Star Wars - Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron 3 - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Star Wars - Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron 3 - Platform: Gamecube

Star Wars - Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron 3 - Platform: Gamecube

Get Endurance Level:
Buy the attack on the Executor and in mission select screen 
when this is bought and selected go up and you can buy it 
for 30 points.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter:
Finish all Tatooine Training Missions with All objectives, 
All normal and bonus items in the morning, afternoon, 
evening and night versions.

Unlock Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Game:
Finish all missions using single player mode

Get Star Wars the Arcade Game & Game Credits:
Beat the Triumph of the Rebellion Mission

Unlock Jedi Starfighter
Finish all missions in single player mode with Silver medals

Unlock Tie Hunter
Finish all missions in single player mode with Gold medals

Unlock Audio Commentary
Finish all missions in single player mode with Bronze medals

Unlock Ace Mode
Finish all missions in single player and all bonus missions mode 
with Gold medals

Unlock Slave 1
Get bronze medals on all single player missions including bonus missions

Unlock Jedi Starfighter 
Earn silver metals in all single-player missions, including bonus missions. 

There is an upgrade at battle field hoth by the e-web blaster just go 
forward and you will find it there its for advanced cluster missiles.

How to beat First Mission
First, you run to the AT-ATs you're supposed to destroy/disable (use the y 
button if you don't know/they are the bright yellow) when you find one, run 
under it and push c-up (if you do it right, your person will shoot up a black 
cord)then you push up on the control stick until you go to 1st person view 
automatically (you can't see yourself) your person will pull out a light saber. 
slash the AT-AT with it and then press b. you should see little red crosshairs. 
aim it at the hole. repeat this with the other one but be fast (you're on a 
short time limit, which i found out the hard way) when you've done that, head 
over to the tower(look at radar) and go to the blue rebel sign. then you'll 
get on some lizards. go to where the radar shows you to go and kill as many 
storm troopers as you can(note: you get a laser machine gun while on the lizard) 
once you get to your destination you will get off the lizard. look for a 
stationed machine gun and press c to use it(it would be a good idea to kill 
the troopers first) and destroy all 3 of the AT-STs(there's no auto-aim so it'll 
be a bit hard to aim. once you've done that, your person will automatically get 
in an x-wing(there will be a short little movie clip) now alls you have to do 
is destroy the tie-bombers(they are in bright yellow) (by the way,if you didn't 
already know, all mission requirements are in bright yellow) it's not very easy 
(it took me a couple of trys to beat them)go for all the clusters, don't take 
your time. 

Shield Mission
In the mission where you have to protect the shield there are bombs on the 
ground. You can tow cable them. pick them up and fly to one of the bridges. 
Llet the bomb touch the 1st pillar. You just destroyed the bridge. No more 
enemies there. Do that with the other two bridges. There will be no more new 

You can also drag the bombs into the sides of an AT-AT's head. Instant kill.


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