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 Superman Returns - The Videogame - Platform: XBox 360

Superman Returns - The Videogame - Platform: XBox 360

Cheat mode:
Pause the game to display the "Fortress Of Solitude" menu. Then, enter one of 
the following codes at this menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: Some codes 
cannot be enabled until the Warworld level (level 3) has been completed.

  Play as Bizarro in Free Roam mode 
  Pause the game and press Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. 
  Then, fly to the marker at the top of the GNN building to change to Bizarro. 
  To change back to Superman, go to the marker at the other end of Metropolis.
  Infinite city health 
  Pause the game and press Y, Right, Y, Right, Up, Left, Right, Y.
  Infinite stamina 
  Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, X.
  All power-ups 
  Pause the game and press Left, Y, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Down, X, Y, X.
  All bonuses 
  Pause the game and press Left, Up, Right, Down, Y, X, Y, Up, Right, X to 
  unlock all bonuses.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

  Golden Age suit: Save Metropolis from the tornadoes 
  Pod suit: Defeat Bizarro 

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy:

  Bizzaro Unchampion: Successfully complete all Bizzaro mini-games 
  Globe Bowling: Pick up the Daily Planet globe 
  Kitten Finder Extraordinaire: Rescue all 100 kittens 
  Meteor Mayhem: Successfully complete Level 1 
  Outstanding Valet: Pick up 500 cars 
  Photo Finish: Defeat 500 opponents 

Breaking the sound barrier:
While flying as Superman at hyper speed, he goes through stages where after an 
amount of time of continuous flying he gains a burst in speed. He accelerates 
and becomes faster and faster. If you fly for long enough (flying a lap or two 
around the entire city above the sea is recommended), he eventually breaks the 
sound barrier. It is about the fourth jump in speed. You will know this has 
happened when the sound of him ripping through the air is suddenly silent. This 
is because Superman is traveling faster than his own sound.

Developer memorial:
In Research Park, by the Superman statue, there is a memorial to Derek Allman, 
one of the developers. The game is dedicated to the memory of him as said in the 

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Hero of Metropolis (200 points): Complete all Metro Events and mini-games. 
  Armageddon Averted (30 points): Complete Level 01: Meteor Storm. 
  Mr. What's-his-name (50 points): Complete all mini-games. 
  You Am Bizarro! (20 points): Complete the Bizarro mini-game. 
  Super Sonic (20 points): Finished all Fast Flyer mini-games. 
  Mr. Whiskers (50 points): Find all kittens. 
  Souped-Up Superman (30 points): Obtain all 15 power-ups. 
  Frequent Flyer (30 points): Travel for 10,000 Miles. 
  Roadside Assistance (30 points): Pick up 100 cars throughout the game. 
  The Greatest Day (30 points): Play a total of 12 hours. 
  Heavy Lifting (30 points): Lift 10,000 tons throughout the game. 


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