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 Spider Man - Platform: Playstation 2

Spider Man - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: Yo Yo

Enemies Have Big Heads      Code: JOELSPEANUTS 
Play as Mary Jane           Code: GIRLNEXTDOOR
Play as The Shocker         Code: HERMANSCHULTZ
Play as a Scientist         Code: SERUM
Play as a Police Officer    Code: REALHERO 
Play as Captain Stacey      Code: CAPTAINSTACEY 
Play as Thug Model 1        Code: KNUCKLES 
Play as Thug Model 2        Code: STICKYRICE 
Play as Thug Model 3        Code: THUGRUS 
All Fighting Controls       Code: KOALA 
First Person View           Code: UNDERTHEMASK 
Infinite Webbing            Code: ORGANICWEBBING 
Big Head and Feet           Code: GOESTOYOURHEAD
Small Spider-Man            Code: SPIDERBYTE 
Matrix-Style Attacks        Code: DODGETHIS 
Super Coolant               Code: CHILLOUT 
Goblin-Style Costume        Code: FREAKOUT 
Regular Levels,FMVs,Gallery Code: ARACHNID 
Level Skip                  Code: ROMITAS 
Level Select                Code: IMIARMAS 
Bonus Training Levels       Code: HEADEXPLODY 


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