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 Sorceror's Kingdom - Platform: Sega

Sorceror's Kingdom - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

To start Sorcerer's Kingdom, you must name your character. You
may use both upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers
and symbols. I decided to name the character Volstagg, and will
use this name for uniformity's sake when referring to the main
character in the future.

You begin the game in the throne room of the king of Landale.
The King will bestow the title of Adventurer on you and ask you
to restore peace to the kingdom. The king will give you a magic
map that will record your travels. Whenever a sword marker appears
on the map, you are to return to the king for an audience.

After leaving the castle, go out into town and talk to the people
for some information. You will be told about a wizard who lives
on a hill to the west, but the hill is now overrun by monsters
and the children cannot play there anymore.

Find your way to your mother's inn. Your mother will give you
100 gold pieces and the innkeeper will let you rest there for
free (the only inn where you may do so).

Go to the weapon shop. Buy a hand axe and sell your dagger. Equip
the axe and save the game at the inn.

Leave Landale by the west exit. Walk a little west and you will
begin to find goblins. There is a set number of goblins there
and when you kill one, it will not be replaced. Try to maneuver
in such a way that there is only one goblin on the screen when
you enter battle. Watch the numbers that appear on the screen
during battle- they show much damage is inflicted on the target
of the blow (you or the goblin). If your hit points falls below
100, run. If more than one goblin is on the screen when you enter
battle, they will all move to attack you, so it's best to run
away. Rest at your mother's inn after each fight, then go back
to the hill to kill another goblin.

When you have killed all the goblins, go all the way west and
then south. You will find the Wizard of the Hill. The wizard will
give you a magic stone and tell you that kobolds have taken over
Lerouk wood. They have magically concealed the pathway to the
commander's lair and nobody has been able to find the path. The
magic stone will allow you to see and go through the path.

Go back to town and rest at the inn and save the game. Talk to
the people some more. You will be told about a village called
Crale which supplies the town of Landale with lumber. Most of
the people in Crale have fled because of the kobolds in Lerouk's
forest just west of the village.

Exit Landale by the south exit and walk south until you find a
man who will tell you that the Taurus Plain is to the south and
a woodcutter's town is to the west. Go west to find Crale.

The mayor of the town and a lumberer named Gott are still in Crale.
They will tell you that if everybody were to leave Crale, the
kobolds would take it for their own. Gott will say  that if the
camp were attacked and defeated, the kobolds would all be driven

Use the map to teleport back to Landale and rest at the inn if
you are not at full hit points. When you are, leave Crale by the
west exit to enter Lerouk's wood. Go a little west and then north
and you will find one kobold. Kill it, teleport (via the map)
back to Landale and rest at your mother's inn (which is free,
unlike the Crale inn which charges 10 gold) and go back to Lerouk's
wood. Here, lost kobolds ARE replaced, so you can go to the same
location you did before to find and kill one kobold. Kill it,
return to Landale and rest, then go back to Lerouk's wood and
kill the kobold again. As tedious as it sounds, the results are
worth it. Work yourself up in strength by milking this single
kobold. When you have 1000 gold, buy a longsword at the Landale
weapon shop. Now you can begin killing two or three kobolds before
returning to Landale to rest.

Continue the cycle of killing kobolds and resting at Landale's
inn until you have about 600 hit points and have worked up enough
money to buy chain mail at the Landale armor shop. Buy a couple
of potions at the Crale tool shop. By now you should be ready
to finish off the kobold commander. To do this, you must kill
all the kobolds in the forest without having to go back to Crale
or Landale once. If you look for them carefully, you will find
two potions in chests in the woods.

When you kill the last kobolds, you should find what looks a little
like the beginning of a path. Follow it north. The magic stone
will allow you to walk the path into the lair of the kobold commander.
The commander has four kobolds as bodyguards, meaning that in
this fight, you will have as many as four kobolds all attacking
you at once (the commander and two or three bodyguards). So before
you enter the area, drink a potion to restore your hit points.
Drink one during combat if your hit points fall below 350.

When you kill the kobold commander, Gott will appear and congratulate
you. He will then say that before the kobold invasion, a group
of elves lived in the forest. Gott says he will cut a path through
the forest and try to find the village.

