level. You
will have all of your rings and all the rings originally on the
course will be back. Repeat this until you have as many rings as

Go to the Black Market after you have collected 70 emblems. Buy a
Shiny Yellow Egg (7000 rings) and hatch the Chao. His egg shell is
worth 1200 rings.

Stocking eggshells
To get a vast amount of eggshells to sell, link Sonic Advance to
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Take your Chao already in the Tiny
Garden and them in the big Garden. When you pull down the shopping
window, there is the normal egg for sale for 0 rings. Buy one and
transfer to the big Garden. Hatch it and u will have a Chao. Say
bye bye to any you do not want. Repeat to get lots of eggshells.

Stocking fruits
To create a large stock of fruits to stay in one place, gather all
the fruits somewhere such as on the cliff. Get eggshells,
pumpkins, and skulls and place them around the fruits. Note: The
fruits may still disappear. After awhile, your Chao will adjust to
you putting all the fruits in one place and will know where to
find them if they are hungry.

Fruit in the water
To keep other Chaos from getting food, put the food in the water.
The Chaos cannot swim to the fruit and eat it. If you have
multiple food, you can put all of it in the water and give the
last one remaining to your Chao. Then, take the other fruit one by
one to the Chao(s) that you wish to feed.

Tree without fruit
To get a tree without fruit, put seven or more fruits under it. It
will not grow anymore until you take them away.

Heart in Chao Fruit
If you look closely at the flat side of a Chao Fruit, there is a
heart there. It is almost the same color as the Chao Fruit, so it
can be difficult to see.

Kart Racing mini-game
Catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge. If you
do both, you will unlock versus in two-player mode. Either way
will work -- it does not matter which you do first.

New Kart Racing cars
Get all the level emblems with every character. Press Up at any
character at the kart race player selection screen to find a new

Complete all of a character's missions on any rank to get a much
faster kart.

Rouge's new car is the robot from Sonic 3D Blast.

Chao race kart
Complete all of Tails' missions with "A" ranks.

Advanced Eggman race kart
Complete all Eggman's missions with "A" ranks.

Eggman Robot race kart
Complete all of Rouge's missions with "A" ranks.

Advanced Knuckles race kart
Complete all of Shadow's missions with "A" ranks.

Advanced Shadow race kart
Complete all of Shadow's mission with "A" ranks.

Advanced Sonic race kart
Complete all of Sonic's missions with "A" ranks.

Super turn on kart races
Start a kart race as usual. When you have a turn, press A(2) and
you will turn very far. To stop this, go straight for awhile.
Note: This will slow you down.

Get farther in multi-player races
If you are far behind in a multi-player race, and your opponent is
two checkpoints ahead of you, kill yourself. You should reappear
at the farthest checkpoint that is activated.

Fly in multi-player race
Choose the racing with Sonic ,Shadow, etc., then select the all
grinding level. At the start of the level, grind until your next
to the first pyramid. Jump on the pyramid, charge up in the
spinning ball, then move and go straight up the pyramid. When you
get about three quarters of the way up, your character will start
running straight up in the air. Eventually, he will turn and you
can run wherever desired. Note: Sonic and Metal Sonic work best
because they are the fastest.

Fast start in Down The Hill
In the Down The Hill multi-player level, hold Down at the
beginning to start further then your opponent.

Run through item selection on races
When racing a long races and you have to select the correct item,
if your Chao trips, then he will not select the item and just run
through it.

Have opponent finish race on foot
Play a board race with Sonic, Amy, Shadow, or Metal Sonic Have
player two stay at the start of the race. Go to where you can use
attacks. Use an attack that hurts them. It will knock them off
their board and they must finish by walking or running the entire

Points for cars
In any level with cars, hit them for 20 points.

Speed up Time Stop
In the action race in two player mode, there is a way to speed up
the Time Stop attacks. When you see your opponent with any of the
Time Stop attacks, hold the Spin Dash. This will make the Time
Stop attacks pass by faster.

Jump on objects in Grind Race
If done at just the correct moment, you can jump on to the pyramid
or the statues that are found later inside.

Super speed
In two player mode, use a speed up then wait for the little blue
light to disappear. Then, get the Super Shoes. The easiest way to
do this is to play Shadow's Bridge level. After you fly up the
first speed ramp, kill the robot guard then use your speed up.
Then, go around the side where the Super Shoes are located.

Boost on snowboarding levels
When you are falling to the ground to snowboard, press Left and
Right a few times. If you are playing in multi-player mode, you
will boost ahead of the other player.

