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 Star Trek - Legacy - Platform: XBox 360

Star Trek - Legacy - Platform: XBox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Starfleet Academy Graduate (25 points): Complete the Tutorial Mission. 

Captain Archer Award (50 points): Complete all missions in the Enterprise era. 

Admiral Kirk Award (50 points): Complete all missions in the TOS era. 

Starfleet Ensign (50 points): Complete the single player campaign on "Ensign" 

Starfleet Captain (75 points): Complete the single player campaign on "Captain" 

Starfleet Admiral (100 points): Complete the single player campaign on "Admiral" 

T'Pol Award (30 points): Complete the Enterprise era without losing a single ship. 

Spock Award (35 points): Complete the Original Series era without losing a 
single ship. 

Riker Award (40 points): Complete the Next Generation era without losing a 
single ship. 

Guardian of Epsilon Theta (20 points): Protect all the medical ships in 
"Be My Shepherd". 

Protector of Encaria (20 points): Keep the poisonous spore count low during 
"Poisoned Well". 

Tyburn Shockwave (20 points): During "Stirring the Hive", knockout as many of 
the enemy fleet as you can in one blow... 

Lone Wolf of Makus (20 points): Complete mission objectives in "The Squeeze" 
without the aid of starbases. 

Liberator of Makus (20 points): Secure all enemy strongholds in "The Squeeze". 

Pacifist of Makus (20 points): Complete "The Squeeze" without spilling any blood... 

Agile Predator (20 points): Complete "Behind Enemy lines" unscathed... 

Brazen Warrior (20 points): Never hide from your enemy in "Behind Enemy Lines". 

Hero of Kathra (20 points): Don't allow your allies to perish in "FireStorm". 

Scourge of Kathra (20 points): Roll like a wave of destruction through the 
Kathra system... 

Champion of the Fleet (20 points): All allies must survive in "At the Gates". 

Spirit of Kahless (20 points): Strike only at the heart of the enemy in "Omega". 

Custodian of Phidian (20 points): Save the sensor relays in "Revelations". 

Guerilla In The Mist (20 points): Spill no blood in "Ambush". 

Sword of Aurelia (20 points): Take a swing at the bully in "Anger and Mercy"... 

Savior of Aurelia (20 points): Protect your ward in "Anger and Mercy". 

Allied Commander (20 points): Be a team player in "Generals". 

Autonomous Operator (20 points): Complete the final mission without the use 
of support craft. 

Antique Collector (20 points): Start a mission in the Next Generation era with 
a fleet containing a Enterprise era ship. 

Chain Reaction (20 points): Deliver the killing blow to more than one ship with 
a single torpedo. 

Legacy Captain (20 points): Unlock the USS Legacy. 

Glorious Victor (20 points): Test your mettle in battle against opponents. 

Keeper of Gre'thor (25 points): Send 10 Klingon vessels to Sto'Vo'Kor in one 
online match. 

Avenger of Surak (25 points): Destroy 10 Romulan ships in one online battle. 

Resistance Was Useful (25 points): Eradicate 10 Borg ships in a single online match. 

The Wrath Of Khan (25 points): Destroy 10 Federation ships in a single online battle. 

Anonymous Red-Shirt Award (5 points): Be the first to go down in a 4 fleet 
multi-player game.


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