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 Spy Hunter - Platform: Gamecube

Spy Hunter - Platform: Gamecube

Select an empty spot at the start of the game 
and enter any of the following "Names". 
If done correctly, the name will disappear and 
you will hear a clucking sound. Now you can enter 
your own name: Name Effect 

OGSPY  Classic Spy Hunter Mini Game 
GUNN   Saliva: Spy Hunter Theme FMV Sequence 
SALIVA Saliva: Your Disease FMV Sequence 
MAKING The Making of Spy Hunter FMV Sequence 
SCW823 Spy Hunter Concept Art FMV Sequence 
WWS413 Early Test Animatic FMV Sequence 

Cheat mode
Cheats are unlocked by completing all mission 
objectives within a set amount of time. To activate 
the cheats, enter "System Options", then choose 
"Extras", and "Cheat Grid". To play the FMV sequences 
unlocked in the cheat menu, choose the "Movie Player" 
option that is above "Cheat Grid". 

Saliva Spy Hunter Video: Complete level 1 in 3:40. 
Green HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 2 in 3:35. 
Saliva Your Disease Video: Complete level 3 in 2:40. 
Night Vision: Complete level 4 in 3:15. 
Early Test Anamatic Video: Complete level 5 in 3:25. 
Extra Cameras: Complete level 6 in 3:45. 
Rainbow HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 7 in 3:10. 
Inversion Camera: Complete level 8 in 3:05. 
Concept Art Video: Complete level 9 in 3:45. 
Fisheye View: Complete level 10 in 3:15. 
Camera Flip: Complete level 11 in 3:10. 
Puke Camera: Complete level 12 in 3:30. 
Making Of Video: Complete level 13 in 2:15. 
Tiny Spy: Complete level 14 in 5:10. 
Hover Spy: Complete the entire game.

Classic Spy Hunter: Avoid enemies 
When the weapons van first lets you out, keep going straight and use the 
turbo until you get to the second part. 

Level 1: View motorcycle transformation
In the first level where the car turns into the boat; when approaching the 
weapons van go through the cones in motorcycle mode to go past it. When 
getting towards the end of the level, go through the cones once again to 
return through the level. When you get to the ramp where you can watch the 
transformation, approach it to see the motorcycle transform into the jet-ski. 

Level 12: Less transmitters to destroy
When you first start level 12, "Locked Systems", you will find a couple of 
the transmitters that you need to destroy through out the mission as a 
secondary objective. Take the second bridge on the right side and the game 
will automatically reduce the number of remaining transmitters to destroy. 
The bridge also the has the helicopter. The stealth gate will as well reduce 
the number of transmitters remaining in the mission. 

Glitch: Get trapped in truck
On multi-player level 2, "Dragon Strike", when the trucks start appearing, 
speed up and use your boost. Aim directly at the back of the truck. If done 
correctly, the game will show you trapped within the confines of the truck.
Information in this section was contributed by Fred conner. 

Glitch: Get trapped in box
At the end of multi-player level 2, "Dragon Strike", you can get inside one of 
the boxes after the jumps. The box that this happens with is the third one. 
Drive about full speed and when you pass the jump, immediately turn right and 
hit the corner of the box while shooting. If done correctly, you will be inside 
the box.


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