Rail tricks
Whenever grinding down a rail, when you are about to go off press
A. You will probably do a trick such as a backflip or a split in
the air. For example, to do this trick do Sky Rail with Shadow, at
the beginning you will be grinding down a rail. Hold Crouch until
you are about to go off the rail. Release Crouch and when the rail
is close to ending, press Jump. The screen should zoom up close
and show Shadow doing backflips.

Quick pole swinging
When you are in a level such as City Escape and Pyramid Cave, you
will have to swing pole to pole. To do this faster, when you are
swinging on the first one a red line will appear above Sonic's
feet. Press A. When Sonic's hands touch the second pole,
immediately tap A and he will go from there without swinging.

Bounce back
Press B, then immediately press A without moving the Analog-stick.
You should do a somersault and bounce backwards.

Easy A ranks
Choose a level and select the second mission. This mission is to
get 100 rings. To do this fast and easy, pop as many balloons as
possible. This is good way to get all As and a quick way to
collect rings to use at the Black Market.

Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow
Successfully complete the Last Stage? level in story mode with 180
emblems to unlock Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

Amy Rose's Theme
To unlock Amy Rose's option's menu theme, win at least two emblems
that have to do with the Chao races and everyone's mission emblems
They do not have to be "A" ranks. Amy's theme will randomly appear
in the black market for 20,000 rings.

Maria's Theme
You must have all 180 emblems and over 300,000 rings. Use a link
cable to connect to a GameBoy Advance with Sonic Advance. Trade a
Chao to tell the game that it is connected. Then, go to the Black
Market and the last item there should be Maria's Theme for 30,000

President's Assistant Theme
Go to the menu select in the options screen, and change your theme
to the "Neutral" theme (the one you start by default on a new
game). Return to the menu select, and rotate the Analog-stick in a
clockwise pattern two to three times. The President's Assistant
will appear as a theme.

Dr. Robotnik: Mystic Melody
At the very beginning of the Sand Ocean level, stay on the
turnstile until it rotates the entire way around. At that point
you will see a glow, which is the Mystic Melody. You must fly over
to a new platform to get it.

Eggman: Mystic Melody
In Eggman's Sand Ocean level, go onto one end of the turning
platform and stay there until view changes. You will see the
Mystic Melody.

Knuckles or Rouge: Finding goals
At any point if you cannot seem to find what they are supposed to
look for, intentionally die. You will lose all your rings, but in
big stages you will find that it is to the most benefit. Note:
Make sure that you have plenty of lives.

Knuckles or Rogue: Extra lives
Enter two player mode and choose Knuckles or Rouge. Keep digging
in the stage. After you dig you might get a lot of coins or lives.
Keep digging for lives -- you can use them when you try an
adventure (Dark or Hero story line).

Knuckles: Mystic Melody
Go to Wild Canyon as Knuckles. Go straight into the windy gust
throwing you upward. Look to the left and you should see three
small buildings containing four boxes in each one. Ignore them. Go
straight past them to find the Lonely Statue. Climb above the
statue's head straight up and you should see a strange painting.
Dig through it to find the Mystic Melody.

Knuckles: Sunglasses
To get the sunglasses for Knuckles, play through story mode until
you get to the Meteor Herd level. This occurs immediately after
fighting the "Egg Golem". Look around for a big meteor on a
separate floating rock island. Get on it, then get in back of the
huge meteor, as far as you can go. Punch twice and then move
forward for the Mini-Spiral Upper. If this does not work, try
running at full speed and slam into the door in front of you. If
it opens, break the metal box located there, then hit the button.
Find a spring that takes you up to the top (or climb up), then
fall down the newly opened area. You should see a rainbow-colored
area with the Sunglasses power-up.

Rogue: Treasure Scope
Successfully complete the Dark story line or get the Iron Boots in
the Space level. Then, return to the first level and look for the
Egyptian sign that was in Egg-Quaters. You will find Mystic Melody
here. Then, go to the Security Hall and find the point of usage
for Mystic Melody (there may be two). Follow the bridge that
appears and use the Iron Boots on the crates to break them to find
the Treasure Scope.

Sonic: Extra points
When playing as Sonic, use the special punch attack after hitting
and destroying an enemy to hit another and collect more points.

Sonic: Flair Flip
While on the ground, press B + A + Analog-stick in the direction
that you are going. Sonic should jump up and do a flair after
flipping. This may require some practice.

Sonic: Jump Flip
As Sonic, stand still and press B to use the flame attack. Then,
press A while holding the Analog-stick in any direction to make
Sonic do a Jump Flip in that direction.

