Star Wars - Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Star Wars - Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader - Platform: Gamecube

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader - Platform: Gamecube

Black and White mode
Enter LIONHEAD as a password. 

Unlock Audio Commentary
(submitted by: Jerome levesque)
Enter BLAHBLAH as a password. 

Art gallery
(submitted by: beyen68)
Enter EXHIBIT! as a password. 

Concert hall
(submitted by: beyen68)
Enter COMPOSER as a password. 

Unlock Documentary
Beat all 10 main missions. 

Unlock Audio Commentary
Earn medals in all 10 main missions. 

Unlock Millenium Falcon
Earn Bronze Medals in all 10 main missions. 

Unlock Slave 1
Earn Silver Medals in all 10 main missions. 

Unlock Ace Mode
Earn Gold Medals in all missions and beat the Training 

Unlock Naboo Starfighter
Finish Tatooine Training in all four time settings. 

Unlock TIE Fighter
NIGHT: Fly through all the sensors and when you come to 
the end of the canyon go take the left route. You should 
come to an Imperial outpost. A small movie will play pointing 
out the TIE. To capture it, simply kill the little black pilot 
running around. A blue rebel medal will appear. Fly into it so 
your craft will land. Now you will have the TIE. You will be 
able to cruise over the Academy with out being detected. Once 
you fire your weapons they will come after beware. 
Go and capture the shuttle and complete the mission. 

DAYTIME: Use your Ion Cannons to disable all the sensors in the 
canyon. Once you get past them all fly almost directly behind you 
until you come to a large foggy area with a Communications Tower. 
THE TIE. There will be a TIE fighter hiding to the left of the 
comm. tower. Disable the comm. tower with your ions. Then give 
the TIE a few blasts until it takes off. Once it is flying give 
it a blast or two with your ions. Back off and it will go land 
to the far left of the comm tower. A blue rebel symbol will appear 
like the one at night. Fly into it and capture it. The Imperials 
will know you stole it, so try to avoid laser turrets and TIEs. 
Go and capture the shuttle and complete the mission. 

The TIE will be in the small room to the right of the Millineum 

Hint: Strike At The Core: Advanced targeting computer
When you are almost out of the tunnel approaching the Core, the 
upgrade can be found under some pipes on the lower right. 

Hint: Tatooine Training: Bonus item locations
You have to find two bonus items during each of the four times of 
the day in order to earn the Naboo Starfighter (N-1). The item 
which you have to locate during each time of day is the Krate Dragon 
bones. They are found near the large group of training icons, in 
between a Bantha herd and a Sandcrawler. During dawn and dusk, you 
will need to find C3PO. He is inside Jabba's Palace, which you will 
need to destroy. Be careful not to also destroy C3PO. During normal 
daytime, you will need to find the Escape Pod. It is located on the 
ground in the open near Tosche Station. At night, you will need to 
find R2D2. He is located inside of the Sandcrawler that is near the 
Krate Dragon bones. You will need to blow up the Sandcrawler with 
linked lasers. Again, be careful not to also destroy R2D2 when you 
attack the Sandcrawler. 

Hint: Tatooine Training: Bullseye Womprats faster
If you shoot 60 or more Womprats in your first attempt, you will not 
have to return and to shoot 20 or 40. If successful, the completion 
time will be the same for the 20, 40, and 60 bullseyes at the mission 
complete screen.

Before you start the mission and the 30 second clock, fly your ship 
in a circle along the outside edge of the rats -- basically just 
circling them close to the ground. If you fly low enough, the rats 
will run from you. You can effectively herd them towards the center. 
Circle the group closely two times, then start the 30 second clock 
by flying into the icon. The rats will be so tightly grouped you can 
easily score 60 kills. 

Hint: Vengeance On Kothis: Homing proton torpedo tech upgrade
On the crashed Star Destoyer, there is a hole through the bridge on the 
right side (facing from the rear). The upgrade is inside.

Hint: Vengeance At Kothlis: Easy bombing
Choose the Y-Wing, turn on your targeting computer, then enter bombing 
mode. This uses your targeting computer efficiency, so do not do it that 
often. This technique is extremely effective when destroying the AT-PTs 
in the Vengeance At Kothlis mission. 

Hint: Start with full shields after intermission
You can use the following trick before any intermission sequence if 
your timing is correct. When you are low on shields, before the next 
intermission sequence starts, intentionally crash your ship into 
something so that while it shows your ship exploding the next intermission 
sequence starts. Once you get control of your ship after the intermission
you should have full shields and the same number of lives you had before 
the intermission started. 

Glitch: Battle Of Endor: Double Millennium Falcons
After you unlock and can use the Millennium Falcon, go to the Battle Of 
Endor mission with it. You will notice two Millennium Falcons in the mission 
-- the one you are flying and the one Lando is flying. 

Glitch: Battle Of Endor: Floating X-Wings
In the second part of the mission (destroy the Star Destroyers), destroy the 
Star Destroyer on the left. After that, look around on the right (or if 
facing it, on the left) of the Admiral's Cruiser. A squad of X-Wings will 
be floating there, all jumbled up.

Glitch: Death Star Attack mission commentary
Press Y in the hangar to hear more about the X-Wing. The game will tell you 
how the X-Wing was the fighter that killed the Death Star, even though your
current mission is to destroy it.

Glitch: Ison Corridor Ambush: TIE Fighter jumping into hyperspace
If you use a TIE Fighter, the last sequence shows your ship jumping into 
hyperspace, but TIE fighters cannot accomplish this.

Glitch: Triumph Of The Empire: No sound effects
Fly out of the fighting area until the intermission sequence starts to 
force you back. However, before going out of bounds (or at the exact same 
time) press Start to display the options menu. If done correctly, when 
the intermission sequence begins, the options menu music will play with 
no sounds from the battle. 

Glitch: TIE Fighter appears as TIE Advance
When you unlock the secret mission, Triumph Of The Empire and also unlock 
the regular TIE Fighter, the intermission sequence before you begin will 
show your ship as the TIE Advance. This also implies if you let the Death 
Star explode, the cut-scene after that will show your ship as the TIE Advance.

Glitch: TIE Fighter appears as torpedo
Shoot a TIE Fighter or any enemy that flies on the back and they will resemble 
a torpedo. However they will not collide or anything else.

Glitch: Floating AT-AT
Look closely at the feet of the AT-AT on the Battle Of Hoth mission to see 
that they are not actually touching the ground. 

by: james harrison

Black car with noding monkey enter !ZUVIEL!
then !BENZIN!


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