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 Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - Platform: XBox

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - Platform: XBox
Defeat the Rancor on Taris
Before the door leading into the room where the Rancor is 
standing there is a severed arm or a corpse, open it take 
the Datapad and Synthesized Odors, then go into the room, 
careful not to get too close to the Rancor as it will hunt 
you down and smash you with its enormous paws etc. and you 
will die almost instantly, instead go to the pile of corpses, 
and take whatever is inside (ah the life of the chosen one 
eh?) then open them again and place a Frag Grenade (you can 
do this by opening them then pressing 'X') after placing the 
grenade open them a place one of the odors that you took from 
the arm. The game will switch to a cinematic showing the 
Rancor running to the pile (with you safely back inside the 
doorway, picking up a corpse, eating it, then blowing up. 
hope this helps in your quest to save the galaxy. May the 
Force be with you.

Magic Healing
Go to a area that is safe from combat (Not in combat or in a 
room) and pause and go to the map screen. Now hit the X 
button to jump back to the Ebon Hawk and be healed. Select 
Map again and hit X again to go back to where you where.

Beat Malak
The easiest way to beat Malak is to drain all of the life 
out of the jedi before you fight Malak the second time around 
then you must(this part is optional) equipt yor player with 
strength, stamina, and battle stimulants that is the easiest 
way to beat Malak. (PS) Don't waste your time using force 
powers on Malak most of time he resists it only use Drain life 
or Death field on the jedi or on Malak in an emergency. 

Kill Rancor
When you go to the door with the rancor on Taris, use Mission 
in stealth mode to walk past the rancor, watch out for his 
swinging hand. Walk through the door and there are two guards, 
use Mission to kill them both, you get experience for getting 
past the rancor without killing it. Then choose a different 
charecter to kill the Rancor. A different way than listed as 
above is walk out and throw a grenade at it then run back down 
the hallway a little bit. The rancor will just turn back around, 
after a few grenades he dies. And you get extra experience.


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