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 Soul Calibur - Broken Destiny - Platform: Sony PSP

Soul Calibur - Broken Destiny - Platform: Sony PSP

Bonus equipment:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding equipment:

  Animal set: Successfully complete the Gauntlet. 
  Bandanna: Get 50 titles. 
  Bunny set: Get 200 wins. 
  Deer head: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 
  Eye patch: Get 50 titles. 
  Gorgon: Get all titles and honors. 
  Griffin: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 
  Japanese eye patch (female): Get 50 titles. 
  Joke weapons: Successfully complete Trial Of Attack or Trial Of Defense mode 
  to unlock a specific bonus weapon for that fighting style. 
  Kittymeow head: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 
  Komusou: Get 50 titles. 
  Minotaur: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 
  New Creation mode equipment: You will unlock a new set of equipment for every 
  five honors earned. 
  Prayer beads: Get 50 titles. 
  Siegfried's Broken Destiny weapon: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 
  Tengu mask: Get 50 titles. 
  Tiger Lily armor: Get 50 titles. 
  Werewolf: Successfully complete The Gauntlet. 

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding honor at 
the "Records" menu:

  Aloof Marionette: Successfully complete missions in The Gauntlet using all 
  Black Sword Valor: Execute a combination of 30 Side Dash Counters and Back 
  Dash Counters. 
  Bouncing Belle: Defeat 100 female characters. 
  Boundless Spirit: Guard 10 times in a single match. 
  Brave Warrior: Win 100 times in Quick Match mode. 
  Broken Destiny: Unlock all honors aside from this one. 
  Chosen Child: Execute a Just Impact. 
  Cliffside Hero: Execute three Ringouts in a single match. 
  Cloud Craftsman: Use all free slots in Creation mode. 
  Commander Of Life: Fight and win against all styles. 
  Daybreak: Successfully complete all missions through Chapter 3 in The 
  Demon Victor: Execute five Critical Finishes. 
  Elation Of Chance: Execute a Throw Escape. 
  End Of Tests: View Chapter 34: "Finale" in The Gauntlet. 
  Expert Dancer: Execute a 7+ combo. 
  Fearful Hero: Successfully complete Trial Of Defense mode with more than 
  2,400,000 points. 
  Fierce Blade: Execute five Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters in a 
  single match. 
  First Gate: Play The Gauntlet. 
  Flower Among Weeds: Use all frame decorations for thumbnail photographs in 
  Creation mode. 
  Glorious Victory: Win 10 times in Versus mode. 
  Greedy Fool: Achieve Score Magnification x1000% in Trials mode. 
  Heaven's Favor: Execute 25 Throw Escapes. 
  Hidden Fierceness: Execute a Throw. 
  Howling General: Obtain 100 titles in Quick Match mode. 
  Innocent Artist: Create a character with no equipment. 
  Iron Soldier: Hit an opponent into the wall five times. 
  King Of The Arena: Win 20 consecutive times in Quick Match mode. 
  King Of The Void: Defeat 20 opponents in Endless Trial mode. 
  Light: Successfully complete all missions through Chapter 30 in The Gauntlet. 
  Loser's Lament: Win with a Ring Out. 
  Lurking Demon: Attempt 100 missions in The Gauntlet. 
  Messenger to Hell: Win with 40 Ring Outs. 
  Nightmare: Successfully complete all missions through Chapter 15 in The 
  Painted Illusion: Take a photo using frame decorations and backgrounds for 
  thumbnail photographs in Creation mode. 
  Passionate Artist: Take five photos during one sessions in Creation mode's 
  thumbnail photograph. 
  Peek Of Idiocy: End in a Double K.O.! 
  Radiant Skyscraper: Get all weapons for each style. 
  Ranging Dash: Successfully complete Trial Of Attack mode with more than 
  1,600,000 points. 
  Rebel Beacon: Execute a Guaranteed Hit. 
  Rebel Disciple: Execute 30 Guaranteed Hits. 
  Skillful Warrior: Recover from a Recoverable Stun 10 times. 
  Small Victory: Win once in Versus mode. 
  Stirring Youth: Defeat 100 male characters. 
  Strong Savage: Hit opponents into the wall 50 times. 
  Test Pursuer: Reach the highest rank possible in any mission (easiest is 1-1). 
  Traveling Fighter: Run 1km with 8-Way Run. 
  Unending Strife: Defeat 765 opponents. 
  Waking Art: Create your first original character in Creation mode. 
  Wandering King: Run 10km with 8-War Run. 
  Wandering Tracks: Select all modes (except "Records" and "Options"). 