Return to Crale and see the mayor. He will praise your good work
and reward you with 200 gold pieces. Now, since there is a sword
marker on your map, you should return to Landale. See the king
and he will bestow the title of Fighter on you. You should have
found a long sword when you defeated the Kobold commander- go
to the weapon shop and sell it.

Talk to the Landale townspeople for information. Then talk to
the wizard on the hill. He will suggest that you visit Dragon's
Rock at Elf village.

Go back to Crale village and you will find all the villagers back.
Gott will tell you that a path to the Elf village has been cut
through the forest. Leave Crale on the west side and you will
see the path. Follow it to the Elf village.

In the Elf village, you will meet Astina and her grandfather,
who is the village Elder. Astina will say that her grandfather
is worried that something is wrong with a magic seal. Her grandfather,
the Elder, will say that long ago, in legends, a king turned himself
into a dragon to fight the evil forces. The king turned to stone
and the evil was sealed into the rock.

Go north and you will find Dragon Rock. Walk up the rock and you
will find a monk named Elrad battling five killhounds. Elrad is
at the end of his rope. He kills one killhound with his last remaining
magic. Then he will collapse. You must kill the four remaining
killhounds. When you do, go to Elrad and speak to him. You will
suddenly find yourself back in the Elf village. Elrad will thank
you for saving him. Then he'll tell you that a warlock from Serbia
is plotting against the land. Elrad plans to go to Serbia to kill
the evil forces there.

Suddenly, an Elf rushes up and says that the Elf Orb has been
stolen by a monster. Astina has gone in pursuit of the monster
deep into the Yarb woodland. Elrad will say that he must retrieve
the orb, and he rushes off.

Return to Landale and rest at the inn before entering Yarb woodland,
which is west of the Elf village. The slime monsters in Yarb woodlands
will give you a lot of trouble, so try to avoid them and fight
the trolls. Kill as many as you can, then rest at Landale before
going back in. Do this till you get about two or three more hp
power-ups and have acquired enough money to buy another piece
of armor- like greaves or gauntlets.

If you can afford it, buy an elixir or two at the tool shop. Locate
the swamp in Yarb wood, and drink down a potion or elixir before
proceeding forward. Go forward and you will yell to whatever forces
lurk in the water to come out and fight. A basilisk will answer
your challenge and emerge from the water to fight with you.

If you are strong enough, you will get the basilisk near death,
and then he suddenly turns you to stone. Elrad and Astina will
appear. Astina will de-petrify you with her magic while Elrad
casts a couple of fireballs at the basilisk. Volstagg will then
finish the basilisk off.

Elrad will tell you that he wants to join up with you as Astina
retrieves the Elf Orb. After all conversations are over, a sword
marker will appear on your map. Go back to Elf village and talk
to the Elder. He will tell you that a warlock located in the Serbia
volcano is trying to remove the seal on Dragon Rock. Astina will
say that if you defeat the warlock, she will consider joining

Go back to Landale and see the king to get promoted to Warrior.
Then talk to all the Landale folk again. You will be told that
the king has asked the town carpenter and blacksmith to repair
the bridge just to the east of Landale, but they don't have enough
iron. They need some iron from the merchants at Taurus plain,
to the south of Landale, but the merchants have not been seen

Save at Landale's inn, then leave by the south exit and go south
until you reach Taurus plain. Kill all of the bugbears (if you
can't, kill as many as you can, return to Landale to rest and
save the game, then go back to pick up where you left off). When
you kill all the bugbears, a scout named Midi will tell you that
the merchants have all been taken prisoner and are to the south
of Taurus plain. Follow Midi south to the entrance of the Serbia
volcano. She activates a stone bridge to reach the volcano. Go
south and kill four killhounds, and Midi will appear with the
merchants. She will then say that a cave is found in the volcano,
and the warlock's evil minions live there.

Return to Landale's inn to rest and save the game. Return to Taurus
Plain where the merchants have set up shop. Buy some armor, weapons,
and/or a few Mega-Potions or a few elixirs. Now find your way
into the cave in the Serbia volcano.

