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 Spiderman 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

Spiderman 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

Super Spider-man:
Submitted by: Jeremy

Start a new game and enter -HCRAYERT - as the user name. On the saved game you were 
just on before you started the new will have added; 201,000 hero points, 44% more complete, 
some extra upgrades and you may discover more! Plus you can do this code as many times as 
you want and beet your friends.
PS. The new game (HCRAYERT) will NOT be an actual saved game. So you won't have an extra file.

Infinite Health:
Submitted by: Cameron
Start a game and select normal swinging. On the training mission press up up 
down circle square triange left. You will here the man cough now you will be 

Play as Stickyrice in Spiderman 2:
Go to the special options screen in the main menu and go to the cheats menu.
Then type in "stickyrice". If you typed in the code correctly you will play as
Stickyrice, the thug that killed Spiderman's Grandfather.

Programmer save:
When starting a new game, enter HCRAYERT as a name ("Treyarch" spelled
backwards), then go back and enter any name of your choice. The game will start
in progress, with over 40% completion, 201,000 Hero points, with Swing Speed
and Web Zip upgrades, and "Big Game Hunter", "Alien Buster", "Shock Absorber",
and "Tentacle Wrangler" ranks.

Beat Rhino:
When Rhino tries to hit you, there will be a flash above Spider-Man's head. Press
Circle when this happens. When Rhino stops spinning, he will be dizzy. Punch him
until he recovers, then he will charge at you. Jump over him. Do not punch or web
him. If you web him you will get hurt. If you punch him it will not have any affect
because there is metal around his body.

Unlock Alex Ross white costume:
Complete the game on the Kid mode to unlock the Alex Ross white costume.

Skip training:
Complete the training by entering "CEREBRA" in the cheats menu.

Complete Story Mode :
The code is Treyarch backwards which is HCRAYERT. It gets your 40% ahead,
starts you off with 200,000 hero points and also a few upgrades.

Theatre and Fight Arena:
To Unlock the Spider-Man 2 Theatre, and the Spider-Man 2 Fight Arena, simply
complete all the missions in Chapters 1-15. In Chapter Sixteen you'll have free-
roam with one mission: Get 50,000 more hero points. Go to a store with 6,000
hero points or more Now, scroll around for an icon of a camera. It costs 1,000
Hero Points. This is the theatre. You'll be able to watch the Credits, Treyarch intro,
and Activision intro. There's a spider man posing icon next to it. It is labeled Fight
Arena. Buy it for 5,000 hero points. The warehouse where you FIRST battled
shocker is where this arena is. You fight a wave of criminals in separate rounds

Beat Doc Ock:
When you fight Doc Oc for the last time, save up your Spidey Sense energy. When
it gets too full or half-way, let him get close and active it. This will help you defeat
him without losing health. Note: If you can get good hits on him when three of his
four arms are down, you will take little damage if you are careful.

When facing Doc Ock in the final battle, stand your ground in a corner and let him
approach you. When he arrives, beware of his tentacles. Dodge them one by one
pressing Circle when Spider- Man's head flashes, then respond to each dodge by
pressing Triangle and shooting a web at the Doc's tentacles to bind them to the
wall or the ground. When all four tentacles are bound to either the ground or the
wall, run towards the Doc by holding L1 then pressing Square, performing an
uppercut which sends the Doc in the air. Then, hold and release X and continue to
press Square rapidly. When the Doc falls to the ground, continue to perform
combos to him by pressing Square, but beware of his tentacles. Doc Ock will use
them to throw you repeatedly. Web out of there after one combo and move to
another corner and repeat the process until the Doc is defeated.

Beat Mysterio:
When you are fighting Mysterio at the Speedy Mart, the battle is very short. Just
punch him a few times to defeat him and prepare yourself to reveal Mysterio's true

Beat Shocker:
To defeat Shocker the second time that you fight him, climb up the wall directly
across from Black Cat and press the switch. The force field will deactivate. Then,
charge towards Shocker. Stay away from the middle, as Shocker will stay on the
sides. Uppercut him into the air. Jump up and do an air combo. He will fall down.
Charge him again and do the same thing. This time he will start to charge for a
blast. Run away and do charged jump as far from him as possible. The force field
will turn on again. Repeat the strategy from beginning. When Shocker loses about
half of his life, Black Cat will shut down the force field for good.

Beat Bosses:
When facing the Rhino or other Bosses, press Up to make everything slow down
except yourself. This move also allows you to punch and hit much more effectively.

Beat enemies:
To defeat enemies that block your attacks, have guns, or dodge your web, use the
Web Splash maneuver (L2 + Triangle). This will quickly cover them up with
webbing and will make them easier to defeat.

Following Black Cat:
In the missions where you have to follow Black Cat, try not to swing from building
to building because you will not be very accurate and fall too far behind. Instead,
try flinging yourself from building to building. To do this, hold the X (Jump) and
when it is fully charged, also hold L2 (Turbo). Then, still holding L2 + X, run to the
edge of the building and release X, but continue to hold L2. This will fling Spider-
Man farther than just jumping, and is much more accurate than swinging. Also, if
you are just about to land on a building, but are slightly short of making it to the
top, try using the zip line (L2, R2) when you can still see the top of the building.
Note: You must buy the zip line first. It should attach to the top and zip you over.


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