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 Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire - Platform: Nintendo64

Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire - Platform: Nintendo64

View the ending sequence
Select the rename option and enter _Credits as a case-sensitive 
name. Note: The name is case-sensitive, with "_" indicating a 
space. After any level is chosen, the ending sequence will be 

No flight sequences
Select the rename option and enter Joe as a case-sensitive name. 
Set the difficulty level to "Easy" and begin game play. The Hoth, 
Asteroid Field, and Skyhook sequences will be skipped. 

View development staff
Enter the name to view the ending sequence. After the credits are 
completed, the game will return to the title screen. Press the 
Analog-stick to the Up/Right position. 

Select X-Wing or TIE fighter
Configure the controller to the "Traditional" setting. Hold Left + 
C-Left + C-Down + C-Right + L + R + Z and press Analog-stick Up or 
Analog-stick Down during game play. 

Wampa sounds
Select a save game slot and enter R_Testers_ROCK as a name. Note: 
The name is case sensitive, with "_" indicating as a space. 
The sound of Wampas will be heard while the game displays any menu 

Ending credits conversation
Complete the game and hold C-Right during the entire ending sequence. 
Look at the bottom of the screen during the credits for a hidden 
text conversation 

All Weapons
Select the rename option and enter"_Jabba" asa name. Note: Is case 
sensitive, with "-" indicating a space. Then, start a game on the "Jedi" 
difficulty level. Now all weapons will be available fully powered during 
the first person levels of the game. 

To get an overhead infared veiw. Press the following at the same time: 
All four C buttons, L,R,Z, and Left on the control pad, NOT the control 
stick! Then move the control stick around until you see everything green, 
If you entered this code correctly you will see all enemies and yourself 
dark green. To de-activate this code Press the same thing you did to 
activate it. 

Character/ Vehicle select screen
When starting a game type in Boba Guri. You must have a space before 
Boba and space before Guri and both names must be capitalized or the 
trick will not work. When playing press start and hold R-Z for a 
character select screen, or R-C (any C button) for a vehicle select 
screen. (When name is typed in also unlocks all levels and a hidden 
option menu.) 

Play as any character
Start a game on any name or any difuculty seting. As Lebo is talking 
to you, hold C-Right for about 5-10 seconds. This will work on any 
level. Use the same commands you would normaly use to change characters.


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