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 Soulcalibur Legends - Platform: Wii

Soulcalibur Legends - Platform: Wii

Play as Lloyd Irving (Tales Of Symphonia):
In Quest mode when you have Ivy, Taki, Astaroth, Mitzurugi, and Sophitia in 
Chapter 3, you will see a scene featuring Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia. 
When the scene ends, a fight will start. After some time, it will stop, and a 
new fight will begin. If you win, Lloyd Irving will join your group.

Third weapon:
Successfully complete the quests that are given in Chapter 5 to unlock your 
character's third weapon.

Fourth weapon:
Earn the "Paladin", "Master", and final rank in your quest to unlock your 
character's fourth weapon.

How to beat Bosses Easier:
Ok, So to beat a Dragon Easier, All you have to do is move out of the way of it's
attacks and while it's still attacking where you were, swing like crazy to get it
good.Here are some tips for the other bosses too. 

Cervantes- MOST of his attacks are avoidable by jumping or blocking. 
Use sophitia,Taki,Ivy,Or Lloyd 

Geki And Maki- Stay Back As Far as You Can While They Are Protected. 
Use Taki and Sophitia 

Ammon- Jump over his fire attacks Dodge the lasers. Attack him when you are close,
or when his 'armor' is expanded. NO BLOCKING NEEDED. I'd recommend using a fast 
slow team like siegfried and sophitia. 

Fafnir- Same Deal As The other Dragons, only whey he is flying, hit the dragonslayers
as fast as you can. You can hit him when he is in mid attack. And you can also jump 
over his fireball attack. 

Nightmare at sealing of soul edge- just run out of the way of his airborne attacks, 
then chase him down as he goes by and beat the living crap out of him.

You can only use Siegfried to Fight Nightmare, but make sure to have him when 
you fight Fafnir. 

Note: Charge always does more damage, just make sure you don't get hit when you
use it. 

Alternate Costumes:
Beat the game once. 

Fourth weapon for each character:
Reach a Paladin, Master, and final rank for your quest.

Lloyd Irving (from Tales Of Symphonia)
Play in Quest mode. When you have Ivy, Taki, Astaroth, Mitzurugi, and Sophitia in 
Chapter 3 you will see a scene featuring Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia. When 
the scene ends, a fight starts. After some time it stops and a new fight starts. 
If you win Lloyd Irving will join your group. 

Third weapon for each character
Complete the quests following after chapter 5. 
Use any character in any mission
Successfully complete the game. 
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon. 

Astaroth Alpha 
Terror Moon: Complete the Return Of Guardian Ammon quest. 
Great Maul: Earn the Diamond Paladin title. 

Valentine: Complete the Imperial Army Headquarters quest. 
Black Widow: Earn the "Garnet Paladin" title. 

Shiden: Complete the Guardian Cervantes' Revenge quest. 
Angel's Tear: Earn the Edgemaster title. 

The Ancient 
Shishi-Oh: Complete the Defense Line In The Wilderness quest. 
Pandemonium: Earn the Ultimate Master title. 

Soul Edge Alpha 
Soul Edge Omega: Defeat Guardians Fafnir, Ammon, Geki & Maki, and Cervantes 
Requiem: Complete the Seal Soul Edge's Power quest. 
Soul Calibur: Earn the Legendary Hero title. 

Ice Blade 
Fire Blade 
Omega Sword: Complete the Beyond The White Darkness quest. 
Hyperion: Obtain "Ruby Paladin" title. 

Kris Naga 
Mekki-Maru: Complete the Return Of Guardians Geki and Maki quest. 
Fu-Ma Kugi: Earn the Sword Master title.


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