Spider-Man - Web of Shadows - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Spider-Man - Web of Shadows - Platform: XBox 360

Spider-Man - Web of Shadows - Platform: XBox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 

100 Hit Combo Ownership (25 points) - Execute 100 Hit Combo "Ownership".
250 Hit Combo Neighborly (50 points) - Execute 250 Hit Combo "Neighborly".
50 Hit Combo Spider Silk (10 points) - Execute 50 Hit Combo "Spider Silk".
Air Combo Skill (15 points) - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Air Combos. 
Bowling Ball (5 points) - Web Swing-Kick 5 Enemies in a single pass. 
Complete Story, Act One (50 points) - Complete Act One. 
Complete Story, Act Two (50 points) - Complete Act Two. 
Complete Web of Shadows (75 points) - Complete Game. 
Defeat 100 Enemies (20 points) - Defeat 100 Enemies. 
Defeat 500 Enemies (35 points) - Defeat 500 Enemies. 
Encountered (5 points) - Parry then Counter Attack one enemy. 
Eviction (5 points) - Pull Tech Mech Pilot from his seat. 
Excessive Spider-Man (15 points) - Complete Half of All Optional Goals. 
First One Hundred (15 points) - Find 100 Collectibles. 
Great Power (10 points) - Thwart 25 City Crimes. 
Great Responsibility (25 points) - Thwart 100 City Crimes. 
Ground Combo Skill (15 points) - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Ground Combos.
Heroic Accumulation (25 points) - Find Half of all Collectibles. 
Max Out Spider-Man (75 points) - Max Out Spider-Man. 
No Sweat (50 points) - Defeat 1000 Enemies. 
Obsessive Spider-Man (25 points) - Complete 60 Bonus Goals. 
Over the Counter (10 points) - Parry then Counter Attack 100 enemies. 
The Bigger They Come... (5 points) - Defeat First Tech Mech. 
Trampoline (25 points) - Web-Strike Bounce 20 Enemies in succession. 
Ultimate Spider-Man (50 points) - Purchase all Upgrades. 
Wall Combo Skill (15 points) - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos. 

New Game:
After completing the game, fully watch the credits. After you watch them select
continue and you will once again end up at the credits, to be safe do not skip 
the credits either. On your third try select continue again and the game should
now start at the games first cut scene with all your upgrades and collectables.

Use both superhero and villain strikes:
Notice as Spider-Man uses both his red and blue/black suits, his alignment meter
will progress toward his good or bad side respectively. Take a look at the photo
in the lower left-hand corner of the screen as well as the alignment meter in the
pause menu. While the alignment picture is displaying the red and blue suit, only
superheroes will aid him, and conversely while the black symbiote is displayed, 
only villains will help. As long as the picture is one color, it does not matter
what suit you use until the meter color crosses the middle. If you maintain a very
close middle ground, you can effectively utilize both the superheroes and villains
(although not at the same time.) Strategize by getting both red and black points 
until your alignment meter is precisely in the middle. You might notice as you 
defeat one enemy using a suit that Spidey's picture will change in the lower left
hand corner of the screen. Even if you have a hero summoned, if you quickly switch
to the black suit and defeat more of the enemies until the photo changes, that hero
will still stay with you until you dismiss him or your special meter runs out. The 
same holds true for villains and switching back to the red suit. The alignment 
affects whom you can summon, not who you have already called in. Use this strategy
to defeat your enemies, get the most experience points, and unlock all the moves.


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