Milk gremlins and werewolves near the entrance to the cave to
earn some hp power-ups, and a few magic point (mp) power-ups for
Elrad. Then you can venture further from the entrance, but don't
fight everything you meet. If you do, you will have to find your
way out of the cave and return to the Landale inn often. Nobody
said it was going to be easy!

Look for chests in the cave. They'll give you armor, weapons,
and/or some potions, or maybe gold which you can use to buy equipment
at Landale or Taurus Plain. If you find a drawing of a triangle
in a circle, step on it and it will restore all used hp's and

If you go the right way, you'll find a passage sealed by a stone
wall. Go up to the wall and it will part, so you may go into the
room behind it. You will be confronted by the Serbia warlock,
who will say that he will crush you, and when the seal on the
rock is broken, a destructive force of evil even greater than
he (he is a servant of this force) will then be unleashed. As
you may have guessed, you must now fight the warlock.

The warlock will create four mirror images of himself, all of
which will fight. The warlock, of course, has  more hit points
than any of the four mirror images. Concentrate on killing the
warlock if you can. Kill mirror images only if you must. Use Elrad's
Coldbolt spells and Volstagg's weapon expertise to make short
work of the warlock.

When you kill the warlock, the Fire Spirit will be set free from
a magic sleep imposed on it. The spirit will say that all the
spirits were called on once to eradicate a vicious evil. Before
they could act, however, they were contained by the evil power.
You must find and free the other spirits who were jailed around
the land to prevent the evil from being unsealed. If you release
them, you will receive a mighty power to fight evil. When the
spirit finishes talking, a sword marker will appear on your map.

You must now find your way out of the cave. Find and step on the
triangle in a circle drawing to restore used hp's and mp's. When
you exit the cave (you can't use the map in the cave itself),
you will find Astina who'll say that she came because she thought
you were in trouble. She will join up with you and help you get
out of the volcano. Once out, return to Landale at once to rest
and save the game.

See the king to receive the Knight's title. Then talk to the Landale
folk for more information. They will tell you that the king once
went to the Pistata lake so that he could find an ancient castle.
See the wizard on the hill, and he'll say that 700 years ago,
an ancient king called on the spirits to drive out an ancient
evil. Around the waterfall is a cave that leads to an ancient
castle. You will also be told (by the Landale folk) that across
the bridge also leads to a mountain to Argel village, but you
cannot climb the mountain because of blizzards.

Leave Landale by the east exit. You will find the town blacksmith
and the town carpenter there and the bridge will be repaired.
Cross the bridge and Midi will join you. When she does so, return
to Landale and/or Taurus Plain to get her better armor and/or
weapons, then save at Landale's inn.

Cross the bridge and go east, then northwest to find the waterfall.
As you walk behind it, you should see a cave entrance. Enter the

Now that you have all three of your companions, it's easier to
bump into a monster by accident, so walk with caution, but not
_too_ much of it. Look for all the chests to get the items and
money they give. If you get lost, use Midi's Escape spell to exit
the cave and then the map to get back to Landale where you can
rest and save the game.

When you reach the back of the cave behind the waterfall, walk
up to the stone wall to part it and enter the room. A hydra will
run in to fight you. It takes a coordinated effort to beat the
hydra. Remember what spells everyone has and what their effects
are and use them wisely. If you are strong, you should beat the

The Water Spirit will be awakened. She will tell you that the
cave leads to the ruins of the Ancient King's castle by the Pistata
Lake. Before the last battle, the Ancient King wrote a note on
the west tower door. When the spirit disappears, walk up the stairs
and you will be in Pistata Lake outside the east tower. Go to
the west tower door and read the note left by the Ancient King:
"When a brave man appears and all the Spirits revived, I
will give him a special power." A sword marker will appear
on your map.

See the king to receive the title of Sword Master. Then talk to
the people of Landale and the wizard on the hill again for more
information. You will be told that a giant crevice made by a falling
star lies to the east of Argel village; ruins full of ancient
treasures lie beyond it. The blizzard on the mountain has stopped
and you can now climb the ice mountain to reach Argel village.

When you reach Argel, you will find what looks like three shadow
monsters but are in reality the folk of Argel. They will tell
you that a monster in a cave to the northwest turned them all
into shadows.

