Spectrobes - Origins - Platform: Wii - Console Games.

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 Spectrobes - Origins - Platform: Wii

Spectrobes - Origins - Platform: Wii

Exclusive Spectrobes:
At the title screen before creating a new saved game, press Up, Down, Left, 
Right, A to unlock two exclusive Spectrobes, Metallic Leopubar and Metallic 
Rygazelle. Alternately, get the Third Shard. Talk to the larger member of the 
three shady characters encountered during the mission while Jeena is with you. 
You will have the option to link to Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals to unlock 
Metallic Leopubar and Metallic Rygazelle.

Card codes:
Enter one of the following codes and constellations from the video at the "Card 
Input" keypad to unlock the corresponding Spectrobe or item:

      Secret Spectrobes
      CT-01 Flamerax011-235-813 
      CT-02 Mizusar213-455-891 
      CT-03 Bombzar442-333-776 
      CT-04 Sarazook109-871-597 
      CT-05 Optoger258-441-816 
      Evolved Spectrobes
      CT-06 Hikolassa765-109-461 
      CT-07 Shakablad771-128-657 
      CT-08 Spikanor463-687-502 
      CT-09 Floralmi512-139-319 
      CT-10 Shimadoros641-831-781 
      CT-11 Gorberus151-422-983 
      CT-12 Zappizor204-013-462 
      CT-13 Yagizora692-178-309 
      CT-14 Tekkadorax352-457-857 
      CT-15 Zuwakrid028-879-227 
      CT-16 Daidongu465-149-303 
      CT-17 Butobasu522-415-781 
      CT-18 Totegarda739-088-169 
      Child Spectrobes
      CT-19 Komainu (Skull)632-459-861 
      CT-20 Komainu (Jumpsuit)023-341-551 
      CT-21 Komainu (Stuffed)655-801-412 
      CT-22 Attack Mineral650-110-743 
      CT-23 Guard Mineral295-128-009 
      CT-24 Life Mineral953-316-291 
      CT-25 Super Mineral173-862-675 
      CT-26 Galaxy Sword679-142-964 
      CT-27 Galaxy Lance334-944-377 
      CT-28 Galaxy Axe014-087-331 
      CT-29 Galaxy Glove134-903-170 
      CT-30 Galaxy Blaster183-631-190 
      CT-31 Gem Sword S329-712-150 
      CT-32 Drill Lance S734-807-526 
      CT-33 Giga Axe S976-777-874 
      CT-34 Cat Glove S204-912-586 
      CT-35 Ninja Blaster S269-025-203


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