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 Soul Calibur - Platform: Dreamcast

Soul Calibur - Platform: Dreamcast

Levitating Kilik 
To make Kilik fly up in the air and fall hard, you must 
first go to practice mode. Now, pick Cervantes as your 
character and kilik as your opponent. Do ANY grab and 
as soon as He finishes, go to replay and push start. 
Now Kilik will fly up into the air. 

Disappearing act
Pick Sigfried as yourself an pick any opponent. Do the 
moves in this order. Forward, forward X, Forward, forward 
Y and i think it's XX after that, either that or yy, and 
if you do it right, your opponent will dissapear before 
ringing out. 

Great Cervantes Combo 
When you're fighting as Cervantes, hit someone in the air 
and then catch them by pressing Y, then press Down. This 
combo looks tight, try it out. 

Gold Title Screen 
If you buy all of the art cards in the gallery, the title 
screen will have a new picture and will be gold. 

Sophitia's New Costume 
Complete a few missions then go to the Art Gallery and buy 
art card 039. 

New Arena 
Obtain at least 80 points in the missions. Then buy card 068, 
you'll then have Silk Road Ruins as a new arena to fight in. 

Survival Mode 
If you collect all of the art in the second collection, then 
Survival Mode will be unlocked. 

Character Profiles 
Collect all of the pictures in the first collection. You will 
now have access to the Character's Profiles in Museum Mode. 

Remove Window On Profile 
To remove the window on the profile screen, press L + R. 

Dojo Mission 
First, complete all regular and extra missions that you get 
after the Chaos stages. Then in Mission Mode, go to Korea 
(Right) and keep searching until you can select a mission. 

Swamp Mission 
First, complete all regular and extra missions that you get 
after the Chaos stages. Then in Mission Mode, move the cursor 
over the place between Germany and Russia (Left) until you 
can select a mission. 

Extra Missions 
In Mission Mode, move the cursor over the T-Shaped mountain 
range on the peninsula above Japan. If position correctly, 
you'll hear a little click. You will now have 5 extra 
missions. There are 2 more extra missions at the far left 
map in the upper right. 

Metal Characters 
Begin a Mission Battle Mode game and fight until the Metal 
Mode option is available. Then hold R while choosing your 

Choose Victory Pose 
Press Y, X or B after winning the match. 

Be Inferno 
Complete the game with Xianghua in her 3rd outfit. 

Different Title Screen 
Beat the game with Inferno. 

Adjust Replay Camera 
During a replay, press B to point the camera to the loser. 

More Stages & Characters 
You will get a new stage or character for each character 
you use to beat the game. The last character you get will 
be Edge Master. 

Arcade Mode 
Using every character, complete the game (including 
the bonus stages). 

Extra Costumes 
At the Character Select screen, press Y while selecting 
your fighter. 

Play As Unknown Soul 
Get Edge Master (scroll up to "More Stages & Characters"), 
then at the Character Select screen, hold R while choosing 
your fighter to get a transparent version. 

Extra Weapons 
Get Edge Master (scroll up to "More Stages & Characters"), 
then complete all mission battles. Now at the Character Select 
screen, hold L while choosing your fighter.


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