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 Spelunker - Platform: Playstation 3

Spelunker - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  Welcome to the Underground! (Bronze): Play for the first time. 
  Spelunking Maniac (Bronze): Play 50 times. 
  Born for Spelunking (Bronze): Play 100 times. 
  Novice Cave Explorer (Bronze): Reach a depth of 300m. 
  Pro Cave Explorer (Bronze): Reach a depth of 1000m. 
  Ghostbuster (Bronze): Expel your first ghost. 
  Professional Ghostbuster (Bronze): Expel 100 ghosts. 
  Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Achieved a high score of 10000. 
  Fabled Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Achieved a high score of 50000. 
  Cave Raider (Bronze): Collect a total of 100 items. 
  The Fastest Man Underground (Bronze): Earn first place in the race mode. 
  Earn first place in the race mode (Bronze): Be ranked for the first time. 
  Strength in Numbers (Bronze): Play Co-op mode online for the first time. 
  Rescue Squad Captain (Bronze): Revive another Spelunker for the first time. 
  Underground MVP (Bronze): Get MVP for the first time. 
  Mural Beginner (Bronze): Collect a mural piece for the first time. 
  Mural Hobbyist (Bronze): Collect 25% of mural pieces. 
  Mural Collector (Bronze): Collect 50% of mural pieces. 
  Junior Spelunker (Bronze): Complete the tutorial. 
  Spelunker Recruit (Bronze): Complete the first level in Single Player mode. 
  Mine Remains Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 1 in Single Player mode. 
  Gushing Cave Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 2 in Single Player mode. 
  Ancient Ruins Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 3 in Single Player mode. 
  Frozen River Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 4 in Single Player mode. 
  Fossil Land Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 5 in Single Player mode. 
  Illuminated Cave Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 6 in Single Player mode.
  Lava Cave Contemplation (Bronze): Complete Area 7 in Single Player mode. 
  Mine Remains Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 1 in Co-op mode. 
  Gushing Cave Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 2 in Co-op mode. 
  Ancient Ruins Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 3 in Co-op mode. 
  Frozen River Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 4 in Co-op mode. 
  Fossil Land Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 5 in Co-op mode. 
  Illuminated Cave Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 6 in Co-op mode. 
  Lava Cave Celebration (Bronze): Complete Area 7 in Co-op mode. 
  Master Cave Explorer (Silver): Reach a depth of 10000m. 
  In Memory of the Black Spelunker (Silver): Witness the death of the Black 
  Legendary Treasure Hunter (Silver): Achieved a high score of 100000. 
  Underground's Next Top Idol (Silver): Play Co-op mode online with 30 people. 
  Mural Enthusiast (Silver): Collect 75% of mural pieces. 
  Ruined Facility Contemplation (Silver): Complete Area 8 in Single Player mode. 
  Pyramid Chamber Contemplation (Silver): Complete Area 9 in Single Player mode. 
  Ruined Facility Celebration (Silver): Complete Area 8 in Co-op mode. 
  Pyramid Chamber Celebration (Silver): Complete Area 9 in Co-op mode. 
  Mural Addict (Gold): Complete the mural. 
  Creature's Chamber Contemplation (Gold): Complete Area 10 in Single Player mode. 
  Creature's Chamber Celebration (Gold): Complete Area 10 in Co-op mode. 
  Spelunker King (Platinum): Earn all trophies. 


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