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 Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Platform: Playstation 2

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Easier aiming with pistol
To aim better with the pistol, press Square to pull it out. The crosshair  
should appear normal. Then, press Up on the D-pad and the crosshair should  
become a laser sight. This makes it very easy to aim, since the laser  
sight is smaller and thinner than the normal crosshair. This allows fast  
kills and head shots. Note: If you are in dark corners and have the laser  
sight on, the enemies will notice and attack you.

Easier aiming with SC-20K
Press R3 to zoom in the sniper scope, then press L1 to hold your breath.  
You should be able to get a good shot while Sam remains still.

Knocking out guards
To knock out a guard without using a Sticky Shocker or a Air Foil, shoot a  
Sticky Cam at their head. Note: It must hit him directly in the head for  
the guard to get knocked out.

To move quieter, crouch down and walk slower. This will make your steps  
softer, and keep you undetected to a limit. To decrease your chances of  
being seen, shoot out the lights with your gun. Be careful, as if there is  
an enemy is under that light they may see you shooting it out.

Bypassing motion detectors
Before passing by a motion detector, pick up the body of a dead or  
unconscious guard. Then, proceed to walk past the motion detector. The  
motion detector should not go off, due to it seeing the guard on your  
shoulders, thus making you invisible to it.

Find mines easily
In order to find mines in the camp mission, turn on the thermal vision.

To whistle, press R2. This will usually make a guard approach the sound.  
Note: Hide in a dark area and whistle, then jump the guard when he stops.

Talking to teammate after losing in multi-player mode
When you are playing in an online match and lose all of your respawn  
lives, mute your teammate and then unmute him. Both of you can now  
communicate with each other.

Level select
When you complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty setting, when  
you go back into the game make sure you go over towards the level select  
instead of checkpoints. You could lose your data and have to do it over  
again if the wrong choice is made.

Defeating Norman Soth
After you have climbed up the elevator cables and have gotten on top of  
the other elevator, crawl through the hole in the wall. Norman Soth and  
two other mercenaries are on the top pathways. While in the hole, there  
will be one guard on the top path, slightly to the right. You should be  
able to shoot him in the head. Then, a timer will start and you will have  
one minute to kill Norman Soth and his other mercenary. When you shoot the  
first mercenary, drop out of the hole onto the first pathway. The second  
mercenary will go to exactly where the you shot the first mercenary. Shoot  
the second mercenary in the head. Note: The second guard will be aiming at  
the hole, so he will not see you if you drop out of the hole. The last  
person to kill is Normon Soth. Start running down the pathway and turn  
left on the second to last walkway on the left. Look up and turn on your  
thermal vision. You will see Normon Soth. Get a clear shot and shoot him  
in the head. After that you must retrieve the smallpox box from the top  
pathway. If you are on the second to last pathway on the left, go up the  
ladder. There will be another ladder; use it to climb up. Drop off the  
ledge onto the pathway. Run down the middle pathway to find the smallpox  

Capturing Suhadi Sadono
After killing off all of Sadono's guards, lure him into a dark corner then  
shoot him with a Ring Airfoil. Then, run up behind him and grab him. You  
can now force him to use the retinal scanner and complete the mission.  
Also, rather than picking off each one of the bodyguards, you can go to  
the right all the way around the room in the shadows. You should then  
reach the stage behind Sadono. Follow the curtain's shadow to Sadono.  
There will be a gap. Stand up and run until you see the "Grab Character"  
option appear. Grab him. You will be shot at and probably get hit, but  
once you grab him they will stop and you will hear someone say "Don't  
shoot, you might hurt Sadono". After that you are home free as they will  
not follow you.

Programmer credits
In the Jerusalem mission, get to the part where you are following Dahlia  
Tal and can go up onto the roof and through an apartment to avoid being  
seen in the open area while she continues on. When you go through the  
apartment, you must sneak past two Israeli men watching television. If you  
zoom in on the television, you can see that it continuously scrolls a  
message in French from the development team thanking two people for their  
help with the game.

Prince Of Persia references
On the mission when you are on the train, look in the second car where the  
guard is located. Knock him out then go behind the fenced door. Look down  
you will see a magazine featuring Prince Of Persia. Also on the third  
level when you are in Paris on the train, at the beginning there will be a  
room with an engineer. Knock him out. On the floor of the room is a Prince  
Of Persia strategy guide.

Various references
On the first half of the Jerusalem level, there is a book store directly  
behind an alley with a swinging lamp. Next to it is another smaller alley  
with a swinging lamp. If you look inside the large window you can see many  
different picture references to The Punisher, Ubi Soft's XIII, an anime,  
and a picture of the infamous "Sniper Kitty" among many other things. Use  
the binoculars to get a much better look.


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