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 Splinter Cell - Platform: XBox

Splinter Cell - Platform: XBox

Extra Equipment CIA Level
After you have knocked out Mitchell, turn around. Go to the last door 
in the hall. It will be marked 'UFO Sightings Office'. Use your lock 
pick and unlock it. Go to the computer and get the data stick. 

It will be encrypted but, you can see the numbers 020781. Go to the 
keypad, type it in. Inside on the table to the right there is 2 sticky 
shockers and on the table to the left there is 5 reusable cameras. 
Take them and get the body. You may now proceed with the new equipment.

CIA Headquarters: No power in the elevator
If after entering the weapons room and disabling the turret gun you 
find that the elevator up to the top floor (Daugherty's office) has 
no power, you need to go back to the main server room and complete 
your objective by accessing the main server computer twice. This will 
create a new objective of breaking into to Daugherty's office and also 
restore the power to the elevator in the weapons room.

Throw further
When you are throwing a can or a bottle, hold L to throw it harder 
and further.

Key Codes 
These are the codes for each numeric lock you'll find in the game: 

Mission 1
First lock - 091772
Second lock - 5929 

Mission 4
First lock - 7687
Second lock - 110598
Third lock - 2019
Fourth lock - 110700
Fifth lock - 0614

Mission 5
First lock - 97531
Second lock - 33575
Third lock - 1250 

Mission 8
First lock - 1436
Second lock - 9753
Third lock - 1456
Fourth lock - 1834
Fifth lock - 7921 

Mission 9
First lock - 2126
Second lock - 70021
Third lock - 66768


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