Star Wars - Republic Commando - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Star Wars - Republic Commando - Platform: XBox

Star Wars - Republic Commando - Platform: XBox

Pause game play, then press Y(2), L, Up, X, Black, X, Y. An explosion will confirm correct 
code entry.

Restore Ammo:
While playing, press START to pause and enter Y, Y, DOWN, R-TRIGGER, L-TRIGGER, R-TRIGGER, 
UP to refill all the ammunition of #38's current arsenal.

Walking turrets:
In the Wookie level hanger, enter a gun turret. Use the Left Analog-stick to slowly move 
the turret around the hanger. You can even take it off the edge of the platform. 
You cannot fall off, even when you get out; you will return to the platform.

Defeating Droidekas:
To kill a Droideka easily, stand as close as you can to it, and directly in front of it 
(between its gun arms). It cannot shoot you. Kill it with melee attacks to save ammunition. 
If there is more than one Droideka, stand so that you are in line with as many of them as 
possible so that the others cannot see you.

Defeating Greivious Guard:
Use your EMP grenades and concentrate your men's fire on them. Once they are being shocked 
by the EMP, throw Thermal Detonators to deal extra damage. You should also use your DC-17's 
anti-armor attachment.

Defeating SBD's:
Throw two electric grenades and fire a quick bust from the DC-17. This should shut them 
down or put them on the ground.

Free Electronic Disruption:
Want to shock a droid for free? If you have a concussion rifle on hand, use its melee 
strike to stop and drop a droid in hand-to-hand combat. The shocking effect on droids 
is the same as if an electronic detonator was used.

Full Ammunition:
Pause game play, then press Y(2), X, Down, R, L, R, Up. An explosion will confirm correct 
code entry. All current weapons will now be fully reloaded.

Ghost Ship Recon: Lightsaber:
On the level where you first encounter the Trandoshan Elites (the ones with the minigun), 
just before you find the elite there is some debris you can blow up. Instead of doing this, 
turn right and crawl into the vent. Once you get inside, look behind you.

Ghost Ship Recon: Save ammunition:
When you are on the ghost ship, you will not find any D-17 ammunition for awhile. 
Save it and spread all your ammunition around. You will get a shotgun type weapon 
during the game that is average, but not as good as the D-17. Also make sure that 
you have a sniper and ammunition for the droids.

Unlock Foley Featurette:
Clear the Geonosis campaign and unlock the Foley Featurette.

Unlock Spec Ops Featurette:
Clear the Assault Ship campaign to unlock the Spec Ops Featurette.

Unlock Temuera Morrison Interview:
Clear the Kashyyyk campaign to unlock an interview with Temuera Morrison.


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