En route to the cave, you will find several ice eels which will
all try to stop you. Maneuver past them (or chop through them
if you want) and find the entrance to the cave. Beware the cave's
ice ghosts which can cast freeze and icestorm spells.

Look for all the chests found in the cave to gain the items and
gold they contain. Get everybody a power-up or two in the cave.
When you reach the back of the cave, part the stone wall and walk
into the room behind it. You will be confronted by three giants.
Use Volstagg and Midi to fight while Elrad and Astina use their
spells. If you are pressed, Astina can begin to fight after casting
some Shield and Reduce spells. If you are powerful enough, a coordinated
battle effort will bring the giants down.

The Wind Spirit will be free from her magic sleep. She will say
that there are four spirits altogether, and the last one is imprisoned
in an ancient town. The magic seal is starting to grow weaker
and weaker. You are urged to hurry and wake the last spirit. A
sword marker will appear on your map when the spirit finishes

Return to Argel village and the town folk, now restored to normal,
will tell you that an adventurer once used leather from the village
and lumber from Crale to make wind wings with a wizard. With these
wings, he traveled to the east lands. You will receive leather
from the townsfolk.

Hurry back to Landale and visit the king to receive the Hero title.
Then go to Crale where Gott will give you some lumber. See the
wizard on the hill and you will find the blacksmith and carpenter
with him. They will all proceed to build the wind wings for you.
When done, talk to the Landale townsfolk for more information,
and rest and save the game at the inn.

Go to Argel Village and exit on the east side. You will all use
the wind wings to fly to the eastern lands, in the Zena desert.
Walk all the way to the north and you'll find the Desert Oasis
with a triangle-in-a-circle drawing that will restore all hp and
mp. Exit the oasis on the west side and walk all the way west
and up. You will find the ruins of the ancient town. Take the
stairway into the dungeon of the castle.

As soon as you enter, go to the right to find a skeleton guarding
a chest. It should hold a mythril battle axe. Now explore and
map the dungeon. You will find lots of chests with lots of useful
items and money. The monsters in the dungeon are all very powerful
and they will sap your strength if you fight everything you encounter.
So try to maneuver around the enemies or run away if they touch
you and the battle screen starts up.

When you find the Caesar shield, do not proceed forward. Exit
the dungeon via Midi's escape spell, and use the map to return
to Landale where you can rest and save the game.

Return to the ancient ruins and milk skeletons, minotaurs, and
jellies for hp and mp powerups. Try to avoid the warlocks (which
can cast blaze and firestorm) and golems (very strong, and they
have lots of hp's).

When you feel you're ready, go to where you found the Caesar shield;
go forward past it. You should find a triangle-in-a-circle drawing;
step on it to restore all hp and mp. Continue foward and you should
find the throne room of the castle.

The king will welcome you and say he is amazed that you made it
this far. He will bestow the last title upon you- (he pauses for
a second and then shouts the title:) death. The king will turn
into a lich, the minister into a warlock, and the trumpeters into

Try to focus all attacks on the lich. It will be harder if you
attack the bonegolems, which have lots and lots of hp. Some of
the bonegolems will move to chase Elrad and Astina around the
room if they can. If Astina has the Holy staff, try to use its
power to kill undead. See which of Elrad's spells does the most
damage to the bonegolems (do not assume it's spark; jellies, for
example, are actually better attacked by icestorm spells) on average
and stick with it. If you are lucky, some of them will bite the
dust. Midi and Volstagg should attack the lich and only the lich.
It's very powerful too, you know.

If you defeat the lich, it will tell you that even though you
released the spirits, you are too weak to fight the 'great destructive
power.' Then it will say that it cast a spell on your father,
Kanan, that drove him to the far end of the sea; he cannot be

The Earth Spirit will be freed. She will say that the Ancient
King tried to kill the greatest monster of all. To defeat it,
you will need a sword filled with the power of all of the spirits.
A special Legend Sword must be handed down by the king (A sword
marker will appear on your map).

Go up the stairs and you will be at Pistata Lake, just outside
the west tower of the Ancient King's castle. Rest and save the
game at Landale.

When you report to the castle, you'll find the king missing. The
minister will give you a letter from the king.

