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 Super Bomberman 5 - Platform: Super Nintendo

Super Bomberman 5 - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by: andresb-24

Cheat Characters
In Config Battle Mode go to Password Load - enter these:

A list of all the passwords in the game
They should be entered under the "Options" screen off the main menu. 
Each password changes either Battle Mode or Normal Mode, and after a correct 
password entry the game will automatically take you to the appropriate mode:

> Allows you to fight all the Normal Mode bosses, one after another
Enter 3879 as a password.

> This changes the configuration of hard blocks and unique items on the 
levels in Battle Mode
Enter  0413 as a password.

> This displays the so-called "good ending" that you get after beating 
stage 5-I in Normal Mode
Enter  1999 as a password.

> This gives you 9 total lives and increases the time limit on each 
stage to 8 minutes in Normal Mode
Enter  5656 as a password.

> This moves the start positions in Battle Mode inward by a few squares, 
and also decreases the amount of open space in the level
Enter  0926 as a password.

> This starts everyone very close to the center of each Battle Mode stage
Enter  4622 as a password.

> This starts you in Normal Mode with 8 bombs, 8 firepower, and 8 speed 
(the maximum for each). You also get Detonators, the Boot, and the Power Glove
Enter  2657 as a password.

> This turns every soft block on a Battle Mode stage into a powerup
Enter  0110 as a password.

> Unlocks "super" computer difficulty in battle mode. This only needs to 
be entered once
Enter  1103 as a password.

Boss Character Passwords for Config Battle Mode
Well, through the cunning use of patch codes, I have been able to make 
near-exact duplicates of each and every boss character in Config Battle Mode. 
They can't take as many hits as they can in Single Player Mode due to how 
Config Battle Mode works, and certain characters' unique powers might be 
diminished slightly due to how Battle Mode works in general(IE, Bomber Woof 
can't lay more than one Land Mine Bomb at a time, Baron Bombano can't scatter 
Skulls and Geta about, etc.). . .and their colours aren't 100% precise. . .
but the Items, Fire, Bomb Up, and Speed Up statuses are perfectly accurate. 
Check 'em out.

"Mokushiroku no Bomberman" Notes: This is a warped creation of mine. He's 
basically the same old Bomberman you'd have by the end of a Single Player session, 
but he has not the maximum of 8 Bomb Ups, Fires, and Speed Ups, but a total of 9 
of each, and also has each and every obtainable item aside from the Bomb Kick and 
Pursuing Bomb items! As far as I can tell, however, the Land Mine Bombs override 
the Remote Controlled Bombs.("Mokushiroku no Bomberman" translates to "Bomberman 
of the Apocalypse," for anyone who cares.)

"Subordinate Bomber" Notes: The Subordinate Bomber works perfectly fine in battle 
games, but keep in mind. . . Playing with him will result in some odd(but completely 
harmless) graphical glitches on the Win Counter in-game and possibly the battlefield. 
He has no victory sound name-sound.(Like when playing a Single Match and Dave 
Bomber wins, you'd hear "Deibu Bondaa" during the Victory screen.) This, of course, 
makes the game crash, seeing as it can't find the sound it wants to play. 
He's entirely safe to use in Tag Matches, though. Finally, his stats come from 
when you've destroyed Pirate Bomber before him. He gets a boost from 2 Fires to 
8 Fires. Nothing more.

Subordinate Bomber

Bomber Woof

Mokushiroku no Bomberman

Baron Bombano

Muscle Bomber

Plunder Bomber

Gary Bomber

Dave Bomber

Iron Mask Bomber

Pirate Bomber

Configure Cheat
In the Configure Option in the Battle Mode, Input 23D830 as a password to 
aquire the following:

The character you get is a red Subordinate Bomber (The guy that helps Pirate 
Bomber when you fight him as a boss.) who isn't normally playable. On his stats 
screen, his Bomb and Speed levels are at 8, The number that tells the level of 
his firepower is screwed up (Changing it will mess up your screen), he'll have 
all of the special items (I.E. Kick, Punch, Throw, Wall Passer, etc.), and he'll 
still have 98 build points left! Save him, and he'll be shown on the character 
select screen as a red X and his face is a red Bomberman because Hudson Soft didn't 
create a face of him. Playing as him will often cause weird, messed up sprites to 
appear on screen.

Unlock battle stages 11, 12 and 13
This requires Hudson's Super Joycard controller.
Have the X switch on the controller set to the middle and on the title screen 
hold X for about 6 seconds. A sound will confirm on success. These are the same 
stages found on the gold cartridge.

-Pro Action Replay

Unlimited time


Invincibility for player 2

Unlimited lives

Unlimited lives (Alternate)

Unlimited time

Invincibility for player one

Invincibility for player two

Start player one with 9 bombs

Start player two with 9 bombs

Unlimited lives (Alternate)


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