Sonic: Almost fall off his snowboard
When you do a trick while going off a ramp, pause game play while
Sonic hits the ground. If paused at the correct moment, Sonic
should be falling off his snowboard. However, once you resume the
game, Sonic will still be on it.

Sonic and Shadow: Mystic Melody
The Mystic Melody for sonic and shadow is in their final stages.
For Sonic, keep playing through the level until you see a rocket
on a platform while grinding on a rail. Jump to it, and use it to
go to a different route. Keep playing through this route until you
get to the Mystic Melody. For Shadow, there is one part of the
level where you can keep spiraling up on magnetic tubes.
Eventually you will get to the Mystic Melody. The Mystic Melody is
a tool every character can get. To use it, you must find those
strange boxes that are in each level. Play the Mystic Melody to
unlock a secret passage. The secret passage will usually lead you
to the lost Chao you need to find to complete mission 3.

Sonic and Shadow: Flip Attack
While somersaulting, tilt the Analog-stick in the direction you
are going and jump. Sonic or Shadow will flip, and if aimed
correctly, will destroy the enemy he touches while in the air. Use
this move with caution.

Shadow vs. Sonic finale: Extra lives
Get 100 Rings by using Light Dashes.

Tails: Homing Laser upgrade
A weapon not mentioned in the manual is the upgrade for Tails'
Homing Laser. After completing the stage in which Tails earns the
Volcan Upgrade, go back to Prison Lane via the level selection
screen. At the end of the level, before touching the goal, look
for the cameras. Shoot them down and break the iron boxes in front
of the gate (if there are any). The Laser upgrade will be behind
two barred doors afterwards.

Tails: Mystic Melody
Get the Vulcan Cannon upgrade (which is a mandatory item that you
will eventually get). Then, go to the Egyptian level and play
through it until you see a door blocked by iron boxes. Shoot the
boxes, go through the door, and collect the Mystic Melody.

Tails: Control speed of tails
Go into the Chao world then jump and hover with Tails. While
hovering, rotate the Analog-stick clockwise to make his tails go
extra fast. Rotate the Analog-stick counterclockwise to make his
tails go extra slow.

Fun with Omochao
To make Omochao angry, pick him up and throw him around. If you
throw him at an enemy, he will explode. You can even shoot him
with Eggman or Tails while he is flying around your head.
As Knuckles or Rouge, go through a wall while you are talking to
Omochoa. He will get stuck on the other side and will not be able
to get back.

The third challenge Chao race is against several Omochaos.
Information in this section was contributed by ssjbabymario.
As anyone except Tails/Eggman, throw Omochao into an enemy to
knock him out. With Tails/Eggman, just shoot him. He will wake up
and complain or have amnesia.

In Tails' Eternal Engine level, look for the area with a Chao box,
a switch to open a door, and Omochao near a space escape door with
two dynamite packs on it. Destroy the space door and Omochao will
be sucked into space, magically reappear, get sucked out again,
and repeat.

Go next to Omachao and press B. You can throw it at enemies and
can hear him bribe you to let him go and beg for his life.

Omochao's phrases
When you want to have some fun with Omochao, do the following and
he will say the corresponding phrases. Note: Omochao never
actually does what he says.

When picked up
"Hey! Stop it! Let me go!"
"Hey! Stop it!"

easy rings:
Submitted by: joshymint

first get sonics mystic melody the play the third mission on city escape (find the lost chao) 
keep going through until you have 999 rings (should take around 10 mins) then find the lost chao... find the lost chao get to the bit where you run down the building then instead of 
hitting the springs jump as you are running down the building. run to the left side and 
before the trash can there is a temple use the mystic melody to get up the various lifting 
and voua-la easy rings for raising chao. 

p.s. when you get to the end of the level there is a huge back ring which takes you to 
the start. i hope ive helped

Submitted  by: brittney

If you cant find a chao it might be in a different wolrd like hero,dark and etc. 
listening to other chao telling jokes or singing.

Submitted by: fastcashman07

1.Go to the black market and buy an expensive item
2.take it back to the chao garden and save
3.go back to the chao garden and pick up the item
4.go back to the black market with the item and sell it and in the middle of the 
CHA-CHING reset the gamecube will have now gotten some money


Power-up on Sky Rail:
Submitted by: SonicMaster

On the level Sky Rail skip both the rocket and the spring and go to the Chao Box. 
The small corner next to it and jump and follow the circular shape of the wall. You 
should see a flying GUN robot, homing attack it and there will be another hit it and 
there will be a spring robot hit it and you will go to the area where the power up is. 
You do this instead of the way said above somewhere and you will get the power up a 
lot easier.


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