The letter says that the king got a magic letter from your father
Kanan. He will explain that he and Kanan were good friends and
that the two of them roamed the land together and had many adventures.
He is relieved to learn that Kanan is safe but the news is not
all good. Kanan is now trapped on Blood Island where the root
of all evil is sealed. The king has decided to go to Blood Island
with soldiers. The minister will give you the Legend sword.

When the minister gives you the Sword of Legend, the spirit of
the Ancient King will bestow the Lord title upon you. He will
then tell you that your enemy is the Black Dragon. To empower
your sword, hurry to Dragon Rock.

The tavern keeper has accompanied the king to Blood Island, as
you'll learn if you visit the tavern. For now, go to the Elf village
and visit Dragon Rock. You will put the Legend Sword on the Rock
and the Ancient King's spirit will recite a chant that will cause
the four Elemental Spirits to enter the sword and empower it.
When you pick up the Sword, the Ancient King's voice will tell
you to hurry to Blood Island. In the next instant, you will all
be teleported there.

Enter the cave and navigate your way through the pyrohydras. At
the lower left corner of the cave, you'll find a chest with gold;
at the lower right corner is a chest with strong Wizard Armor
for Elrad. Upon acquiring them, go to the top right corner.

You will find the bones of the King's soldiers, and then the dying
king. He will tell you that the Black Dragon has been trying to
make a Medallion that will unseal the rock. He stole half of the
medallion, and he gives it to you. He'll say that he hasn't seen
Kanan; if you find him, you are to tell him he is the true king.

After the king dies, you must cross a bridge guarded by 6 leviathans.
Kill them all and you must travel through a cave with four chests.
Two of the chests are guarded by eight blobs each. The chests
hold powerful Caesar armor for Volstagg. Equip him with the arms
and proceed. Step onto the triangle-in-a-circle drawing and go
into the chimera cave. Navigate your way past the chimeras; exit
the cave via the exit at the top right corner.

You will find two people resting near a triangle-in-a-circle drawing.
One of them, who is sitting down, will ask if you are adventurers.
He will give you the last of his medicine, saying it is better
if you use it. Suddenly he will recognize you, and he'll identify
himself as your father Kanan. After a short, syrupy exchange of
words between Kanan and Volstagg, Kanan will give you the other
half of the medallion. Kanan will say he will return to Landale
to carry out the king's wishes. The Black Dragon is behind the
door to the north. The soldier with Kanan will tell you to go
ahead; he will take Kanan back to Landale town for medical attention.

Return to Landale and buy everyone two or three Elixirs. Buy Elrad
and Astina three or four magic-restoring potions each. Rest and
save at the Inn. Then return to Blood Island and go to the area
where you found Kanan.

Proceed north and you will find the door. The statues to either
side will activate as gargoyles and fight you. Kill the gargoyles,
go back south and restore your strength by stepping on the triangle-in-a-circle
drawing. Then go back to the door. The door will be opened by
the medallion so you may pass through.

The voice of the Black Dragon will call you fools. In the next
instant, the floor will recede into the shape of a finger and
the Black Dragon will appear. I was disappointed in the graphics
for the Black Dragon, but it provided a stimulating fight.

There is room for three of your four party members to stand where
they can attack the Black Dragon, but don't move Elrad or Astina
forward to fight the dragon. They should stay back and use their
magic. Volstagg and Midi can fight, but only Volstagg will do
serious damage with each blow; Midi, even if she has the Earth
Sword, will only do a few hundred points per blow on the Dragon.
The Dragon can bite at Volstagg, claw at anyone standing to Volstagg's
right of left, or cast a Firestorm or Spark spell at everyone.
Use Elrad's Explosion spells, and if he's carrying any magic-restoring
potions, he can use them. When he can't use any more Explosion
spells, cast Lightning until he runs out of magic. Then he should
use Elixirs and/or magic-restoring potions on the others.

If you defeat the Black Dragon, you will all escape Blood Island
as it sinks, and make it safely back to the town of Landale. Enter
the castle for an audience with Kanan, the new king, and the endgame
sequence, which all proceeds automatically. Carry your new title
of Dragon Slayer with pride and watch the nearest Funcoland for
a possible sequel.


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