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 Star Fox Command - Platform: Nintendo DS

Star Fox Command - Platform: Nintendo DS

Alternate music:
Successfully complete the game with all endings to hear music from Star Fox 
64 at the title screen and main menu.

Easy Missile Jetstream win:
Note: You need a character that has a ship with lock-on ability. Charge 
your shots as you are flying through the beacons. As soon as the missile 
is able to be locked on to, fire and recharge. Two shots will usually do it.

Extra missile for the Great Fox:
When you go to an enemy base or fleet, destroy all enemies on the radar 
before you collect the last enemy core. When you finish the stage and go 
back to the map you will get one missile for the Great Fox.

Flying behind opponent:
When someone is following you in WiFi mode, immediately press Loop then 
immediately use the brakes. The other person will fly past, allowing you 
to get behind them.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Gallery.

Hard Mode:
After beating the game the first time, the game shifts to hard mode on 
your next playthroughs.

Never miss barrel roll into ships:
When you are at the end of a mission where you destroy the base, do a 
barrel roll before you go through the beacons. You will continue to 
infinitely do a barrel rolls as you go through the beacons and successfully 
destroy the ship.

Stealing stars:
While playing in WiFi mode, after someone is shot down, fly through the 
star while rolling to collect it. This is a easy way to boost your stats.

Super Hard mode:
Unlock all four endings to unlock the Super Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Alternate Title Screen Music:
If you complete the game with each ending, the StarFox 64 music will 
play on the title screen.

Unlock Bill Grey:
Take the path to start the mission "Falco to the Fore!".

Unlock Gallery:
To unlock the gallery, beat the game once.

Unlock James McCloud:
Take the path to start the mission "Dash makes a choice" James will 
appear near the end of the battle.

Unlock Katt Monroe
Take the path to start the mission "Pigmas's Revenge".

Unlock Key of Destiny:
When you complete the game once, you'll unlock the Key of Destiny, 
which gives you access to new endings.

Unlock Peppy Hare:
Take the path to start the mission "Andross's Legacy".

WiFi ranking:
While playing the game on WiFi, notice that there is a letter near your 
name. When you first start playing on WiFi, the letter will be at Z. 
The letter represents your rank as a pilot, with "Z" being the lowest 
rank and "A" the highest rank. The only way to increase your rank is to 
collect the stars from enemy ships that have been destroyed. Each star 
gives you about 8 to 9%. When you reach 100%, your letter will go up to 
the next level. However, the only way for you to get all the experience 
from each star is to be in first place after each match. If you finish in 
second place, you will not get the experience.


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