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 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Platform: Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Platform: Wii

World S:
Successfully complete World 6 to unlock World S.

Grandmaster Galaxy:
Collect all 120 gold stars and 120 green stars to unlock the Grandmaster
Galaxy in World S. This is a 2D level with a Comet Medal and one star to

Play as Luigi:
Collect "The Flotacious Blimp Fruit" star in the Tall Trunk Galaxy to be
able to talk to Luigi at the beginning of certain levels and control him.

Defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Then, check the Mail Toad,
and there will be a message from him. Enter the "L" on the spaceship to
switch to Luigi, and play as him on any level.

Time trial developer ghosts:
Successfully complete a level with Luigi to unlock a ghost of the
developers completing that level, which you can try to beat.

Green stars:
Successfully complete the game <#> with 120 gold stars to be able to
collect 120 green stars.

Bank rewards:
Deposit the indicated amount of Star Bits with Bank Toad to unlock
the corresponding bonus:

      Glasses: 1,000 Star Bits
      Spear and shield: 2,000 Star Bits
      Pickaxe: 4,000 Star Bits
      Diver Toad: 6,000 Star Bits
      Explorer Toad: 8,000 Star Bits
      The Perfect Run (Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Run): 9,999 Star Bits 

Death count:
Collect the final star (The Perfect Run) in the Grandmaster Galaxy to
have your death count appear on your saved game file.

Infinite lives:
In Supermassive Galaxy after the mid-way point of the "Huge Trouble With
Big Wigglers" level, there are three giant Koopa Troopas in a
cylindrical area. Once you reach the area, run to the right and perform
a Long Jump to land over the giant Koopa?s shell. Gradually keep moving
right (you can release A) to keep jumping on top of the Koopa?s shell
and getting extra lives. You can get 99 lives in approximately two
minutes. Note: Your 99 lives will not be saved once you turn off the
game. This trick must be repeated to get the lives back.

Another way to get infinite lives in the "Huge Trouble With Big
Wigglers" level in Supermassive Galaxy is by going to the 1UP Mushroom
floating above the gap between the "Tip Network TV" block and the next
block. Long Jump over this gap to collect the 1UP, and then Long Jump
back and speak to the TV. The TV will show you how to perform the Long
Jump through a short "Tip Network" video. Once the video is finished,
the 1UP mushroom will appear again. Collect the 1UP, and talk to the TV,
it the 1UP will appear again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Yoshi's infinite flutter jump:
Hold A to jump, and before finishing the fluttering (while still holding
A), press Z to crouch mid-air. Quickly release A, then press A again,
and repeat. This may require some practice. This move will allow you to
slowly go anywhere.

Super Ground Pound:
Jump, shake the Wii-mote to spin, then quickly press Z to perform the
Super Ground Pound.

Longer jumps:
Get a running start, then do a triple jump. As soon as you land, do a
long jump to get twice as far. *Note:* This is easier to do if there are
no gaps to avoid.


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