Spider-Man/X-Men--Arcade's Revenge - Platform: Sega - Console Games.

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 Spider-Man/X-Men--Arcade's Revenge - Platform: Sega

Spider-Man/X-Men--Arcade's Revenge - Platform: Sega

Level skip:
Submitted by. Fawad Malik

Hold C and press A, Up, B, A, Up, Down, Left, A, B, 
Right during game play to advance to the next level.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

1 BAXA-AA52 Always get option of playing Spider-Man
  Security Level
2 AFJA-AAC8 Start with 2 lives


3 AZJA-AAC8 Start with 6 lives
4 BKJA-AAC8 Start with 11 lives
5 GKJA-AAC8 Start with 51 lives
6 NVJA-AAC8 Start with 100 lives

Spider-Man Codes
7 ACBT-GAAG Spider-Man is invincible after being hit
8 A4AT-GA5G Infinite lives
9 9G8T-H94J Jump a little higher


10 8W8T-H94J Spider-Man jumps much higher
11 TCAT-GCBW Start with 3x normal energy
12 ECAT-GCBW Start with 2x normal energy
13 GCAT-GABW Start with 1/2x normal energy
14 ECAT-GABW Start with 1/3x normal energy
15 A0AT-GABW Start with almost 0 energy
16 TH7T-GCBR + TD7T-GCB2 Maximum energy is 3x normal
17 AH7T-GCBR + AD7T-GCB2 Maximum energy is 2x normal
18 JH7T-GABR + JD7T-GAB2 Maximum energy is 1/2x normal
19 FX7T-GABR + FX7T-GAB2 Maximum energy is 1/3x normal
20 AM7T-GABR + AH7T-GAB2 Maximum energy is almost 0
21 AD7T-GABG Heart worth nothing to energy
22 BM7T-GABG Heart worth 1/2x normal to energy
23 FD7T-GABG Heart worth 2x normal to energy
24 HX7T-GABG Heart worth 3x normal to energy
25 TH7T-GCBG Heart restores full energy
26 AD6T-GAGN Protection from most hits
27 A56T-GAGN Most hits hurt 1/2x normal
28 DD6T-GAGN Most hits hurt 2x normal
29 EX6T-GAGN Most hits hurt 3x normal
30 TH6T-GCGN Most hits are lethal
31 ACYT-GAGA Spikes don't hurt
32 ARYT-GAGA Spikes hurt 1/2x normal
33 BWYT-GAGA Spikes hurt 2x normal
34 CLYT-GAGA Spikes hurt 3x normal
35 TGYT-GCGA Spikes are lethal

X-Men Codes
36 ABZT-AAAJ Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm have
   infinite lives
37 ADYT-AABN Gambit has infinite lives
38 AB2A-BZ62 Wolverine and Cyclops jump a little
39 TB2A-BV62 Wolverine and Cyclops jump much higher
40 AD2A-BX3A Gambit jumps a little higher
41 AD2A-BP3A Gambit jumps much higher
42 BXFT-AAF8 Storm loses air faster under water
43 AXFT-AAF8 Storm loses air more slowly under water
44 ADFT-AAF8 Storm doesn't lose air swimming under water
45 RHFT-A6YL Storm's air is replenished immediately at
46 AK5T-AA6T Cyclops and Wolverine are almost invincible
47 ATYA-CA26 Gambit is almost invincible
48 RF3A-A608 Hearts and rubies restore full energy for


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