Quick Match titles:
The following titles are available in Quick Match mode:
  1. Warrior King of 100 Swords 
  2. Edge Master 
  3. Legendary Swordsman 
  4. Katan Master 
  5. Hero of Trouble Times 
  6. Supernova 
  7. Soul Successor 
  8. The Coming Generation 
  9. Bad Boy 
  10. Anticipated Newcomer 
  11. Strong Sword Villain 
  12. Abundance of Leaping Horses 
  13. Swift Sealing Knifes 
  14. Flowers of a Starless Night 
  15. Mysterious Puppet of loyalty 
  16. Holy Sword of Gloom 
  17. Flash of Conviction 
  18. Wild Beast's Fang 
  19. Cursed Bloodline 
  20. Sacred Fire of the Red Lotus 
  21. Sword Dance of the Storm 
  22. Crazy Scales of the Murky Eyed 
  23. First Manji Clan Leader 
  24. Nightmare of Finishing Flame 
  25. Destructive Executioner 
  26. Pillager of the Dark Seas 
  27. Serenade of Madness 
  28. Place of Pure Wind 
  29. Valiant Princess 
  30. The Patriot of the Flashing leg 
  31. Deadly Cherry Blossoms 
  32. Death Bird od Ring Blade 
  33. Yearning for Beyond Time 
  34. Dawn's Viceroy 
  35. Rough Giant Star 
  36. Fluttering Butterfly of the Night 
  37. Lying Dreamy King 
  38. Ghost of Sparta 
  39. God of Destruction 
  40. Evading Master 
  41. Master of Range 
  42. Steel Shield 
  43. Master of Mist Stance 
  44. Master of Sheating 
  45. Matchless of Force 
  46. Runaway Train 
  47. Angle Dance 
  48. Pole Successor 
  49. Key to Returns 
  50. Master of Grappling 
  51. Grappling King 
  52. Destruction King of Fury 
  53. Jet-Black Tempest 
  54. Phantom 
  55. Ultimate Aiki Technique 
  56. Fanrastita 
  57. Impact Master 
  58. Master of Crane Stance 
  59. Expert Fighter 
  60. He Who Teases 
  61. Trembling Cage 
  62. Aloof Whip User 
  63. Squall Blow 
  64. Aiki Heart 
  65. Magician of Knockdowns 
  66. Demon of Close Range 
  67. Uncrowned Emperor 
  68. Blade Sealer 
  69. Point-Blank Fighter 
  70. Initiation into Manji Ninjutsu 
  71. Mantis Crawler 
  72. Angle's Blow 
  73. Hold Master 
  74. Weaponless 
  75. Water Moon 
  76. Hurricane 
  77. Alluring Swordsman 
  78. Green Scales of Range 
  79. Unaffected and Sincere 
  80. Solid Man 
  81. Blade Player 
  82. Piercing Lance 
  83. Master of Sword Technique 
  84. #5 Breaker 
  85. Bewildering Sword Dancer 
  86. Golden Leg Technique 
  87. Match Expert 
  88. Acrobat 
  89. Impenetrable Domain 
  90. Romantic Swordsman 
  91. Sniper 
  92. Dancer 
  93. Sturdy Beard 
  94. Raving Eagle 
  95. Breaker 
  96. Soaring Wings 
  97. #4 Shreds 
  98. Watcher of an Instant 
  99. Death Roller 
  100. Angle Walker 
  101. Seizer of Time 
  102. Wise Beast 
  103. Old Type 
  104. Crane's Range 
  105. Seductive Swordsman 
  106. Alluring Step 
  107. Entertainer 
  108. Angry Kickboxer 
  109. Bringer of Destruction 
  110. Berserker 
  111. Earth Crawler 
  112. Side Step Demon 
  113. Raging Bull 
  114. Impact barrier 
  115. Combo Master 
  116. Double-Edged Ring Blade 
  117. Death on the Battlefield 
  118. Stancer 
  119. Out Fighter 
  120. Consecutive-Wins Stopper 
  121. Vampire 
  122. Faraway Demon 
  123. Wild War Cry 
  124. Long Rang Fighter 
  125. Parry Aim 
  126. Beauty 
  127. Reflector 
  128. Mixed Grappling Master 
  129. Unrestrained Spirit 
  130. Fake Genius 
  131. Ruffian 
  132. Sizing Fangs 
  133. Leg Shearer 
  134. Beast's Instincts 
  135. Gambler 
  136. Soul Explosion 
  137. Low Attack Breaker 
  138. Crusher 
  139. Vertical Flash 
  140. Master of Charm 
  141. Wild Woman 
  142. Catalyst Legend 
  143. Reckless Fool 
  144. Jolly Tira 
  145. Gloomy Tira 
  146. Training Soldier 
  147. Retiree 
  148. Narcissist Swordsman 
  149. Farting Baron 
  150. Performer 
  151. Rice-Reaping Heishiro 
  152. Close Range Fighter 
  153. Copper Shield 
  154. Rampant Spirit 
  155. Peaceful Man 
  156. Leg Crusher 
  157. Fake Edge Master 
  158. Wild Dancer 
  159. He Who Takes the Middle Road 
  160. Adjacent Type 
  161. In Fighter 
  162. Grapple 
  163. Naked Fencing 
  164. Escape Artist 
  165. Novice 
  166. Horizontal Flash 
  167. Little Scoundrel 
  168. Broken Fanged Tiger 
  169. Champion of Ruin 
  170. Old Soldier 
  171. Fashionable Swordsman 
  172. Low Attacker 
  173. Shearing Sword Technique 
  174. Harlequin 
  175. Stalker 
  176. Unforgettable 
  177. Coward 
  178. Spoiled Brat 
  179. Deserter 
  180. Weak-Willed 
  181. Impatient 
  182. Refusing a Visitor 
  183. Chicken 
  184. Kind-Hearted 
  185. Field Runner 
  186. Apprentice Grappler 
  187. Frivolous 
  188. Aims for Low Attacks 
  189. Immobile Man 
  190. Wooden Shield 
  191. Waiting Man 
  192. Trainee 
  193. Paper Shield 
  194. Lonesome 
  195. Hermit 
  196. Frightened Lamp 
  197. Amateur 
  198. Entranced by Death 
  199. Battle Debut 
  200. Missed the Final Cut 


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