Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - Platform: XBox 360

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Get Rich (25 points): Alex Kidd: Collect 1,000 in currency. 
Don't Die (25 points): Alien Storm: Reach Mission 3 without losing a life. 
Enter the Beast (10 points): Altered Beast: Collect 100,000 pts or higher by 
the end of the first level. 
Holy Water (20 points): Beyond Oasis: Unlock the Water Spirit. 
Stealing Points (20 points): Bonanza Brothers: Reach 40,000 points on the 
first level. 
Easy as Pie (15 points): Columns: Get 20,000 points only on Easy Mode. 
Hardly a Hero (20 points): Comix Zone: Complete first episode. 
Get Ahead (30 points): Decap Attack: Collect 5 Bonus Coins. 
Communication is Key (10 points): Ecco: Talk to another dolphin. 
Taste Like Tuna (20 points): Ecco: The Tides of Time: Eat 200 fish. 
Suit up (30 points): E-SWAT: Obtain the Combat Suit (Complete Mission 2). 
Don't Get Lost (30 points): Fatal Labyrinth: Progress to the fifth level of 
the labyrinth. 
Getting Chicks (25 points): Flicky: Collect 80,000 points. 
Garden Gnomes (20 points): Golden Axe: Collect 20 magic power-ups. 
Tower Up (35 points): Golden Axe II: Complete Tower Level. 
Saved by Magic (20 points): Golden Axe III: Use magic 10 times. 
TGIF (35 points): Kid Chameleon: Collect Maniaxe. 
Twinkle Twinkle (30 points): Ristar: Collect 5 Yellow Stars. 
Yatta! (50 points): Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M.: Complete the game. 
True Ninja Skills (30 points): Shinobi III: Complete first level without using 
Complete Chaos (30 points): Sonic The Hedgehog: Obtain a Chaos Emerald. 
A Different Tail (35 points): Sonic 3: Collect 100 rings with Tails anywhere 
on Angel Island Zone. 
Flicky to the Rescue (15 points): Sonic 3D Blast: Rescue 20 Flickies. 
Lots of Zeros (30 points): Sonic Spinball: Get 10,000,000 points in the first 
Get to the Chopper (15 points): Super Thunder Blade: Score over 1,500,000 
points in the first level. 
Three Times a Charm (20 points): Streets of Rage: Complete 1st Level using all 
3 characters. 
Good Day Mate (15 points): Streets of Rage 3: Unlock Roo the Kangaroo as a 
playable character. 
Super Charged (45 points): VectorMan: Collect 500 photons. 
Can You Dig It? (45 points): VectorMan 2: Reach Scene 11. 
Blast Processing (50 points): Play all Genesis Titles. 
Master the System (50 points): Unlock Everything. 
No Life (50 points): Watch Every Video. 
Critique (50 points): View all Artwork. 
Only in the '80s (50 points): Play all Arcade Titles. 


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