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 Sonic Unleashed - Platform: XBox 360

Sonic Unleashed - Platform: XBox 360


Go to chun-nan. Then after passing through the entrance gate you should see a big rock to the left.Climb 
to the top and you should see a circle of rings.Just boost to those rings and after you collect them they 
are still there but invisible.(note:the more you boost to those rings the more ring you get but wait for it 
to respawn then boost to it).

After collecting your rings go to any shop and buy two stacks of 99 hot dogs(note: you need 5000 rings 
to buy a stack of 99 hot dogs)and have sonic eat all of the hot dogs and you will have 99 XP.

Eggmanland Hub World:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Eggmanland Hub World.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Still Broken (25 points): Save the first continent. 
Looking Better (25 points): Save the second continent. 
Still a Jigsaw Puzzle (25 points): Save the third continent. 
Picking Up the Pieces (25 points): Save the fourth continent. 
Almost There (25 points): Save the fifth continent. 
One More to Go (25 points): Save the sixth continent. 
World Savior (100 points): Complete the game. 
Partly Cloudy (30 points): Collect Sun Medals. 
Sunny (50 points): Collect all of the Sun Medals. 
Half Moon (30 points): Collect Moon Medals. 
Full Moon (50 points): Collect all of the Moon Medals. 
Blue Streak (30 points): Create an unbeatable Hedgehog. 
Power Overwhelming (30 points): Create an unbeatable Werehog. 
Getting the Hang of Things (15 points): Get a high score with Sonic the 
Creature of the Night (15 points): Get a high score with Sonic the Werehog. 
Helping Hand (20 points): Help someone in need. 
Lay the Smackdown (10 points): Improve your Stomp. 
Wall Crawler (10 points): Improve your Wall Jump. 
Airdevil (10 points): Improve your Air Boost. 
Hyperdrive (10 points): Improve your Lightspeed Dash. 
Basher (10 points): Get your Werehog level up. 
Smasher (10 points): Get your Werehog level up some more. 
Crasher (10 points): Get your Werehog level up even higher. 
Thrasher (10 points): Get your Werehog level way up there. 
Social Butterfly (30 points): Talk to people around the world. 
Hungry Hungry Hedgehog (30 points): Eat everything in the world. 
Ace Pilot (20 points): Pull off some flawless flying. 
Day Tripper (20 points): Race through all stages. 
Hard Day’s Night (20 points): Blast through all stages. 
Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon (20 points): Drive dark spirits away. 
Gyro with Relish (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Apotos. 
Pig in a Blanket (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Spagonia. 
Exotic Toppings (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Mazuri. 
Sausage Fried Rice (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nan. 
Iced Hotdog (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Holoska. 
Kebab on a Bun (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Shamar. 
Ketchup and Mustard (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Empire City. 
Hard Boiled (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Eggmanland. 
Fried Clam Roll (10 points): Eat all the hot dogs in Adabat. 
First Time Customer (10 points): Buy something from Wentos. 
Oh, You Shouldn't Have! (10 points): Give a souvenir to the Professor. 
That's Enough, Seriously (20 points): Give every souvenir to the Professor. 
Hedgehunk (5 points): Talk with people in the pursuit of love. 
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (5 points): Someone is dealing with spectral 


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